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Why Working From Home Can Make Your Shoulders Sore

There’s some bad news for remote workers: Working from home may be making your shoulders sore. Specifically, your makeshift home office is wreaking havoc on your body. If you have been working from your bed, sofa, or spare kitchen chair, chances are these non-ergonomic workstations are putting a strain on the body.

A DailyMail article noted that in a recent survey by the Institute of Employment Studies, there has been a 'significant increase in musculoskeletal complaints' during the quarantine period. It continued to show that “more than half of those surveyed reported new aches and pains: 58 percent in the neck, 56 percent in the shoulder, and 55 percent in the back.”

Why do the shoulders hurt? Poor posture is the culprit

Your work equipment may be limited at home. You use a regular telephone so you cradle the phone between your neck and shoulders most of the time. Or you slouch when you peer down into your laptop. These are some recipes for body ache.

When you work with poor posture, the back, neck, and shoulders suffer. This cycle of body pain can cause great distress. If the pain becomes chronic, it might lead to depression, a Cleveland Clinic article said.

If you work on a traditional desk and chair, there are limited options on how you can work nearer to your laptop to read files or write a report. The result is that you crane your neck forward and put you in a “C-position” which would put a strain on the back and surrounding muscles like the

FlexiSpot popular standing desk converter M2 vs M7

Not all standing desk converters are created equal. When it comes to finding the perfect one for you, there are a number of factors that you should consider. From the laptops and accessories you need to accommodate to your height and possible aches and pains you have; being able to adjust to how you work is all about finding the right ergonomic tools for you. Standing desk converters are the latest craze in ergonomics, not only does it adjust to your most ideal position, it also allows you to transform your workspace to work for you. While there may be a large number of different standing desk converters in the market, finding the perfect one for you can be quite overwhelming. In this article we’ll be comparing two of the bestselling standing desk converters from FlexiSpot, the ClassicRiser M2B and the Alcove Riser M7B. Not only are these two options considered one of the most inexpensive in the market, they’ve also been reviewed to be sturdy and versatile, proving that you don’t have to spend too much money to get value. To compare what might work best for you, we’ll be looking at 3 important factors that can affect which standing desk converter you choose.

Warning: Cigarette Smoking Can Increase Back Pain

Every stick that you light brings harm to the body. Now studies show that even back pain can stem from SMOKING.

A May 2020 study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) showed that tobacco kills more than eight million people each year. This is a dark fact, but something that everyone must know -- especially those who have the habit of smoking.

Talking about the mortality rate  is one thing but living with the damaging effects of smoking is another. One of these health risks is chronic back pain. According to Medical News Today, which cited the study done by Bogdan Petre of the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern, smoking interferes with a brain circuit associated with pain, making smokers more prone to chronic back pain.

Back pain is a prevalent medical condition that hampers productivity. According to a WHO study, it is one of the reasons why workers miss days at work.  In the United States, an estimated 149 million work days are lost every year because of low back pain, with total costs estimated to be US$ 100 to 200 billion a year.


The association between smoking and chronic back pain 

How does smoking trigger chronic back pain? Let’s just say that the substance in the cigarettes alters the brain’s response to pain.

In a study, the

This Is How Years of Sedentary Living Can Do to the Body

Have you met Emma? No, she’s not your new colleague. She is not a celebrity either. In The Sun story, Emma is a life-sized dummy that was created by scientists to show how desk-bound workers could look in 20 years.

Let me tell you -- Emma is not looking too good.  The negative effects of having a non-ergonomic office space could have a negative impact on the body -- not just on the outside but also from within. Take it from Emma, who was created by pooling together collective complaints from 3,003 workers in the UK, France, and Germany.


Source: The Sun

Know your facts

This article from Mayo Clinic reveals that extended sitting with no physical activity increases the risk of obesity and a cluster of other conditions such as increased blood pressure and high blood sugar. It can also lead to metabolic syndrome as excess body fat around the waist builds and abnormal cholesterol levels rise.


Bad posture

Years of long hours working on a desk has altered Emma’s appearance -- for the worst. 

Let’s start from the top -- from her hunched back down to her swollen limbs. 

Emma’s back is hunched from sitting with poor posture

Gamer Guide: Why Your Gaming Desk Matters

When it comes to finding the most ideal gaming setup, it can get overwhelming to try and find the right accessories. Chances are when you’re looking to improve your gaming setup you’re bombarded with the more popular (and often expensive) upgrades like a gaming chair, headphones and various PC builds. One thing that you’ve probably never really given much thought about is your desk. But is your desk really that important to your gaming setup and overall gaming experience? In this article we’ll be exploring the importance of your desk height and if gaming desks are something worth investing in.

More than just a setup

Now when it comes to your gaming setup, it’s all about finding ways to improve your gameplay. While technical aspects like your RAM and SSDs might be your main focus, it’s going to be impossible to enjoy your brand new setup properly if you’re experiencing back pain, neck pain or even carpal tunnel. This is why apart from upgrading what makes your PC run, you should also look into how you’re stationed at your setup. Placing a priority on this isn’t just about comfort, it’s about ensuring that where you play allows you to maximize your playing experience and allows you to play long hours without resulting in horrible aches and pains. With esports finding its way to the mainstream, studies have found that more players are experiencing symptoms like back pain, carpal tunnel and even a newly coined term,

Core Must-Haves for Every PC Gamer

Explore this quick list on the 4 core accessories every PC gamer should have in their gaming setup. From life changing ergonomics to simple accessories that make a big difference, explore our top picks for the ultimate gamer.  

Accessories Make A Difference

When it comes to gaming, PC Gamers are on a different level. Unlike other console gamers that just need a tv and their console, PC gamers are notorious for personalizing and
building their PCs to best fit their personality and overall game style. Keeping that in mind, this quick list isn’t about the PC builds themselves. Rather this list on the Core 4 Must-Haves, covers the accessories that are complete game changers for all PC gamers, no matter what kind of gameplay style or preferences they have. From improving your posture to avoid injuries to simple tools that can improve your overall gameplay, this list has the basics that every gamer should have!

The Perfect Pair: The gaming desk and the best gaming chair
This perfect pair is considered a two-in-one must-have because of how these both go hand in hand to ensure that you can play for long hours without experiencing aches and pains common to most gamers. A combination of a gaming chair and a gaming desk ensures that you are at the right position while you play. Oftentimes, gamers experience a multitude of different symptoms due to bad posture and strain. Wi

Upgrade Your Home Office: Why Gaming Chairs Aren’t Just for Gamers

When you see a gaming chair it’s easy to see that support and stability that seems unparalleled. In this article we’ll be exploring the wonders of gaming chairs and just why they aren’t exclusively for gamers!

More than Just a Gaming Chair

When you think of a gaming chair, chances are you imagine a gamer intensely playing a game. Take that image out of your head and take a look at the gaming chair itself,  notice how much support it provides and just how comfortable it seems. Gaming chairs are
designed for gamers who spend long hours in front of their computers and while they spend that time gaming and practicing various strategies, the amount of focus required for those long hours is comparable to what most of us working from home have to do. Who says that gaming chairs are exclusively for gamers only? In this article we’ll be exploring why you should upgrade and get a gaming chair for your home office today!

Stability & Comfort
According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, as many as 80% of Americans experience back pain. Which is exactly why both stability and comfort are important factors to consider when getting yourself a new chair. When it comes to support, nearly any good quality office chair can provide you with designs that provide just that. When it

If You Want to Work on Your Bed, Remember These Things

Your alarm rings in the morning but you just find it too hard to jump out of bed. Instead, you just grab your laptop and work from where you lie. This is a familiar story to those who are forced to work from home. According to this Wall Street Journal article, half of 1,000 workers polled this year by Good Technology, a Sunnyvale, Calif., mobile-security software company, said they read or respond to work emails from bed.

But here’s the catch -- working on your plush and cozy bed is not necessarily the greatest idea. Here’s why.


Morning fatigue

You might stay groggy the whole day if you stay in bed. Sleep expert Natalie Dautovich, the National Sleep Foundation's environmental scholar, said in a Huffington Post article that you have to get up and have your dose of sunshine to tell your body that you are starting the day. Otherwise, you might succumb to sleep inertia, which will hamper your productivity and alter your mood throughout the day.


Body pains

It must be also noted that since the bed is not made for work, you might suffer from body pains after some time. You might twist and strain to read files from your laptop --  contortions that will intensify pains on your neck and back.


Poor sleeping pattern

5 Ways to Detox from Digital

When it comes to disconnecting at a time of a pandemic, the task almost seems impossible and hardly practical. With these 3 simple tips, you can opt to gain a balanced mindset and detox all the negative and unproductive emotions you may be dealing with. For more updates listen to our weekly podcast Ergotcha! Now available on Google, Spotify and everywhere you can listen to podcasts! Join our hosts Shahida and Daisy as they explore ergonomics, lifestyle tips and more. While we may provide you with a quick guide to this week’s episode, feel free to explore what a digital detox is and how to apply it into your everyday life.

Let’s Get Into It!

A Digital Detox is all about disconnecting from technology when it’s needed. If you ever find yourself constantly checking your phone and feeling the need to always reply as soon as you get a message, an email or a notification, chances are you’re in need of a digital detox fast! These feelings can lead to the development of anxiety and can affect your mental health negatively in the long run. Dr. Jennifer Weniger

Health product that will waste your money

The quest for a healthier and younger body has always been part of the human narrative. In the old days, there was a clamor for a drop of water from the mythic Fountain of Youth. Its water promises to turn back the clock and heal the ill effects of aging.

In the modern world, the hunt is still on for remedies that will instantly make the body a healthier vessel. The health and beauty industry leverages the need for wellness, more so that the shadow of the pandemic continues to loom.

Say “NO” to these health products

It pays to read and do research before buying any product that offers instant and dazzling effects. Some products can be expensive and useless or downright dangerous so you have to be careful with your purchases.

Here are some health products that you don’t necessarily need:

Waist trainer
-- Made famous by stars like the Kardashians and Jenners, the waist trainer offers the allure of having a slimmer waist without the need for surgery. Waist trainers are similar to the constricting corsets in Victorian Europe. But wearing the waist trainer comes at a price as it weakens abdominal muscles which are important for good posture. Moreover, it constricts airflow because it prevents the abdominal muscles from expanding which then inhibits the full contraction of the diaphragm.


6 Productivity Tips to Overcome Procrastination While Working From Home

You just checked your calendar and saw that you have three deadlines today. You sigh and tell yourself that you will take a breather first. But instead of going back to work, you check your phone, you cuddle with your pet, and then get a cup of coffee. And before you know it, you just wasted an hour of doing something else other than what you ought to be doing.

You feel bad and ask yourself what’s wrong. You are procrastinating, and it’s a prevalent phenomenon. This study shows that procrastination comprises over a quarter of most people’s working days, costing employers about $10,000 per employee per year.


What is procrastination?

It is defined as failing to regulate yourself. This is a major issue that must be tackled especially now that working from home seems to be the new norm. Since there is no boss or colleague to monitor your work, you should motivate yourself to finish things within an agreed timeframe.

It is an uphill battle. Adjusting to this new work setup can affect productivity but that does not mean that procrastination should be a part of the process.


You can overcome procrastination  

Luckily for us, we can avoid procrastination if we really want to. It needs will power and then some, but it will be rewarding to finally get off the rut and start accomplishing things. Here

How to Overcome the Negative Effects of Working From Home

Before the pandemic came, an estimated 29 percent of American college graduates worked from home at least some of the time. With the recent changes, the number has increased dramatically.

Working from home has its pros and cons. There is zero commute time and there is more time to personally oversee domestic affairs and childcare. On the flip side, working from home can also lead to the development of bad habits that can affect the health of remote workers.

There is a possibility that remote work is here to stay. If you are one of those who are working from home, you might want to pick your health battles and reevaluate the way you work.


The dark side of working from home

Admittedly, working from home presents new challenges. This Bloomberg article cites that remote workers are now putting in three more hours at work. This redefines the concept of work-life balance as we know it.

But it doesn’t stop there. The new working pattern also brings other disconcerting effe

Streamline Your Space With These Storage Tips

Raise your hand if you want or need more storage for your desk! There’s just something about knowing that you have extra storage to keep your things organized. If you work on a traditional desk, chances are there are many drawers where you can keep your things. The thing is, if you transitioned to an ergonomic, you are faced with the fact that you do not have enough storage for your devices, papers, and supplies.

You can go paperless if you want or store old files in your basement. But there are times when the answer lies not in discarding things but adding a storage system in your home office.

Having a clean, clutter-free desk affects your productivity, too. According to the Harvard Business Review, our physical environment affects our brain, too. “When our space is a mess, so are we,” the article notes.


So what are my options?

Great question. It depends on your needs, budget, and existing space but we will let you decide what to buy. Here are some suggestions to get you started:


  1. Buy an under-desk drawer -- While you enjoy your height adjustable desk, you find it frustrating that you don’t have a drawer to put your bits and pieces. The answer to this is buying a drawer that you can install under your desk like this product.

The FlexiSpot drawer is spacious enough to hold up to a 22 lbs load, which is comparable to holding

Electric Standing Desks: 3 Reasons You’ll Never Go Back to Crank!

When it comes to ergonomics and standing desks, it can get a little overwhelming with all the different designs and options available in the market. While standing desks have only recently become a staple for most fans of ergonomics, adjustable standing desks have become the newest and latest innovation in ergonomics. The perfect standing desk is all about finding the perfect height. You need to have your screen at the proper eye height range to ensure that you’re at the right position for your posture and eye comfort. To compute the right height for your desk you can check the ergonomic calculator, it computes the most sitting and standing position for you and is based on your height.

Being able to adjust your workstation is the key to proper ergonomics, which is exactly why adjustable standing desks have become the latest craze. With this however comes the question, what’s better an electric standing desk or a manual crank standing desk? In this article we’ll be looking at the top 3 reasons you should switch to an electric standing desk.         

Electric standing desks are all about allowing you seamless and effortless movement. The great thing about electric standing desks is that they’re designed to provide you with a hassle free ergonomic experience. The convenience that comes with electric standing desks like the

Debunking 5 Myths About Electric Standing Desks Under $400

When it comes to finding the perfect ergonomic products, it can often feel like some products are way too good to be true. With the majority of electric standing desks with price tags ranging from $800 to $1,000- it’s hard to imagine that an electric standing desk that costs less than $400 can deliver the same quality and efficiency. Some have even gone as far as to write on why a standing desk of that value should be avoided. Today, we’ll be looking to debunk these claims. Not all standing desks are created equal which is why for the purposes of this article we’ll be looking at the BIFMA Certified desk of FlexiSpot, the Dual-Motor Electric Standing Desk EC4. Clocking in at the surprisingly low price of only $399.99- this standing desk is a powerhouse that proves to blow its critics out of the water. Complete with a smart design and amazing features, we  debunk 5 common myths about electric standing desks under $400.

Myth #1: Cheaper standing desks are unstable at standing height

When it comes to cheaper products, we’re always hesitant to purchase those of less value because we’ve got the mindset that a cheaper product means less quality. With FlexiSpot, they ensure the durability and stability of their standing desks not just with words

Healthy Gaming Habits for Your Teens

Playing video games serve as entertainment for youngsters and adults. There is nothing wrong with it because, if done right, gaming can also yield benefits as noted in this Forbes article. But when the gaming goes overboard and stretches for long hours, it can harm the mind and body. 

Moderation is key. If anything, playing video games has been a welcome distraction during the pandemic as related in this Time writeup. Playing video games served as a way for kids to meet old friends, make new friends, and collaborate amid the isolation period according to this CNN article.


Healthy limits

A healthier approach to help your kids have a more well-rounded lifestyle is to set boundaries. It is best to talk to them about their habits and how they can balance their playing and physical activities.

Here are more proactive ways that show you mean business in dealing with their video game habits:


Regulate gaming hours -- It can be tough at first especially if the kids have had their way with their playing time. But this is beneficial for them because as much as video games can stimulate the mind, there are no substitutes for fresh air, real conversations with friends, or doing physical activities.

If your kids play non-stop, you can reduce the playing time gradually. Playing is a big no-no during meal times or online learning unless advised by the teacher. You can also move the video game set to the den or anywhere vis

IKEA Bekant vs. FlexiSpot EC4: Which Is a Better Standing Desk?

Many height adjustable desks may be in the same price category but there is always one design that will appear superior to the other. The only way to find out is to do thorough testing so that the results will come out fair and square.

In this article, we will tackle a review of the IKEA Bekant and the FlexiSpot EC4. Both are electronically operated desks that are priced around $399 each. They almost have the same features but as you go along the article, you will notice that one design is better for the same price. We will let the outcomes speak for themselves!

So, which is which?

There will be seven main points that will ultimately lead to the question: Which is better? We will let you decide on that one. Our job is to simply compare the two items but do note that we are an office furniture manufacturer and we do sell some of the products we review.


First factor: Hand controls and presets

For its price, the FlexiSpot EC4 has an LED design and a control panel that stores three height preference presets. If you can’t be bothered to push more buttons to adjust your table’s setting, you might find this feature useful. It also has a sit-stand reminder timer so you will remember to shift working positions now and then.

Meanwhile, the IKEA Berkant only has a hand control but is only limited to up-down buttons. It has no digital display nor presets either. This desk type is for those who like simple controls.


Second factor: Stability

There seems to be no problem when the adjustable desk is on the lowest position, but you know the jig is up wh

Benefits of Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises

There are conflicting opinions about the impact of low-impact aerobic exercises. Truthfully, it doesn’t get much love because, well, doing high-intensity plyometric exercises look cooler-- until the back and joints complain and injuries come.

If you have body pains or mobility problems, high-impact cardio exercises can be jarring. But don’t let those stop you from working out! You can choose from a variety of modified workouts so you can still stay active and loosen any body stiffness.


Sweat it out

Remember it’s just low impact but not less-intensity! You can still get an intense workout that is kinder to your aching body. Here are some examples that you can do at home or your garden if you are still afraid to go to the gym because of the virus:


  1. Do brisk walking -- If you don’t want to go out, you can always do brisk walking around the house of your garden. Time your walking to 10 minutes non-stop, take a break, and start again. Use ankle weights for more challenge.
  2. Swimming -- This is optional, but a great workout that is friendly to the joints. If you do not have a pool at home -- you can inquire if your community pool is open and make sure that they follow protocols. This BBC article explains why swimming is safe during the pandemic.
  3. Hop on your stationary bicycle -- You can go spinning all by yourself or through a Zoom session. An indoor bike is great because it provides back support in different positions. Now if you are a multitasker-- we have good news for you!  Some newer models allow

FlexiSpot: BIFMA Certified & Trusted

It’s important to always consider the quality of the products you’ll be purchasing. When it comes to online shopping, it’s even harder to understand and determine the quality of the things you’re planning to buy, especially when it’s something as vital as furniture or ergonomics. So how can you be sure?  Well you’re in luck because that’s just what BIFMA stands for. As a not‐for-profit trade association for business and institutional furniture manufacturers, BIFMA ensures that all manufacturers provide high quality work spaces and furniture. BIFMA or the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association provides standards and certification tests for furniture manufacturers. The goal is to identify standard quality to consumers. In this article you’ll discover exactly what the BIFMA tests imply and how FlexiSpot has gained the trust and confidence of its partners.

What does the BIFMA test for?

What BIFMA tests for is commercial-grade quality. This means they’ll be looking at value for money and high quality durable designs and materials. In order to ensure unbiased testing, brands that undergo a BIFMA certification have to go through different independent-lab testing to ensure the 4 standards that allows BIFMA to certify that the products are made with the standard industry quality. These 4 standards are (1) Motor Durability, (2) Load Testing, (3) Destructibility and (4) Electrical Component Safety. These standards are tested and enforced to ensure that customers g

Unique Makeshift Work-From-Home Spaces

The marching order to stay at home has prompted many to work from home. The sudden transition encouraged many professionals to get creative with their workstations. Using everyday household items, a whole lot of humor, and common sense, workers have made-do with workstations that are ergonomic as well as kid-friendly.


Have you tried this?

The proverb “necessity is the mother of invention” may be applied in current work from home situations. Here are some ingenious ideas of impromptu workspaces for couch laborers:


  • Liquor cabinet as the new office -- Another great idea is to try the liquor cabinet as a desk. Just don’t forget that the happy hour starts at 6:00 PM!
  • Baby high chair, hamper as desks -- When you really lack a surface or a space, you can just use anything that’s near you. If you’re done sitting at the coach, use your baby high chair to stand while working. Conversely, if you want to sit down, you can use your hamper as your usual desk.
  • A spacious bathroom was converted into an office -- Setting up a home office can be challenging especially if you have limited space. But what if you take no for an answer and set up an office in the bathroom? We kid you not: One pr

The 3 Overwhelming Benefits of Dual Monitors

Are you beginning to get tad tired of switching screens, downloading documents from different files and tabs? How about the time you really wanted to finish work but you just can complete whatever you’re doing because you’re lost in the tabs again? Do you feel limited while using your single device screen?

Were there times that you have been experiencing neck pain and poor posture from your usual work setup? If your answer is yes in most of these questions, then perhaps, this is the perfect time you invest in a dual monitor or a monitor arm for a great viewing angle.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the overwhelming benefits of dual monitors and why two is always better than one.

Boost Productivity

In an interview done by Computer World, an interviewee and programmer named Stefan Thibeault is convinced of the value of using dual PC monitors, as it has given him larger workspace and eliminates disturbances from the frequent alt tab and cutting down trips to his printer. However, some of his co-workers who didn’t jumped with the idea has concerns with losing their desk space and the uncertainties of using dual screens.

What most users don’t know about the dual monitors is that you can easily move your cursor from screen to screen. Having two screens also give you easy access of displaying email in one monitor, and application on the second screen.

But transitioning from a single use monitor to a dual monitor isn’t that easy. If you’re not a techy person, know that you need to have a desktop system, a video card upgrade, and of course, a sturdy desk or

How to Get Rid of the Dead Butt Syndrome

It’s sitting. The long hours of being tied down to a chair affect the overall appearance and function of your derriere.

One of the worst things that could happen is the dead butt syndrome (DBS) where the glute muscles do not activate as they should and get numb or even a little sore. Don’t worry -- it does not mean that they are dead. The “death” means that the muscles there were deconditioned as a result of a lack of activity. And though it’s not too late to revive your dead bum, it will take much effort and consistency to revive it.


The glutes have stopped talking to other muscles

The dead butt syndrome can affect other parts of the body too. Other parts of the body come to the rescue and work double duty, which would eventually lead to injury and strain.

Some of the negative effects of having the dead butt syndrome are hamstring problems, lower back pains,  tight hips muscles which cause muscle imbalances and even knee cartilage injuries. To add, underused glute muscles can also affect activities like walking, running, or training.


No proper activation

Another factor that triggers DBS is not activating the glutes even when you do exercises. You might think that it is impossible, but it can happen. Next time be mindful if your glute muscles contract when you do squats or other leg exercises. If you don’t feel any action in there when you squeeze, it might be time to check up on your doctor.

Don’t feel too bad about it, though. Even athletes can have the DBS too! Athletes who sit all day and then suddenly train hard may find th

The Painful Facts About Hemorrhoids & Tips to Avoid Them

Our overall health should be our top priority more than ever. With all these uncertainties ahead of us because of the COVID-19 pandemic, awareness and self-care is a must.

Almost half of the U.S. workforce is working from home to keep them safe from the dangers the virus may cause them according to data gathered by MIT. Since most workers are stuck on their computers all day, some forget to stretch and take a break from time to time, and this might cause a toll on their health – most especially the most affected part from prolonged sitting, our buttocks.

Too much sitting can cause hemorrhoids and can worsen if neglected. To know more about this, here are some facts and tips you should know to prevent having them. If you would love to know more about the fun stories about hermorrhoids, click in the episode and have fun ! 

What is Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids or piles happen when the veins at the lowest part of your rectum and anus are swollen. Sometimes, these veins bulge and get irritated, especially when you poop. It is also due to straining on the toilet because of constipation, pregnancy, because of the extra weight, hereditary factors, and heavy manual labor.

There are two types of hemorrhoids – internal and external. Internal hemorrhoid is located inside the rectum.  This type of hemorrhoid generally resolves on their own, although patients do experience discomfort because of their size. On the other hand, larger internal hemorrhoids may cause symptoms such as pain, itching, or burning.

External hemorrhoids are noticeable or palpable lumps in the anus – and that’s how to distinguish the two. Symptoms include discomfort during sitti

How to Work From Home Without Hurting Your Back

With the order to stay at home to stymie the spread of the coronavirus, workers had to make do with makeshift home offices. But it comes with a cost -- physical discomfort can stem from working in a place that is not ergonomically sound. One of the body parts that suffer most is the back, which bears the brunt of less activity and too much sitting on hard surfaces. 

Your back, being an important muscle in the body, has the strength and ability to see you through the day. But most of our daily activities wreak havoc on our back, especially if we sit at a desk for a long period. Having a sedentary work can also affect the back and may lead to more serious problems as the discomfort can reach to your legs and hips as well. This is why it is important to protect your back and not to ignore any strains that are already bothering you.


What can you do?

All hope is not lost for those who experience back pain. With interventions and small changes in your work routine, you can save your back in no time.


  1. Take a break - Pausing from work is important for your mind but also for your back. It does not have to be drastic at all. It can be taking advantage of the afternoon lull when you have finished your deliverables and is waiting for your boss’ response. Or maybe, to put a twist on your Zoom meetings, you can mak

Reasons Why You Can’t Find a Standing Desk with Drawers

You’ve finally decided to upgrade your old office desk and you’re on to search for a standing desk. After all the articles you’ve read about the cons of sitting too much and guide before getting a height-adjustable desk, you made the leap and decided to get one.

However, you seem to find out that most of the standing desk you see online has no drawers on it, and you started to think why. Is your decision to swap your old desk with a drawer wise move in the first place?

In this article, we’ll be discussing why most standing desks in the market don’t include any drawers and how is this considered an advantage.

Added Weight

Since most electric standing desk already carries a lot of weight, first, from the tabletop which weighs depending on the thickness, and other that are made with hard wood tops, this seems to be already a lot of weight if you could imagine it.

Also, before manufacturing these desks, they have set a specific amount of weight to be loaded on it. They have kept in mind other users who mount their monitors on edge-clamped monitor arms, others with three or four monitors and their heavy-duty monitor arms.

The Strain in the Lifting Legs

Additional wood weight can greatly affect the overall performance of a height-adjustable standing desk. Take note that these types of desks have specification of the lifting power of its legs, meaning it can no longer bear more weight for it to work smoothly. With no built-in desk drawers in sight, the weight on top of the frame is perfectly centered along the crossbars that connect the two legs, and is perfectly leveled.

For a Minimalist Appeal

These height adjustable desks are created for a reason

Height Adjustable Desk and Underdesk Bike: Essentials for Remote Work

Say “aye” if you have been doing these things: Working from your plush bed or the couch and finishing things without even standing up to stretch once in a while. We are all guilty of working like this. In fact, according to a UK study, 19 percent of remote employees worked from their sofa and 11 percent from their beds.

Now it sounds harmless, even fun. But wait until the back and neck pain start to creep in. You see, working in an unergonomic situation and sitting too much will pose negative effects on your body. Plus, a sedentary lifestyle will bring in a slew of other ailments that you could have prevented in the first place.


The Healthy Swap

It’s not too late to make ergonomic changes in your home office. You can start by using ergonomic furniture like a height adjustable desk. You have two options for this: You can either get a desk with a single motor or dual motors. If you need a guide, read this article so you can buy the desk that fits your needs.

A standing desk will allow you to alternate between sitting and standing. With it, you can

What are the benefits of active sitting?

According to Healthline, majority of Americans now are tethered to a desk for majority of time in a day. It’s becoming a serious health problem, which leads to spinal deformities, pinched nerves, weak postural muscles and others.

To counter this problem, it is suggested that everyone should do at least 30 minutes of exercise within the day, or engage in what doctors’ call “active sitting”.


What is active sitting?

International Journal of Exercise Science defined active sitting as allowing the body to stay dynamic while seated and may consist of using modified chairs or stability balls. Its goal is to engage some of your muscles like the back, abdominal, and leg while sitting in a chair.

So, instead of motionless sitting all day because of your work, active sitting lets you make minor movement to keep some of your muscle groups active.


What are the benefits of active sitting?

Due to the numerous health concerns arising from a sedentary behavior, there are different products created to promote an active workstation. These tools endorse benefits to stimulate the muscles in the body and to help people have a healthier wo

3 Tips to Cope Up with Burnout from Work from home

This 2020, a lot of employees have transitioned from office work to working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are also a lot of people who are feeling overwhelmed by mixing work and their personal life. 

Office burnout is common in the actual workplace. It was even recognized by the World Health Organization as an occupational phenomenon.  

An employee who’s experiencing a burnout may exhibit a reduced efficiency and energy, lower motivation, fatigue, increased errors, irritability, migraine, and frustration. However, with no presence of an HR professional dealing with the early signs of burnout of their employees, a higher risk of burnout for most people during these uncertain times is expected.

Tips to Avoid Work From Home Burnout

  1. Dress up to change the work mood

It is true that when you look good, you feel good. A study in 2012 found that clothes can affect your mood and even your productivity level. Scientific American also suggests that there are actually biological effects of wearing a nice outfit and it has positive effect on a work performance.

Another advice to prevent burnout is to wear com

How is Foot Pain Related to Low Back Pain?

Do you remember the time you were unable to work properly because of that unbearable pain from time to time? The time you keep toss and turning at night because you can’t find the right sleeping position to ease the back pain? Or how about the time you woke up in the morning and you felt that sore on your feet and legs when you walk?

If you experienced the mentioned scenes above, then it’s possible that your current foot pain is related to your lower back pain. To get to know how these two are related, we’ve rounded up some interesting facts on the causes and how to relieve the pain.

The Relation Between Foot Pain and Lower Back Pain

It may come as a surprise but most pain we feel in the foot has nothing to do leg or foot itself, unless we’re injured. Foot pain can be caused by an irritated or compressed nerve root located in the lower back. This pain can radiate along the sciatic nerve (the longest nerve in the body), and transcended into the foot.

As stated in an article, it’s not only the feet that’s affected with low back pain – it can be knees, hips, shoulders and spinal joints if left unattended.

Written below are some of the symptom of foot pain:

  • Inability to lift the foot upward. Sometimes, it also comes with numbness in the middle lower leg and foot. This pain occurs if one of the spinal nerve roots in the lower back that innervates the sciatic nerve is affected.
  • Hard to walk on tiptoes. This is a common foot pain felt by people which has basically something to do with sciatic nerve. People who has this experiences difficult

The Starter Guide to Your First Standing Desk

You know it’s time to buy ergonomic furniture when your back starts to ache more than usual from working on your makeshift house workstations. You can’t ignore it anymore; but then again, you must not ignore those pains in the first place because those are red flags that something is wrong with your body.

But, you ask, what is the right ergonomic fixture for me? Well, that depends on your need. If you have an existing desk that you want to use, you can opt for a desk riser instead. But if you want to overhaul your office, you can always go for an electric height adjustable standing desk. There are other factors to consider, too, like your current office space and even the length of your cables.


If you want a desk riser, read this! 

As a rule of thumb, you can start slow when transitioning to ergonomic furniture. A desk converter is something you can consider buying first before you move up to an en

Dressing Up For When You Are Working From Home

Since things have gone topsy-turvy with the pandemic, you may have stayed at home longer than usual. And even if you admit it or not, your wardrobe preferences have changed too. Your attire rotation might have included sweatpants, yoga pants, or your favorite loungewear. Shoes are out of the question for some. Sound familiar? News flash: Dressing up with something presentable is important because it leads you to easily switch from home mode to work mode

Your clothes can set your mood for the day 

You might want to start dressing up in the morning. A 2012 study found that clothes can affect your mood and even your productivity level. Even if you are working from home, doing this task will help you establish a routine and create certainty in an otherwise uncertain period. Besides, when you look and feel good, you will certainly have more confidence as you face your clients, boss, or colleagues during a virtual meeting. 

Since you do not have to comply with any dress code, you can start experimenting with your look too. Go shop for new items that will complement your new lifestyle. Rediscover your love for vintage clothes, if you will. If athleisure is your cup of tea, head to your favorite sports brand’s e-commerce site.

Facts You Should Know About Pinched Nerve in the Shoulder

According to Health Line, 85 out of every 100,000 adults experiences pinched nerve in the shoulder.

In case you don’t know how pinched nerve feels like, it’s the tingling sensation or pain you feel in the neck that radiates beyond your elbow or to your fingertips. It’s usually dull aches, numbness, and weakness in the shoulders when you move your neck.

To have a further understanding of the pinched nerve in the shoulder, we’ve written down some symptoms, causes, and relief. Read along.

How To Self-Test

  • Neck Compression Test

Tilt your head to the non-painful side, and then from the other side. Rotate your head outwards slightly, then hold in this position for 30-60 seconds. Do the same steps to the painful side. If you feel the pain in the neck, going to the arm, then you may have a pinched nerve.

  • Arm Tension Test

Another self-test to try is the arm tension test. Start from the non-painful arm by extending it in front of you. Keep your wrist straight in-line with your arms. Turn your palm outward and extend your arm to the side as far as you can, and do the same steps on your other arm. If you begin to feel a pressure of tingling sensation on the path throughout the arms or in the neck, then this means you have a pinched nerve.

Causes of Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerve usually happens when a structure or material, such as bone, disk protrusions, or swollen tissue, puts pressure on the nerves extending from the spinal column toward the neck and shoulder. This phenomenon is most common in people aged 50 to 54 because of age-related degeneration of the spine.

It can also be cause

Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas during Quarantine

In just a few days, we’re celebrating Dads around the world – from the sporty dad, the cool dad, the always-busy dad, the old-fashioned dad, the handyman, and the intimidating dad. Tracking down the perfect gift for Father’s Day isn’t an easy task, but can also be an exciting one if you put your thought and effort into it.

Since this year’s Father’s Day isn’t the same as before because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll give you the chance to scroll through these healthy, practical, yet thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas, that will be most beneficial especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Sleeping aid device

Study shows that men and women over the age of 65 experiences insomnia. While there may be several causes linking to poor sleeping habits including medication, stress, and medical illness – there are still ways to give them a chance to have a deep and restorative sleep – and that’s through the help of a sleeping aid device. There’s this device called Dodow – a metronome with a light system that teaches you how to fall asleep naturally, without taking any medicine. It’s easy to use, starting from tapping the touchpad, synchronizing your breath with the blue light projected in the ceiling coming from this device, and exhaling when it retracts. Have it a try today!


Foot Massager

Everyone loves a foot massage, who’ doesn’t, right? Try giving your dad a multi-functional foot massager from FlexiSpot. It’ll make your dad’s tired feet some time to relax and find reli

How You Can Balance Chores and Remote Work

When you work from home, chances are you are not confined to your workstation. You are working double time as this Daily Mirror article said. During your downtime, you think about cooking, clearing the dishes, or home-schooling your kid because daycares are still closed. You only get to switch off long after everything has been put into their place.

Many things compete with your attention. Perhaps you find yourself exasperated being saddled with so many things all at once. Do not worry. Here are some tips on how you can manage stress and balance the two overlapping spheres of your home and work.

Tips for a balancing act

  1. Plan your schedule It is wishful thinking that everything will just blend in perfectly if you just let it be. You can, however, plan to balance family time and remote work. You can roll off some responsibility from your shoulder and swap chores with your partner. If you have older kids, you can let them chip in with simple chores like taking care of the house pets or cleaning dishes. You can entertain small ones with

What Is the VESA Standard?

Are you buying a monitor mount for your TV or display screen? The VESA standard is something that you must know. VESA stands for the Video Electronics Standards Association, a group of over 300 companies that established certain standards in consumer electronics products. Major brands follow the VESA standard for mounting interfaces on monitors and TVs for increased flexibility in installations.

That said, knowing the VESA specifications of your TV or monitor screen will save you from the hassle of buying products with compatibility issues. You can see the VESA measurements of your display in its manual or on the brand’s website. If those are unavailable, you can measure it yourself.

It’s important not to skip the measuring part. Do not throw caution to the wind. You can save yourself from the headache of buying the wrong monitor mount.

How to know your TV’s VESA size

Look at the back of your TV or monitor screen. There are four holes there, right? The four holes are standardized screw-hole positions that ensure maximum compatibility among other VESA products.

Get your measuring tape and follow the simple guidelines below to know your TV’s VESA dimensions:

l Make sure that the side of the measuring tape is in millimeters because the VESA standards are in that unit of length.

The Effectiveness of Essential-oils for Pain Relief

Have you ever been in a situation where you relied on essentials oils to get rid of the muscle pain after a workout or after doing strenuous activities? Well, you’re not alone in this case.

For centuries, people have used essential oils to alleviate body pain and even calming the mind during stressful times. Essential oils are extracted from the flowers, barks, stem, leaves, roots, fruits, and other parts of the plant by various methods including steam distillation. It’s when steam is passed through raw plant material that causes the aromatic compounds vaporize. The oil-soluble components then get separated from the water-soluble ones, making essential oil. Its usage is via inhalation, local application, and baths.

However, some essential oils, if not used properly, can irritate the skin and add to your swelling. In this article, we have a rundown of facts and types of essential oils and their corresponding benefits for you to check out. Read along.

Types of Essential Oils and their Benefits

Lavender Oil

This oil is said to be anti-inflammatory. In a study released by the Journal of Medical Microbiology, lavender is effective in combating fungal infections and has an acceleratory effect on wound healing.

It was tested in 2015 and showed that the lavender essential oil was applied topically during one test, and has provided pain relief compared to a medication called tramadol, which means that it can help treat pain and any associated inflammation.

Another study has proven that inhaling the lavender essential oil scent can reduce the severity of migraine headache symptoms.

Eucalyptus Oil

Did you know that eucalyptus oil is an effective cough suppressant? Almost cough medication available today has this property as their main ingredients. Aside from that, research suggests that euca

Curved Desk vs. Rectangle Desk: What are the differences?

Just as you think that you know everything about height adjustable desks, there comes along a new detail that you must consider anew. Maybe you have done your research about pricing, surface finish, or height and load capacity, That’s great. We move on now to choose the shape of your potential new desk.

What is the best desk for you?

You can choose between the classic rectangular edge or the one with a slightly curved edge. They both deliver ergonomic relief to your workstation. You can further narrow down your decision making by considering some of the factors below. 



When it comes to comfort, this desk with a curved edge provides a room for your wrist, avoiding strain and possible carpal tunnel. Designed with an optimal reach zone, avoid leaning forward unnecessarily and help improve your posture. Ensure comfort while you work and see your productivity levels increase!


Meanwhile, the hard-straight line of the regular desk design comes with benefits too. For example, this desk with a rectangular top is a basic height adjustable standing desk that allows you to transition from a sitting to a standing position with ease. The rectangular desk also comes with multiple desk size options for any and all your needs! You can even choose the type of material it’s made of;  from bamboo, glass and more. With a multitude of options, you can easily customize your desk.

Stable height adjustable desk checklist

What makes a great height adjustable desk for your home office? Well, there are many factors but stability must be chief in a long list of considerations. A poorly made desk will compromise your equipment and make a mess in your work station.


Most standing desk users put expensive technology on top of the desk -- a laptop, a monitor, a smartphone. A wiggly desktop could cause those gadgets to slip off the desk and break. Or a shaky desk could make your cup of joe spill over and ruin a keyboard or laptop. In a nutshell, having a sturdy work surface helps prevent accidents and distractions that will impede your productivity.


If you are looking into buying a height adjustable desk, this thorough guide can help you buy a sturdy and stable height adjustable desk for your home office.


Stable height adjustable desk checklist


Did the desk undergo a stability test?

You can consult someone from the brand that you like for this piece of information. As a potential customer, you can ask straight away if a certain model went through a series of stability testing. This experiment will test a desks stability when placed under pressure. The desk receives far more force than it would during typical use. If the desk passes the desk, you can be sure that it will provide a stable experience for the average user. Check out this video so you can have a visual experience of how FlexiSpot, a trusted brand in ergonomic furniture, executes its stability test .


Is the height adjustable desk sturdy?

How to Motivate Yourself With Small Wins When You Work From Home

Adjusting to the remote work setup can be grueling for some. The article penned by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, cites that majority of women are now doing double double shiftas they balance work with parenting, taking care of parents, and overseeing the majority of domestic work. If you are in the same situation, daily life can rob you of happiness.

But a change in perspective can make the difference. Addressing your small wins can boost your energy and mood, thereby affecting your productivity level at work. This is also an extra step to ensure that your mental wellbeing is protected amid the pandemic hubbub.

Your minor milestones are important

According to Harvard Business Review, finding purpose and meaning in your work is significant to boost motivation. But in the grand scheme of things, small consistent steps can accumulate into excellent execution.  Addressing small victories will enable you to make progress as you adjust to your situation.

Some ways to celebrate small wins during remote

5 Ways to Make Your Zoom Meetings Fun

In the time of social distancing, Zoom has become the platform that kept people together. But too much time or familiarity with the platform can also breed contempt or Zoom fatigue, as they call it. Heres the deal: Zoom calls may still be around for a long time. A CNBC article writes that remote working is here to stay even when the economy reopens.  


It will be hard to avoid Zoom meetings since they are the backbone of enterprise communication. But how about putting a spin on subsequent Zoom meetings? Little tweaks might just put the fun back to an otherwise stale and ordinary office Zoom meeting. You can try to elicit a good laugh from your peers because humor is still important amid these uncertain times.


Tips to make Zoom meetings fun

Facts You Should Know About Low Back Strain

It’s no easy dealing with lower back strain from time to time, and I think anyone can agree with it. 8 out of 10 people have this dull ache in the back, either from waking up in the morning or probably due to an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.

So what does low back strain feels like? If you feel this pain and stiffness in the back, in the buttocks, legs, and back of the thigh, and sometimes it worsens when you bend or stretch, then you probably are experiencing a low back strain.

We may have these myths on our head on the causes of how we get the lower back strain, but to dig deeper into the issue, we’ve written down a list of causes and simple at-home treatment you can do to ease yourself with these back troubles.

3 Major Causes of Low Back Strain

Extreme Physical Activity. Gym buffs and those who carry a lot usually experience the low back strain from time to time. Too much stress, especially when you’re lifting something heavy, can form tiny tears in a muscle, known as a muscle strain, which is a very common form of back injury. Learn some proper ways of lifting heavy load without causing pain the back.

Poor Sleeping Position or Inappropriate Mattress Bed. There are two types of mattresses in the market you should consider depending on your preference. However, for those experiencing low back strain, it’s highly recommended to get a memory foam mattress and avoid sleeping on your stomach as much as possibl

Tired of Waking up With Backpain?

Most of you who are reading this article have probably experience that unbearable pain the back each time they wake up. Ever notice that sharp sensation at your lower back, and sometimes, your hips, once you tried getting out of bed? How about the time, your lower back felt sore and not even a proper body stretch can take away the pain? How inconvenient, isn’t it?

But don’t worry! You may be uncomfortable from waking up stiff, but it’s likely nothing serious. However, there are ways to ease back pain all at once.

Yes, there are various tips to maintain your spine health, but a few articles related to easing the back pain when we sleep. According to Spine-Health, back pain interferes with getting to sleep and getting deep sleep, and conversely, the lack of restorative sleep increases the pain, thus more problems follow.

Back pain can be caused by many factors; a herniated disks, poor posture and straining back muscles. You can also visit a chiropractor and see what their diagnosis is if you can no longer bear the pain.

Read this article on how to get rid of backpain and how you can finally get the deep, restful sleep you need with these easy and simple practices.


Tips on How To Ease Back Pain

- Get a Good Mattress While Sleeping

Did you know getting a healthy amount of restful sleep is paramount to learning and education? – and that goes as well with our spine health too.

If you think that your sleep and back is compromised, then better change your mattress now. When choosing a mattress, lie down in your preferred position for 10

Single Motor or Dual Motor Standing Desk: Which One Is For You?

Common sense dictates that power is the main difference between the single motor and dual motor standing desk. But a closer look reveals that there is much to it: Theres adjustment speed, load capacity, ease of assembly and maintenance, aesthetics, and cost. These are important points that must be considered before buying a height adjustable standing desk for your office.

It pays to do your assignment first because a height adjustable standing desk is an investment in your home office. If you buy the right ergonomic equipment for your workstation, working from home will be a healthier and more enjoyable experience.

If you are ready, continue reading the article as we dig deeper into the differences of a single motor and dual motor standing desk.


The Important Pointers

1. Adjustment Speed and Load Capacity

-- Speed and capacity can vary according to the material and overall makeup of a standing desk.  Some brands offer a wide portfolio  of products such as FlexiSpot with its signature Loctek Motion frames. This means that whether you opt for a single motor or dual motor standing desk, you will still enjoy the perks of having a superior ergonomic product in your office.

But for the sake of numbers, let

How to Keep Kids Safe with Social Distancing

With the new normal forcing majority of Americans to start working from home, millions of children all across the country are not just adjusting to online classes but to strict rules on social distancing. For you, this might mean trying to explain to your kids just what’s going on in the world and why things can’t go back to the way they used to be. When it comes to educating your kids it’s important to be firm but nurturing, strict but understanding and blunt but loving. These seem like a difficult set of emotions to work with but with a few simple guidelines and tips, you’ll find that teaching your kids about social distancing can be fun for not just your kids but to you as well.


Be Open

When it comes to explaining to your children why social distancing is important, you have to first establish the why social distancing is important. Part of this is educating them on the Corona virus. While this may seem like a daunting task, being open to your children’s questions is a crucial part of opening a forum for you and your kids. By being open you can allow them to express their emotions and address ways in which they can cope with the sudden changes that come with the New Normal. It’s important to limit the amount of time your family spends watching the news and how much information is given. Children are easily overwhelmed if they’re given too much information, so it’s important to limit it to the facts and ensure that they’re provided with developmentally appropriate information. You wouldn’t talk to your 5 year old in the same way as your 16 year old; they’d both have different ways of understanding and taking in the information. By being open you give them enough space to voice their concern and enough time for you to truly understand the needs of your kids.

How to Work from Home as a Paw-Parent

If you’ve clicked this article because you work from home with your pets, then yes, fur parents, this article is for you.

The best feeling in the world is being able to work from home with our dearly beloved pets. Imagine the relief of spending a lot of time with these fur babies, and at the same time, earning at the comfort of our own home. According to a study, surrounding yourself with furry friends can improve employee retention, enhance, employee health, increase productivity, and positive bottom-line results.

However, to balance your time at work, your choice, without neglecting our pets, here are some work-from-home guide on how to work from home as a paw-parents.


Potty train them first thing in the morning

It’s not always fetch time with your pets, isn’t it? You also can’t spend most of your time mopping the floors because you forgot to potty train them. Here’s how to deal with it:

If you’re a new in this paw parenting world, don’t worry! We’ve all been there.

  • Keep your pet on a regular feeding schedule and take them out to eliminate first thing in the morning and then once every 30 minutes to an hour – even after meals or when he wakes from a nap. And this might take some time, put your pet to the same spot each time to do his business because the scent he left there will prompt him to go.
  • Don’t forget to give them treats when they eliminate outside. Gently pat them on a head and say “good boy” or call them by their name.


Schedule them for grooming

If you can schedule a vet or grooming appointment, then that’s good, however, if you have tons of workload to do at home, then set aside some time to groom them by yourself. Depending on your dog’s hair length, activity, and

The Difference Between FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Desk EC3 vs EC4

Been eyeing for a height-adjustable desk from FlexiSpot for a time now but cant fully decide whether to get an EC3 or EC4? We feel you there, but dont worry! Well compare these two models so you can choose as early as now which one to get.

Both the EC3 and EC4 are the top choices among the height adjustable desk from FlexiSpot. Now that most of us are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, having the proper setup and workstation needs is a must.

In this article, well help you distinguish the difference between FlexiSpots EC3 and EC4. Which of these two desks would meet your needs and how both of these desks are a standout among any other brands. Read along.



The EC3 desk is sold at $359.99. From its original price of $459.99, the brand has decided to make it affordable with a $100 discount to make work from home attainable and more manageable without spending too much. On the other hand, you need to shed $40 for the EC4 desk because of its added features from weight capacity, h

Sanitizing or Disinfecting: 3 Easy Ways to Know What to Do

When it comes to keeping things clean you might find yourself using the terms “sanitizing” and “disinfecting” interchangeably. And while they both refer to cleaning, there’s actually a great big difference between these two terms. With COVID-19 keeping us on our toes when it comes to the dangers of bacteria and viruses, knowing the difference between these 2 terms can actually effect not only the products you buy but your overall health as well! So, what’s the difference? And what’s the best way to keep your space clean?


Know the Difference

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting is dependent on the substances you use to clean and the effect it has on germs and the surfaces/objects you clean. Sanitizing is when you decrease the number of germs on objects and surfaces to a safe level. Disinfecting on the other hand, completely kills germs through the use of chemicals such as bleach and other tough chemicals. Although disinfectants might be the best option when it comes to the spread of disease, when it comes to cleaning, tough chemicals such as bleach may be harmful when you’re trying to cleaning objects such as children’s toys or food packages. The best way to know whether to sanitize or disinfect something is by asking yourself 3 simple questions regarding the space/objects you’re cleaning, the products you’re using and the people interacting with what you’re cleaning. By reading through this q

Factors and Tips to Consider Before Adding Caster to Standing Desks

Are you considering adding casters to your current standing desk? While it may be a great solution for some users for that added flexibility and mobility, casters may not be suitable for anyone depending on the environment and the individual users.

Getting casters for your desk may look simple but know that by adding them, you add a layer of complexity to your desks ergonomic function and stability.

In this article, well delve into some top factors customers should consider when seeking to add casters to a standing desk frame and tips for making a smooth transition.

Factors To Consider Before Using a Caster

Know that casters come in various sizes and that flooring surfaces also affects your moving loads over. Check out some of the top factors and tips to make your casters benefit you in the long run.

  • Consider Your Working Environment

We all have our version of workstations. However, there are some usage environments in which it may make the most sense to add casters:

If ever youll be working in a classroom, desk frames with casters would be very helpful especially if you want to move places.

It would also be very much helpful if youre working in a warehouse and conference rooms where flexibility and rapid change is needed while changing equipment or transferring to another room. With these situations mentioned, desks with casters provide quic

6 Times the Valuable Electric Sit-Stand Workstation EM6W Proved Its Worth

There is something to be said for a well-built standing desk converter like the valuable Electric Sit-Stand Workstation EM6W. It is a charming piece of ergonomic office furniture complete with various functions to accommodate the needs you didnt know existed. A wireless charger? You got it. A magnet board? Totally in this product. But more on that later! We will give you the features of this  FlexiSpot innovation and why it lives up to its price tag.  

Know the features that make it worth every penny

Why is the Electric Sit-Stand Workstation EM6W more costly than most, you ask? Its top-of-the-line functions will wow you, especially if you are transitioning from a traditional desk. This equipment was built to provide maximum ergonomic benefits while looking nifty on your desk. Trust us when we say that it is in a league of its own.

- It has a wireless charger

It can be annoying to have your phone die on you in the middle of an important phone call. There is also a struggle with the conventional charger and its limited cord length. But with the desks integrated wireless charger, this means you do not have to worry about your phone losing power. Just place it on top of the built-in charger and you are good to go.

- You can personalize your desk

Ready your favorite photos and color-coded notes because you can stick them to the machines integrated magnet board. Your things wont slide or be lost because the board has

How to Ward Off the Dreaded “Office Butt”

Heres the deal: Sitting too much might be jeopardizing your hard work to get the toned tush. Those long hours of sitting on your office chair are deactivating the nerves that activate gluteal muscles, which promotes atrophy or weakening of muscles. When this happens, the sleepy butt or office butt syndrome will make it hard for you to gain results for your backside.

What are the gluteal muscles?

When we think of our butt, we usually think about how good a firm derriere would look good in  swimwear or your jeans. But the muscles in our butt have way more functions than aesthetics. They are the powerhouse of strength in the body and support you through different ranges of motion with the right posture.

It is composed of three muscle groups: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. Working those three muscles is a must because they can help avoid injuries in the lower back, hamstrings, and knees. The good thing is that you can awaken your glute muscles with specific exercises including amending how you go about your office day to ensure that your rear is working.

Say no to the office butt

  1. Engage your gluteal muscles now Exercising is still the king of activity for your glutes. After all, they are muscles waiting to be developed. If you want a low-impact workout, you can start with barre exercises. Doing a

Level up your Ergonomic Home Office Now: Here are Some Things You Might be Missing

Do you have an ergonomic home office set up? If yes, working from home must be heaven for you! But for those who are still making use of their old kitchen table and sofa as makeshift workplace, hear your joints begging and start checking products to suit your needs.

If you want to level up your home office set up, having a standing desk or a posture-correcting chair might not be enough. You might need to check other products or accessories that may complement the one that you already have.


What can you say about a monitor stand?

One of the essences of ergonomics is aligning your equipment to fit your body and contribute to your efficiency as a worker. A monitor stand can surely make your life easier. It is an ergonomic rule to place your monitor directly in front of you, about one meter away.

MonitorStand Workstation is one of the best of its kind. It does not just alleviate neck pain but also provides ample storage for your office supplies. It also has an integrated UV sterilization that helps you combat invisible viruses. You just need to place your belongings like mobile phone, pen, calculator, or keys at the bottom of the stand and it will disinfect them. This would be very helpful especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic.


How about a CPU holder?

CPUs are just one of the home office equipment that people sometimes forget and

7 Simple Standing Desk Workouts to Try Right Now

Hurrah! You’ve finally bought your standing desk, finished your workstation setup, and now all you have to do is figure out which standing desk workouts would be beneficial for you.

If back exercises don’t work to alleviate the unbearable pain in your back, then you’ll need another alternative – perhaps incorporating work and workout together. Now that doesn’t sound like much of a bad idea, isn’t it? According to a study, women aged 50 and above who spend sitting most of the time are more susceptible to developing symptoms of cardiovascular disease, and that goes even with the younger generation due to an unhealthy lifestyle. If you really care for your heart, then a conscious effort, from the way you eat and allotting time for exercise would be of great help.

With more employees having to embrace the work-from-home setup, there is more time to take care of their overall health. Since a sedentary lifestyle has a negative effect on our health, we’ll give you seven simple standing desk workout you can do while working at a standing desk.

 1. March in Place

The road to a he healthylifestyle

Five Tips to Help You Transition to a Standing Desk Converter

The transition to a standing desk converter might pose radical changes in your lifestyle. Are you ready for it? whatmakesyouunique

Eight Facts Why You Will Choose FlexiSpot M7MB Among Other Brands

Why will you choose FlexiSpot M7MB among other brands? The answer is simple: We have the best-in-class ergonomics in the industry. wemakeiteasy

How the Standing Desk Converter Makes Remote Work Easier

Remote work sounds fun until your back and neck hurt from using impromptu office furniture. Learn how the standing desk converter can make working from home a pleasant experience.

New to Work from Home? Here are Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Follow

The global pandemic pushes everyone to adjust and cope to the new normal. Whether you’re a frontline worker, a businessman, an office worker, or someone who works at a farm or fishery, everyone needs to follow certain health standards and modify the way they are working. Most of the office employees have to abide work from home set up to save their jobs and their companies.


This set up might be new for some but in the United States companies are practicing telecommuting since the 1990s. Some companies like AT&T, IBM, and others find that this alternative workplace help them retain their most talented employees who require a more flexible working hours.


If you’re new to this work from home set up, here are some do’s and don’ts to start you off.




Dedicate a space as your home office


Every home is different but no matter how small or spacious your house is, you need to dedicate a home office space wherein you can stay productive. You can decorate this space with small office accessories so you can still feel that you’re an office worker. That feeling is very important to keep you motivated to finish all your tasks for the day.


You can use regular house equipment like table and chair for your home office but you can also upgrade to a more ergonomic set up to be feel comfortable.  Sit-stand desks can help you alleviate back pain and lower your risk of gaining weight. This set up helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle while working from home. byebyetostress

How to Cope With Stress While Doing Remote Work

It can be challenging to cope with stress. But with a can-do attitude, you can respond positively when life throws you a curveball.

Experiencing Zoom fatigue? Here’s How To Avoid It

Have you ever been in three or more Zoom meetings this time of the day? Did you notice your colleagues’ new backdrop or their new hairstyle? What are the other things you’re noticing while in a virtual meeting? These things that you think are just normal that you are noticing at the first few online meetings and conferences you have at the onset of working from home are the very things that drains everyone out leading to Zoom fatigue.  


So how come this set up becomes so tiring? DigiDay said in a report that because of the situation all interactions are now happening online, more specifically in an app called Zoom. Some companies also tend to over-communicate with their employees by scheduling numerous virtual meetings in a day that could have just been an email or phone call. Sometimes you also can’t escape calls from friends and family. This creates the “feeling of tiredness, anxiousness or worry with yet another video call” that leads to exhaustion according to USA Today.


How to avoid Zoom fatigue?


Trying to avoid this virtual exhaustion can make your life easier and your mind happy. Here are some cheats to overcome it:


1. Use your mobile phone sometimes when participating in a virtual meeting. It can give you allowances to roam around the room or check the garden or even scribble something in your notebook while being in the meeting. You can also try using under desk bikes in your home office to keep your immun

Top Work From Home Tip: Take Your Break

When businesses were forced to adjust to social distancing guidelines, many employees found themselves working from home. With the sudden spike in remote employees, companies had one thing in mind: productivity. And while most of us were used to demands of performing, nothing could have prepared most of us to the demands of working during a global pandemic.


Based on a survey conducted in 2019, working from home can lead to working longer hours for most employees, all so that they can prove that they can be productive despite being outside the office. Taking this into consideration plus the looming anxiety of ensuring business continuity during a global pandemic, you might be overexerting yourself.  And while keeping yourself productive is important, no good can come from a burnt out employee; you shouldn’t have to go through that and your company definitely won’t benefit from it.


While there are a multitude of sources explaining what you can do in a work from home environment, there’s one simple tip you can easily apply today that could make all the difference: Take Your Break. Although spending time away from your work might seem like the opposite of productivity, studies have found that taking intermittent breaks throughout the day actually keeps you more productive throughout the day. Researchers observed that following a productive break, employees were able to jump back into their tasks seamlessly; they didn’t stop to check their social media or get distracted by checking their emails. The key was when these employees felt fatigue from work, they’d take short breaks where they completely separated themselves from work. What this does is allow employees to refr

Buyer’s Guide for Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The reason why you’re buying an electric height adjustable desk is to help you with your sedentary lifestyle and make the shift between sitting and standing while working easier for you. So, the first order of business, check out if this will last for a long time and sturdy enough to keep up with your pace.

Getting overloaded with a list of prospect brands can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we're providing a buyer’s guide if you’re looking for the perfect electric height adjustable desk based on your needs:

Height Range

Maintaining a proper posture while working while working from home is a must to stay healthy and productive.

Whether you’re on a sitting or standing position while working on your laptop/desktop, your keyboard should be at a height that allows your elbows to be bent about 90 degrees and close to your sides. To prevent your wrist from getting numb and worked up, try raising your forearms a little so your wrists are in a neutral position and your arms and hands can move freely.

Whatever your height is, the FlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Desks will surely cater to your needs. This desk ensures comfortability and easy transition of working position. Try using our Ergonomic Calculator to figure out what measurement you need for your workstation.


The FlexiSpot EN1 is designed with a 2-stage frame, the

Reopening and Adjusting to the New Normal

Now that more and more states are slowly opening up, chances are you’ve heard the term the ‘New Normal’, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what’s to come, have no fear, we’re all new to this. Coping with the New Normal is all about accepting that things aren’t going to go back to the way they were before the world went on lockdown. Economies are struggling, majority of jobs are now done remotely and social distancing practices are still very much in place. But, what does this mean for you and your work? With companies like Google and Amazon extending work from home arrangements till later this year, it’s clear that companies are changing with the times and are trying to find new ways to adjust to the New Normal. Chances are you’ll be forced to be more flexible in terms of nearly every aspect of your life, not just work. With this sudden need to cope and adjust quickly, how can you ensure that you aren’t left behind and on top of your game? With these 3 simple ideas we hope to provide you with some advice that could give you a little peace of mind and hopefully a healthier outlook on what’s to come.


Manage Your Expectations

With things quickly changing and evolving each day, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed. The reality of it is, a big part of adjusting to the New Normal is about letting go and starting fresh, letting go of the past and taking an initiative to move forward. When we say you’ve got to manage your expectations, we mean that you have to get used to things being different. From the nearly non-existent post-quarantine nightlife in Japan to proposed one way sidewalks in

Tips and strategies to start a cardio exercise with jogging

Jogging is one of the best exercises that you can get into. It helps in weight loss, it develops muscles, and it's great for the heart. You really can't go wrong with jogging.

If you plan on adding jogging to your exercise routine, or if you just want to start jogging casually, there are a few questions you'll probably need to answer. The first is how you start, the second is how you pace yourself, and the third is what goals would you want to achieve with the exercise.

The great news is that we have the answers to the first two questions right here. The answer to the third one is entirely up to you.

How Do You Start?

You're probably thinking, oh jogging is easy. All I need are some running shoes, and I'm right on my way. Well, you're correct. You do need running shoes, but you'd be seriously wrong if you assume that that's all you need.

So what do you need? First off, yes, the running shoes. If you're a city dweller, you'll probably spend a lot of time pounding the pavement. To deal with that, you'll need to invest in good running shoes. These shoes will not only reduce discomfort, but they'll also stop you from getting seriously injured.

Your clothing is perhaps just as important as your running shoes. When dressing up, you should go for comfort. Look for comfortable clothes that can absorb sweat easily. In winter, you should try running with several layers of clothes. That way, when things start warming up, you'll be able to pull off a layer.  Also, you need to make sure that most of what you're wearing is lightweight. You definitely don't want anything, or anyone, weighing you down.

When running, it's important that you track your progress to see just how well you're doing. Done correctly, your progress can be a great motivator on those days when you're feeling down and unmotivated. That's why I always recommend using tech when running. There are so many apps like Garmin and F

6 Ways to Ease your Anxiety while Social Distancing

As the New Normal starts to set in and we find ourselves facing a different reality, you may find yourself grappling with feelings of fear, depression or anxiety. With the uncertainty we face today, its getting harder and harder to stay positive and just hope for the best. And while everything is opening up, social distancing is still a very important aspect of the New Normal. Its important to remember that this is necessary for us to limit the transmission of COVID-19. Apart from your physical health, you should also very close attention to your mental health. Weather youre working from home, looking for the next opportunity or even a student, here are a few tips that you can use to try and improve your mental health.


Keep yourself Hydrated

Now this may seem like a tip that youve heard time and time again but, theres more to keeping hydrated then just ensuring that youre never thirsty.  Water has been proven to boost your immunity (a useful aspect that can protect you from COVID-19), keeping yourself hydrated has also proven to boost brain activity. And while boosted brain activity may mean more productivity, it also means that your mind has more room to heal and breathe. Learning to avoid excessive coffee can also help as it leads to dehydration and an increased heart rate that could trigger anxiety. Stimulants such as coffee should be taken in modera

Top 5 Ways to Easily Get Started on a Healthy Diet

When it comes to getting healthy, there’s only so much you can do with a healthy diet. Jumpstarting your healthy lifestyle might be difficult but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With these 5 simple tips you can change small things in your day to day life that you can use to eventually jumpstart your healthy lifestyle.

Discover the Power of Water

You’ve heard it time and time again, drinking water as great way for you to stay healthy. Whether you’re working from home or following a daily workout routine, staying hydrated has the power to boost your resistance, improve brain activity and even aid in mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. When it comes to a healthy diet, supplements definitely have their place but when it comes to starting your healthy diet, ensuring that you have enough water is an important part of keeping fit. Discovering the power of water is all about ensuring that you have enough water intake. A good tip to follow is tracking your daily intake and setting a daily goal. By tracking how much water you take in daily, you give yourself a useful foundation in building healthier habits. If you spend long hours in front of a computer screen, drinking water has also proven to relieve stress. Drinking a glass of water before your meals is also another way to help jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, it’ll help you feel full and reduce the chances of overeating and binging.

Mind Your Mindset

The thought of a healthy diet can sometimes be overwhelming and off putting, especially when you have to consider all the small comforts you have to give up. Sometimes our need to gorge ourselves on salty snacks and sweet desserts is a result of too much stress and it’s important for you to identify the triggers that may cause you to eat unhealthy amo

Links between diabetes and depression and how to cope with them

Depression and diabetes are perhaps some of the most severe illnesses that start with the letter D. But now, some studies are saying that there may be something other than the letter D that links these two illnesses. These studies have demonstrated that having diabetes can lead to an increased risk of developing depression.

While we aren't yet sure of why this is so, some scientists claim that it could be because of the metabolic effects that diabetes has on the brain. It could also be because of the toll that managing diabetes can take on mental health.

The reverse could also be true, some studies argue. It could be that people with depression are disproportionately dealing with diabetes. That's why some doctors are recommending that people with a history of depression be tested for diabetes.

Of course, nothing is conclusive yet. One interesting theory being put forward is that alterations in brain chemistry caused by diabetes may be a factor that increases the likelihood of diabetes in patients. A good example of some of these changes is the damage that results from diabetic neuropathy.

However, it's also equally important to note that changes in the brain due to depression can lead to increased complications from diabetes. Basically, we know that there's a connection between both illnesses, but we don't know which causes which.

The Symptoms Of Depression For People With Diabetes

Managing diabetes can be a depressing experience for some. If you experience this and do not feel your mood lifting in a few weeks, then you should probably see a doctor. However, on the whole, the symptoms of depression for people with diabetes is mostly the same with others. Some of these symptoms include

  • Feeling insomnia or sleeping way too much
  • feeling lethargic
  • Inability to focus
  • Feeling of "morning sadness"
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Self-harm

If A man is enjoying DIY

Things to Consider Before Using A DIY Standing desk

Ever since the work-from-home trend started, most people have no clue regarding the basic needs and the right setup to keep them productive all day long – which includes creating their DIY standing desks as a temporary solution. Well, if you’re reading this and you find yourself working in a DIY standing desk right now, then maybe, now’s the time we can help you consider a better alternative to help you work more effectively and efficiently at home.

DIY standing desks are life-saver! No doubt. These are a great idea especially if you feel like recycling and you feel creative in making one. It is also a great option for people who are in a tight budget and are having second thoughts on buying a not-so cheap standing desk online.

However, there are downsides of using these DIY standing desks if you intend it on using it for a long time. In this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss the disadvantages of DIY Standing Desk, and why you should opt for an ergonomic height adjustable desk frames.

Problems Faced When Using A DIY Standing Desk

1.       Instability

Imagine using an iron stand as

3 Tips on How to Avoid Burnout at Work

Office burnout is a big problem for many people. Now that the global pandemic (COVID-19) has forced many of us to work from home, burnout is now a bigger risk for all. With companies looking for more productivity from their workers, higher levels of stress and pressure could lead to eventual burnout. Here are 3 simple tips you can try to avoid burnout while working from home.  


Rest properly

Often times when working from home, we often forget to give ourselves a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday office work. Just like your life in the office, it’s important to ensure that you get a proper amount of rest. Dedicate an hour for your lunch break and disconnect and add in 15-minute breaks in the morning and the afternoon to help boost your motivation. When we’re too focused on work, we risk putting our physical and mental health at risk. A useful life hack would be to try and relieve tension from your day to day stress with the use of healthy massagers. Improve your blood circulation to help ease pain that may be caused by muscle tension and fatigue. By taking care of yourself, you invest in your ability to do work in the long run. Also remember that you should never feel guilty for resting or taking, a healthy body and mind is the key to productivity.  


Stay active

The isolation that working from home brings often has us watching TV and living generally sedentary lives. Now more than ever, the need to stay active seems more impossible and elusive. Keeping yourself active is important not only for your physical health but your mental health too. Try incorporating simple stretches throughout the day to help improve your posture and your energy levels. For people looking take their fitness to the next level, a

Top 3 Productivity Tools: Work from Home Edition

When it comes to working from home, productivity is what everyone is hoping for. With the pandemic (COVID-19) forcing the majority of us to work from home, switching from your office space to a home office is be difficult for many. Check out these top 3 productivity tools that can help keep you productive, boost your energy and keep you motivated and ready for the New Normal.


Although these top tools serve as our favorites, always remember that the key to productivity is customizing your home work space to work for you. Ensure that your work space is optimized to fit your needs. Whether you’ve got a small space you’re hoping to maximize or looking for a way to stay active and healthy, there’s definitely something in this list that’s perfect for you.


Top Tool #1: Space saving tools  

When it comes to increasing productivity, having to work with the space that you already have is a huge part of staying productive. Transform your workspace and convert your boring old desks with the use of standing desk converters. If you’re new to the concept of office ergonomics, you’re in for a treat. A standing desk converter can be placed on multiple surfaces and is an efficient way for you to maximize your workspace. Depending on your needs you can opt for an affordable portable desk converter or even a fully motorized electric workstation. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain, these desk converters can help provide you better support and fle

5 Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Now that offices have moved to homes and the line between your professional and personal life has blurred, is work-life balance even more unattainable now? Based on a survey conducted in 2019, people who work remotely often feel like they’re working more hours and are prone to higher levels of stress and anxiety. Ultimately the goal is achieving balance and now that the world is in lockdown, that could be the key to your sanity.


So what can you do to try and achieve work-life balance? Here are 5 simple tips that could help you find your way towards equilibrium.


Keep your personal and professional life separate 

When it comes to working from home it’s important to ensure that where you work and where you rest are two separate spaces. By separating these two spaces you can avoid feeling unmotivated while working or feeling restless while trying to relax. If you’re working with a limited amount of space try using standing desk converters to transform your work space. Not only can you move it from one surface to another, you can also easily convert your workspace from a standing to a sitting position, allowing you to improve your posture and energy levels. Creating a space that helps you physically separate both work and life allows you to work towards a far better balance in life.   


Remember to rest and disconnect

With the current global climate it’s important to keep updated with the news. Sometimes however we forget the importance of disconnecting and reconnect with the things that matter. Now that you’re working from home try considering scheduling your lunch break and truly take a break from your office work. Your midday break is important for you to have energy for the rest of the day. It’s chooseyourownworkingstation

How to choose your standing desk converter

Here are a few tips to guide you on how to choose your standing desk converter for your workstation. A standing desk converter

Why a Standing Desk Converter Is More Affordable Than a Height Adjustable Desk

A standing desk converter and a height adjustable desk are both ergonomic pieces that heighten the health and wellness aspects in your home office. standing desk converter

7 Benefits of Sit-Stand Desk Converters In Offices

The benefits of sit-stand desk converters include a healthier body devoid of strains that come from lack of movement while working.  standing desk converter

Four Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Corner Standing Desk Converter

Make sure that these factors are right on the money before buying a corner standing converter. standingdeskconverter

What People Love About the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converters

The FlexiSpot standing desk converters have wowed many customers and for a reason. If you are also looking for a trustworthy standing desk converter, this is the right product for you.

Lockdown Lessons: 5 Easy & Healthy Eating Tips

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) leading to millions self-isolating across the world, keeping yourself healthy is the top priority. It’s affected everyone worldwide and as seen in a recently conducted a market research study by Kantar, the global research firm, an above-average expenditure trend on healthier foods and vitamins continues to rise. Across the world, people are looking for healthy eating tips to help maintain their resistance as a defense against the virus. And although there is a lot of science behind staying healthy, here are 5 healthy eating tips that you can easily try to transform your day-to-day overall health.


Keep yourself hydrated.

Although drinking water can’t prevent COVID-19, it has been proven to help aid weight loss, results in healthier skin and hair and most importantly, it boosts your immune system. By keeping yourself hydrated, you provide your cells with oxygen that allows it to work at full capacity in fighting foreign bodies that may try to attack your immune system. An easy way to keep track of your water intake is sticking to your favorite tumbler or glass and taking note of how much water you’re drinking throughout the day. Drinking lots of water has also been proven to reduce stress and could help you stay active and productive.


Replace your coffee with fruits and other liquids. 

While a cup of coffee might be your best bet in waking you up in the morning, too much of a good thing can also be bad for you. While caffeine may help keep you alert, it can also dehydrate you. To keep your energy up you can opt to have an apple. Instead of boosting your energy with caffeine you can reap the benef

5 Ways to Maintain Your Mental Health While Working From Home

With the world on lockdown due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), work from home set-ups have increased worldwide. Meetings have been replaced by video calls and office spaces have been brought to bedrooms and couches. With all this rush for productivity, companies have been striving for more output and are demanding more from their employees. Working from home might seem like the new normal but what does that mean for mental health?


Working from home is something practiced in a number of industries. To put things into perspective, let’s take a look at survey conducted in 2019 by the cloud infrastructure company, Digital Ocean. They found that majority of their remote tech employees felt burnt out. With a whopping 82% of employees feeling stressed and overworked, it comes to no surprise that deteriorating mental health is a risk for many. At the root of this, 52% stated that they are working longer hours and 40% felt the need contribute more than their office counterparts. Stress, long hours and eventual burnout can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.


If you’re feeling this way, remember that you aren’t alone. Here are a few tricks you can use to help you combat the challenges of maintaining your mental health while working from home.   


Indulge in self-care

 Weather it’s reaching out to a mental healthcare professional or something as simple as eating healthy, remembering to take time to take care of yourself can ultimately make you more productive. Self-care might seem like an escape from productivity but it’s actually the key to it. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and that goes both ways. When we say ‘indulge’, we really mean take as much as you can get and grow from it. It isn’t about excess; it’s about allowing yourself to love you a little better.


Maintai Best home office setup for productivity

Top 3 Productivity Tips: Best Home Office Setup

 Check out these 3 simple tips to achieve the best office setup for your motivation and productivity. sit-stand converter with monitor arm

Five Reasons Why Home Office Monitor Setup Is Important

A home office monitor setup can help you create an ergonomic workstation, especially if you want to reduce back and neck pain.

Reminder Systems at Standing Desks Makes You Even More Productive

Many people who owned height-adjustable desks are still unaware of the benefits they can still get from it. Aside from the fact they can sit and stand while working, some height-adjustable desks such as FlexiSpot’s Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk: 3-Stage C-Leg Option E7 is equipped with a  sit-stand reminder system that alerts you when it’s time to stand and can be turned on or off anytime based on your workflow.

Comfort and forgetfulness were the top two reasons why some of us forget to alternate the sitting and standing work position. When you’re too invested or absorbed in a task, sometimes we forget to stand at all, and this makes the height-adjustable desks useless. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the types and why should you invest in a standing desk with a reminder system.

The Types of Sit-Stand Reminder Tools

Desktop Apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Tech companies are now investing into a healthier lifestyle for their consumers, thus the reminder apps. These are created to ensure that you take a break from time to time, and to avoid endi back pain

How Your Spine Looks In Different Postures

The way you carry yourself has an impact on your spine. poor posture

Reduce Fatigue With These Easy Steps

Practicing good posture and taking breaks from work will give you an energy boost that will keep you motivated to finish your tasks.

Ways to Make Your Work-From-Home Space More Ergonomic and Better for Your Back

If you're working from home, you're probably facing a lot of challenges. Balancing your work and home life while operating from the same building can be difficult, and dealing with home distractions during work hours can be a drag as well. The fact that you also have to manage your productivity can be quite draining too. However, one thing that most people who work from home have to regularly deal with is the fact that they feel discomfort every time they work.

Yes, that's true. Backaches because of uncomfortable workspaces are more common than you know. And what these backaches automatically mean is decreased productivity, because you cannot be at your best if your back hurts so much. If you feel this pain, these five tips will help make your workspace more ergonomic, and as such will reduce possible backaches.

Sitting Down For Long periods Will Hurt Your Back

There, that's it. I've said it. And there's no way to take it back now. But you should know that it's true. Sitting down for long periods bends your back into an unnatural C-shape.

So what's the solution? There has to be one, right? I obviously can't expect you to work slouched over your desk. Yes, there's a solution. Get a standing desk converter or just a regular height adjustable desk. That way you'll be able to stand and work with your desk at your upright height. I would recommend you get a desk like the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk of Flexispot. It has quick and smooth movement, so switching from sitting to standing positions is never difficult, it has an advanced all in one keyboard that allows you save your favorite sitting and standing heights, and it als

WFH Strategies for Operating Remotely During the Lockdown

For the last ten years or so, working from home has been my reality. Before making the switch to freelancing, and thus working from home, I used to work in a corporate setting. So I know how things look from both sides of the divide. I know the challenges of switching from a corporate setting to an informal one.

However, thankfully, I've had some experience dealing with these challenges. If you're just making the sudden switch to working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, then I have to say, don't be scared. It may look impossible now, but there is a way to work from home and reach maximum productivity.

Of course, the fact that this switch is sudden and many firms haven't yet developed the needed structures and command chains to make it work may slow progress. Organizations and schools are trying to create a work from home system at a speed that is unhealthy, and the uncertainty of the quarantine makes it even worse.

The good news is that, even though the business structure may not be streamlined or optimized for working from home, you can optimize your working habits. That way, regardless of the way things turn out further up the command chain, you'll be ready and we'll be equipped to face the challenges ahead.

Act As If Nothing Has Changed

Working from home requires a conscious change in mentality. As you probably know, your work mood and home mood are two different things. To be successful in this journey, you have to make a conscious effort to not have your home mood at home. This can be very difficult because it requires you forgetting what your surrounding actually look like. However, with a few tricks, you can trick your mind into getting into that work mood.

One of the best ways to do this is by waking up at the time you usually do when preparing for work. Dress up (yes, in work clothes) and go somewhere, maybe a secluded part of the house, where you have your home office environm

Hacks for small space WFH

If you plan on working from home (something a lot of people are having to do because of the coronavirus pandemic), you're certain to encounter some problems. One of the biggest problems with changing from a traditional working environment to a home work environment is how to set up a home office.

When I made the decision to make a switch from a full-time working arrangement to become a freelancer, I had the same problem. I lived in a small apartment and after two weeks of working from my bed I knew that I couldn't continue that way. I was missing deadlines left and right, and I was getting almost nothing done.

That's when I decided that I would have to make most of what I had. Whether by hook or crook, I had to set up a work environment. Eventually, I was able to get it done. It took several weeks of tweaking and understanding what works and what doesn't. But within a month or so, I had the perfect environment that optimised productivity.

How did I do it? Let me show you.

You Can't Have A Great Office Right Away

If you're a perfectionist (like I am, sometimes), you probably would have the idea of perfect office space in your mind. And in fact, you may begin to painstakingly work to recreate that vision. Unfortunately, things rarely pan out the way you want. Importantly, if you have this idea of a perfect workspace, you may even put off doing any work till it's done. You may start inventing excuses like you haven't seen the right desk, the lighting isn't good enough etc.

However, you need to know that the main reason you're setting up an office space in the first place is to be productive. It's not because of aesthetics. With that said, you need to work with whatever you have and get working as soon as you can. One day, you may get all you need, but that day will most likely not be today.

Cupboards And Drawers Are Life Savers

It's easy to fall into what I call the minim

Fun things to do with your kids during the lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has necessitated a drastic change in our routine. If you're reading this, you're probably stuck at home. And if you have kids, they are probably stuck at home with you too. Shelter in place orders means that movement has been heavily restricted and that large gatherings have been almost totally banned (because apparently, you can't ban protests).

If you have kids at home, this may pose a unique problem. How does one deal with staying at home with children for extended periods? Younger children need time to play with their peers, and if they can't get that, parents become the next closest thing. That's why we'll be looking at a few fun activities that you can get involved in with your kids. Importantly, parents can use these activities to reconnect with their children.

While it may be easy to become a couch potato, it's important that parents try to use this period to spend valuable time with their kids. For all you know, you may never get this much free time ever again.

Play Outside

If you have a garden or a verandah, this can be the perfect escape for you and your kids. Staying inside all day can be a drag for your mental health and that of your children. So if you can, try to take them outside to have a breath of fresh air. You could try playing games like hide and seek, hopscotch and others to lift their spirits too.

Arts And Crafts Never Miss

If you have artsy children (younger children are almost always artsy), it may be a good idea to start several arts and craft projects. There are so many things you could make with regular home objects like toilet paper (however, if you have a toilet paper shortage in your city, you should probably hold off plans of using that). You could also make a lot of interesting things using paper, and these things can be great for decorating your children's room.

Make Cooking Fun

There are very

Why Does Height Adjustable Desks Wobble?

Height adjustable desks are here for a reason – to provide safety and convenience. They’re also known as a sit-stand desk that allows you to convenient change the height of the desk and alternate between sitting and standing.

A lot of people are investing in a quality adjustable desks because they’re much more aware now of the negative effects of having a sedentary lifestyle, both at work and at home. 

However also, put in mind that you need a desk that matches your need and is “wobble-free.” 

Wobble or swaying is the common factor why many are distracted at work. Imagine answering email at your desks and it wiggles back and forth – doesn’t it feels frustrating and annoying? When things at your desk is shaky, it becomes unsafe for your device, be it a monitor, a laptop, or a printer. 

Understanding the causes of wobbling will help you decide before getting your next height-adjustable desk.

In this article, we’ll discuss why height-adjustable desks wobble, how will this affect your work, and what are the factors to consider before buying one.

Reasons Why Height Adjustable Desks Wobble

1.     Loose Hardware

Just like any other equipment, your height-adjustable desks wobble because of loose bolts. If you constantly move your desks with too much pressure on it, this could also potentially loosen the bolts you might not be aware of. Another reason would

Top ergonomic tips for your spine health

Does your back hurt? Probably. If we are being honest, the human back is a travesty. If you sit down, it hurts. If you sleep, it hurts. If you do backbreaking work, it doesn't break, but it hurts. In fact, if you exist in any capacity whatsoever, your back probably hurts.

Why is that though? Why do you feel back pain? (If you don't already, you'll most likely feel it very soon). Well, the answer is fairly simple. You don't care enough for your spine. Good posture is something that a lot of people like to ignore, but the truth remains that if you don't maintain good posture, your back will most likely hurt. A lot.

That's why, today, we'll be looking at some tips to help you make the right choices when it comes to your spine health.

Keep Moving

If you're interested in protecting your spine throughout the day, you need to constantly be on the move. Now, this isn't to say that you should be restless, but you shouldn't be in one position for too long. A lot of people spend so much unnecessary time in a chair, and that hurts your spine. Do things instead. Go for a walk during lunch break. Walkabout for a while. Just stay active.


It never hurts to stretch your back. Well, sometimes it does hurt, but it's a good kind. However, if you want your stretching to be more effective, you should consider doing it the right way. Exercises like the finger point, neck retraction and "big hug" stretch ensure that you're stretching your back the right way. With these exercises, you can even stretch your back discreetly.

Ensure That Your Workspace Is Ergonomic

One of the worst things you can do for your back is working in an area that is not ergonomic. It will contribute to undue stress on your spine, and that will almost definitely lead to painful backpain.

So how do you make your workspace ergonomic? It's simple, really. First off, you get an ergonomic cha treadmill home office

The Under Desk Treadmill Is the Hottest Office Equipment. Do You Have It?

Treadmills have a longstanding reputation in the fitness equipment market.  And the under-desk treadmill become the hottest office equipment.

New York Gov. Cuomo Extends Authority for ‘PAUSE’ Order

New York is now leading with the most number of coronavirus cases than any country. Gov. Cuomo, on Saturday, announced that the legal authority of his NY ON PAUSE order will be extended through June 6 by executive order but not the initiative itself. Since the big apple attracts 60 million tourists a year and acts as the entry point to America for many travelers, this means the virus has already spread out even before a lockdown was implemented.

It was until March 16 when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the closure of public schools, bars, and restaurants. It was followed by an order of closure for all non-essential businesses, and residents to stay at home a week later on March 22 as per Governor Cuomo.

This means that until a cure is developed or the curve has flattened, working from home and staying at home is likely to last longer.

How to prepare for Work From Home extension

Since Cuomo still hasn’t decided how long it would extend the stay-at-home order, here are some ways on how to make your work at home set up more manageable.

1. Choose where to set up your workspace

In our recent article titled “(insert title of Top Trending Home Office Designs)”, it was mentioned that providing a unique and relaxing space to work can boost productivity and will help you get rid of unnecessary distractions to get things done on time. However, there are different types of work from home people who only get productive anywhere they prefer – depending on their mood.

You can either set up in your room for privacy, in the kitchen so you can Laziness working life style

Score Your Wellness Target on Lazy Days With FlexiSpot

The FlexiSpot Monitor Stand S6 is the home office furniture that lazy people will love! Find out why this device can make your life easier. under-desk treadmill

Why the Under Desk Treadmill Is Getting Ahead of the Traditional Treadmill

Meta Description: Achieve your daily step goals without leaving your office with the FlexiSpot under desk treadmill.

Be a Cable Management Pro With FlexiSpot

The table is sleek;  monitors are up-to-date, and all other accessories are top-notch. All are perfectly arranged on top of the table just the way they should be. But how about the cords and cables underneath? Are they organized in a way that will make your workspace neat and safe?

Cable management is just as important as setting up all the office tools. Simply put, cable management is sorting out the cables and wires and keeping them out of sight with an accessory. A step forward would be establishing which cable belongs to a gadget since it can be confusing and time-consuming to figure out what cord goes where.

You can just imagine a workspace with all the cable clutter! It is an eyesore and a safety hazard since anyone can trip on the lines anytime. We just never know what happens so it is best to be proactive in this area. Some people put cable management on the bottom of the to-do list in organizing an office but putting this in the priority list is going to be beneficial at the end of the day.


The Advantages of Cable Management

  •  Let us give you more reasons why pouring in extra time and energy for cable management is important:Workplace safeness is of the essence. Putting the safety of everyone who comes into your office space is crucial. Especially if you work at home and your kids frequently visit your office, then this is an important matter that must be attended to immediately. Your kid might run or trip over the cords and that might cause havoc in your office. While playing, It is no laughing matter when someone falls into an accident because of disorderly cords and wires, especially when it could have been avoided in the first place with cable management practices. It pays to hide the wires in places with high foot traffic with the right product like

We’ll Help You Choose the Ideal Surface For Your Home Office Standing Desk

Trending: The Rise of Standing Desk in this Generation

More people are now joining the standing desk trend as an alternative to the usual sitting set-up during office hours. Even multinational technology company like Google offers standing desks as part of its employee-wellness program – same goes with AOL, Twitter, and Facebook.

Google has already provided its employees with electric adjustable standing desks in their New York office, to promote productivity and keep the energy level high in the office. Currently, together with Facebook, these wellness programs provided for their employees are their smart solutions to overcome the dangers of sitting for hours each day.

Ever since the alarming studies of ill-effect of sitting too long, the standing desk trend has soared, or better yet, beginning to be the newest solution to prevent further health risks.

There has also been a great demand for standing desk usage after the work from home setup was established to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus pandemic. This new remote work trend was forced on many companies that wouldn't have any other options to keep their businesses afloat. With 66% of employees now working at the comfort of their homes, there has been research saying that small businesses could consider this setup when the pandemic is over.


Along with embracing the work from home setup, businesses are also implementing tools to keep their employees productive - and one of those is having

What Makes a Great Home Office Standing Desk

Working from home is now the most ideal setup now that we are still reeling from the uncertainties of COVID-19. In this case, it is essential to sustain a workplace with a healthy environment.


But you start to realize that you want to upgrade your desk so that you can also move around while working. In this case, the perfect product for you is a standing desk. This is one of the most talked-about office accessories in the market now that more people are staying at home and want to retain that work and wellness balance.


It is important to have highly functional office accessories because they are part and parcel of a comfortable working environment. A standing desk might just be the newest thing to spruce your workspace and make working a pleasant experience.


Consider These Factors Before Buying That Standing Desk


The internet is filled with all types of standing desks. But not all standing desks are created equal. It would be good to do your research before buying a standing desk so that you get the best of deals.


Have you considered the smell of the material?


If the table gives off a certain odor, it might mean that the materials used are not environmentally-friendly. Which leads to another concern: This particular smell has a bad effect on your health and it might put a risk on your family’s health too. Your kids might suffer from the toxic smell triggered by the chemicals used in substandard materials.


Best to stick with a product that uses top quality materials like this .

Single or Dual Motor? Which is Better?


While you’re scouring the Internet you might have stumbled on two options: Single or dual motor standing desks. Let us break down th

The Ergonomic Difference Between Working at a Standing Desk vs Sitting


“Sit up straight” – the usual phrase we heard and oftentimes taken for granted.

While we can sit comfortably on our chair while working, slouching, and sitting for a prolonged time isn’t healthy.

Several studies show that calories are burned faster when standing than sitting. However, there are still debates whether work can be done productively if a person works while standing or while sitting.

Other studies has linked obesity, cancer, and heart problems to sedentary lifestyles which put desk job workers at great risk of having these kind of health problems. Today, we’ll delve into a deeper discussion on the difference between working in a sitting desk and a standing desk, and how can you meet your ergonomic needs.

Effects of Prolonged Sitting

For most people who work in the bank, in publishing, or generally with people who have desk jobs, spending too long on a desk has been the norm. In today’s age, sitting at a desk for a long period is equivalent to smoking. Almost  70% of people spend six or more hours each day sitting down, according to a study from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys.

In an article published by Reuters,

Why You Should Get This Inexpensive Standing Desk ASAP

You’re finally working from home! You’ve got a stable internet connection, a computer, and have installed software for your online meetings to keep up the communication during COVID-19 – but you noticed that as time passes by, you’re starting to experiencing some lower back pain and soreness.

Have you ever thought of investing in a quality standing desk to add in your workspace? Are you aware of its positive benefits it might give you in the long run?

Since 80 million Americans and lots on businesses are implementing a work-from-home, some for good even after the COVID-19 – why not invest in a quality standing desk as early as now? Read more benefits of why is standing desk good for your overall wellness here.

In this article, we’ll delve into more reasons why FlexiSpot’s bestselling EC1 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk might be the long-term solution for your home office.

Why is the EC1 Standing Desk the Perfect Match For Your Needs?

  1. Budget Friendly. FlexiSpot is currently having a promo for the EC1 standing desk for only $279.99. From its original price of $349, you get to own a quality desk that saves you from all the back pain and productivity troubles. Let’s admit it, shopping for pricey things during these difficult times might not be the most practical decision right now – but with this budget-friendly p  Poor Posture While Working From Home

Tips to Avoid Poor Posture While Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the working landscape, forcing many to work from home. Now the question remains: Is your workstation ergonomic enough?

Health Risks Associated with Playing Popular Google Goodle Games

There has been a rise on demand in playing popular google doodle games especially during the quarantine period. Learn the cons of getting too much obsession in playing these games including PAC-MAN.

How Co-workers are Staying Connected While They Work From Home

In these unprecedented times, staying connected to people has become more important than ever. Remote working has exploded into the limelight of work culture almost overnight, and the switch hasn't been easy. Of course, switching to working from home can be made easier if you've got some ergonomic furniture (like a standing desk), a space to work from, and some peace and quiet, but it's far from being the most comfortable situation.

However, there's a bigger problem with remote working. And that's the loss of company culture, or better still, the lack of communication between colleagues. If you're facing such problems at work, these few tips can help you communicate easier with your colleagues and coworkers.

Use Your Commute Time

Yes, it's true, you now work at home, so you no longer have to spend time on the way to work. But that doesn't mean you should just roll out of your bed and start replying emails. No, use that time to do something with a coworker. It could be through texting, a phone call or video messaging. Those few minutes in the morning spent chatting will help you regain the conversations that are now lost because of remote working.

Make Video Compulsory

A lot of companies already do this, so it may sound like a drag. But you have to make video communication compulsory. This is especially important as there will be no in-person communication for a long time. When communicating through texts and phone calls, important verbal cues are missed. That's why it's important that official meetings are done through video conferencing.

Silent Video Group Chat

In an office setting, you're often working side by side with others, even when you do not c

Are Coronavirus and Obesity are Corelated?

A recent report says that obesity makes people at high risk of getting infected with Coronavirus, but why is that?

In the UK, a study based on nearly 17000 COVID-19 patients showed that those who were obese had a 33% greater risk of dying than those who were not obese. Moreover, data on 3,615 confirmed patients from the New York University medical college, published in Clinical Infectious Diseases , showed that among people under 60, hospitalization rates for obese patients more than doubled and the risk of requiring intensive care significantly increased. So does being overweight or obese really affect severity of diease?

Why are people with obesity at risk?

According to the CDC’s website, severe obesity increases the risk of a serious breathing problem called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). This complication may cause difficulties for doctors to provide respiratory support for severely ill patients.

People with obesity are more prone to have reduced lung function, possible inflammation of the fatty tissue around internal organs, and might bring negative impacts on the heart and blood flow. Studies also show that fat cells could also restrict the availability of vital immune cells around the body to fight off the virus, and much more dangerous is infected with the coronavirus.

Ways to prevent obesity during this coronavirus pandemic

To focus on your health and prevent being overweight, you should pay more attention to what yo

Work From Home Jobs You Can Get Right Now

If you're living in a state where social gatherings have generally been banned, then you should know that most people who have jobs in this period are either working from home or are essential workers. If you're neither, it can be difficult being out of a job.

However, you don't have to mop about and feel sad for yourself. There are some jobs that you can get into that would effectively allow you to work from home.  

Let’s take a look at some.


If you know someone working from home, they are probably into freelancing. Online freelancing communities have seen an explosion of revenue from freelancers, and millions of people are on the network making money through freelancing. Newsflash, Upwork workers collectively earn up to 1.4 trillion dollars a year.

If that isn't mind-blowing, I don't know what is. Importantly, getting a job as a freelancer is just as difficult as getting a regular job. If you've heard the myth that it's extremely difficult to get jobs as a freelancer, you should disregard it.

When going after a remote freelancing job, expect to receive just as many No's as you would expect when looking for a regular job. Of course, you will send application and pitches that will get rejected, but the important thing is to take them in your stride. To get a job, you have to learn to be creative in your applications. That way, you stand a better chance of getting the job.

A Blog

A lot of people have gotten super-rich from starting blogs. And while you may not expect to make a lot of money from your blog in the first few months, you can still eventually earn a steady and growing income from a blog that attracts a lot of traffic.

The great thing about blogging is that you can start from anywhere. All you need to have is great writing, a niche you're interested in, and an internet-connected device.

Online Courses And Coaching

What Coronavirus Means for the Future of Work From Home

The coronavirus pandemic has essentially changed the way the world works. What remains to be seen is whether some of these changes will become permanent. However, we do know that the effects that the pandemic has had on remote work culture will last.

In this article, I'll be going over the different changes that the pandemic has had on working from home, and what these changes mean for the future.

First off, we must know that the pandemic has inspired an urgent and sudden change in the enterprises. 88% of corporations in the US now mandate that workers work from home, regardless of whether they have shown symptoms of coronavirus or not. While many corporations already had work from home systems, the pandemic has essentially become a tipping point. These systems had to scale everyone from the ground up. Of course, this sudden scaling up has come with its own challenges.

However, it has also come with new discoveries. For example, companies that are able to streamline work activities into a work from home system, and are still able to maintain a great level of productivity, will start to think of how working from home can save overhead costs. If these companies are able to successfully pull this off (which is likely because of advancement in communication technology), then the future will see a lot of remote workers.

These remote workers won't be domiciled in the field of tech as they always have been but will be spread across different sectors like banking, manufacturing and even healthcare.

Here are the five most important ways that the future of work is changing.

A Flexible Future

What we know is that if companies can maintain a high level of productivity, they will begin to see the merits of working from home. One of the biggest aspects of working from home is flexibility, and it's hard to see that companies won't retain at least that element when things return to normalcy. While companies

Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift 2020

Mother’s Day 2020 is just around the corner, and what a special day to show our love to our dearest mom – be it a friend, a sister, cousin, wife, or a colleague.

Sure, this is a strange time to celebrate such an occasion, but remember that the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day 2020 doesn’t need to be flashy or expensive for her to feel extra special.

Wow them in these practical and thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift for you to choose from.

Personalized pillows

A relaxing living room needs a cute and personalized pillow. This type of gift is the message itself – you can either put your names on it or left her a special message. Feel creative and customize the way you see fit. A pillow is a meaningful gift that can both provide comfort and accent your mom’s resting area. Check out Pinterest for styles and designs for your customization.

Comfy Slip-ons

Nothing says utmost comfort for your mom that getting her a pair of a cushioned slip-on. Since most of our days are spent at home during this quarantine period, you can order her a pair of velvety or something dual-layered foam for daily wear. There are myriad slippers that come in a variety of colors, so make sure you choose her favorite color. Include a Mom’s day gift card to make your gift more special.

Charcuterie Board Set

More time in the house means more time for mom entertaining her family using any presentable and eco-friendly charcuterie board set which are available in amazon. This may come with a concealed pull-out drawer to make the serving more per

Try These Back Exercises at Home for Remote Work Relief

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the home office has become the only office for many workers. Some are leaning into the comforts of home and sitting down on the cozy couch or bed with a laptop for the day. Unfortunately, long hours in these positions can cause back pain.

The advantage, however, of working in comfortable clothes and a private space is that you can do back exercises at home to provide some relief. We’ll start below with tips for pain prevention and continue with a back pain exercise plan you can work into your new routine.

Advice for Work from Home Pain Prevention

Aim for proper posture. It may be tempting to sit on the sofa or even in bed, but selecting an ergonomic chair and desk is best. Sit with feet flat on the floor, legs at a 90-degree angle, and head, neck and spine aligned. Adjust the monitor so that your eyes align with the top – avoid angling head and neck downward, as this puts strain on the back.

Avoid being sedentary. Get up and move for a few minutes every hour. Even better, use a height adjustable desk to switch up your body position while you work. Proper posture for standing work is similar to that of seated work – just bring your legs into alignment with the head, neck and spine.

Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

The focus of many of these exercises if strengthening the core, so they’re beneficial for anyone. Even if you aim for correct posture, back pain can still creep in. Try these back exercises at home to heal, recover and strengthen.

-Partial Crunch

For partial crunches, lie on the floor with knees bent and feet flat. Use your hands to support the back of your neck, or cross your arms over your chest. Inhale, and

Effective Ways to Use Disinfectant During Coronavirus Pandemic

Health experts around the globe are advising people to maintain proper hygiene, social distancing, and looking for a coronavirus disinfectant to avoid getting infected. More people are also taking decisive action of disinfecting into a whole new level to make sure their loved ones are safe even at home.

Earlier this April, US President Donald Trump also proposed to inject disinfectant into the human body to treat COVID-19, which raised concerns from various health expert groups around the world. According to WHO (World Health Organization), even if the person is tested positive with the virus, spraying or injecting disinfectants may worsen the clinical condition of an individual.

While the possible cure for COVID-19 is ongoing, we’ve compiled a list of effective ways to use disinfectant and safety measures to protect you from possible dangers if incorrectly used.

Limit Usage of Disinfectants

Disinfectants are not advisable for daily use and one must know the difference between a cleaners/detergent and a disinfectant. Cleaners are products used to remove soil, dirt, dust, organic matter, and germs while the latter are chemical products that destroy or deactivate germs. Experts say that overuse of some disinfectant products can potentially create microbes that are resistant to particular disinfectants or that become “superbugs.” To know more about the types of disinfectant and the consideration before using it, click here.


How to Stop Procrastinating While Working from Home

With “stay-at-home” orders issued by government officials to contain the spread of COVID-19, many companies have instituted new remote work policies for non-essential employees. It’s a welcome change for some, bringing newfound freedom and comfort, but others have difficulty concentrating and staying on schedule without the regular office routine. If this sounds familiar, you might be wondering how to get yourself to stop procrastinating. Let’s dive in to some productivity-boosting tips to kick the procrastination habit.

Make a to-do list.

Create a complete list of tasks and determine priority for each. It helps to know, “What do I absolutely have to accomplish today?” Finding a way to guarantee you check these items off the list, at a minimum, can help provide a sense of control and reduce the overwhelmed feeling that often prompts procrastinating. Planning to make progress on vital tasks early on leaves time for new items that inevitably pop up during the day.

Plan your time. 

Bring back a routine by planning out a schedule for work and rest. If you know that at certain times you’re going to take a short break to do a few exercises and refill your water, you can structure your day to fit tasks into the amount of time you have between set breaks or meetings. It’s okay to allow for breaks if you have specific time set aside to work on a particular project. Reward yourself with a brief social media check to let your brain relax and shift gears between periods of focused work.

Do the hard part first.

Knowing that the day will only get easier, tackling the hardest part of a project at the beginning of the day can be a useful strategy. It can also help to break down a large, overwhelming project into the smallest tasks possible and then start to complete them in order. Making prog

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