Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B


Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B

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Under Desk Bike: select please

Help your body stay productive, balance your work and workout. 91% of our buyer prefer to purchase DESK BIKE together with standing desk.

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Monitor Stand & Arm: select please

Ensures proper posture to protect the cervical spine while clearing up valuable desktop space.

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Create a clean, tidy under-desk space and never have to worry about a rat's nest of wires again!

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Reduce fatigue on your joints and muscles while standing throughout the day.

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Draft a Masterpiece with Our Drafting Table ED1B

Sitting for hours is tiring and can easily zap your creative energy. Stay inspired and energized while you paint, draft, or draw with our electric adjustable drafting table ED18. It’s uniquely designed to handle all your large-scale drafting and painting projects while giving you the freedom to switch between sitting and standing with the press of a button.

Height Adjustable Drafting Table

Tiltable Tabletop

Tilt the versatile desktop from 0°to 40°to achieve the ideal angle for a wide range of tasks including working, writing, reading and drawing.

Height Adjustable Drafting Table with Tiltable Table

Safety Ledge Stopper

Prevents your devices, artwork and paperwork from sliding off the table surface, no matter which desktop angle you’ve selected.

Height Adjustable Drafting Table with Safety Ledge Stopper

Expandable Desktop

Tabletop features a drop leaf design that can be extended for more desk surface or folded to fit in small  spaces.

Extended: Expands desk by 9.8” to provide more space for essentials.

Folable: Folds to take up less space when needed.

Height Adjustable Drafting Table with Foldable Side Flatform

Spacious Integrated Drawer

A convenient pull-out drawer embedded in the desktop provides seamless integrated storage space for your home office supplies. The modern design blends in perfectly with the rest of the structure while keeping your belongings out of sight and neatly put away!

Height Adjustable Drafting Table with Spacious Integrated Drawer

Height Programmable Control Panel

Equipped with 4 memory buttons that can be programmed with up to 4 different sit/stand heights so you can easily switch to your preferred positions by simply pressing a button.

Height Programmable Control Panel

Add New Capabilities with Home Office Accessory

Home Office Standing Desk Mate--Under Desk Bikes V9U

Help your body stay productive, balance your work and workout


Under Desk Drawer S01

Provide extra storage and more organized workspace


Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1

Help wake up your tired feet, promote healthy blood circulation


Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

Inspired by the human spine, and built to care for it.


Monitor Mount F7D

Upgrade your workstation with this ergonomic design.


A fully adjustable standing desk that doesn't
break the bank


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