Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7MB - 36"

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No more heavy lifting

This motorized desk riser allows you to adjust the desk height with a button to a level that perfectly suits you with versatile height settings. Lift and lower your desk without the struggle of traditional risers, perfect for sufferers of back, elbow, shoulder, or wrist pain

electric desk riser
Ultra-quiet operation

Sit and stand without disrupting your and other's workflow, even under heavy loads

motorized desk riser
Heavy-duty construction

Feel free to use multiple monitors and adorn your workspace with all the accessories you love with our 55-pound weight capacity

motorized desk riser
Patented bracing system

Compared to other top electric risers on the market that pick-up speed as the riser lowers, only to crash onto the desktop and jostle whatever is on the riser, the FlexiSpot EM7 is thoughtfully engineered with a patented bracing system that ensures smooth and even operation, no matter the height.

motorized desk riser
Press is more

Don’t break your back trying to lift a traditional sit-stand desk. FlexiSpot motorized desk risers let you simply press a button to instantly go from sitting to standing. Plus, with a load capacity up to 55 lbs, you can confidently add all your favorite desktop essentials including 2 computer monitors, a full-size keyboard, mouse and more.

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