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How to Celebrate British Columbia Day

British Columbia day is personal to citizens of the British Columbia province in Canada.

flash sale customer review

FlexiSpot’s Brand Day Flash Sale: My Personal Experience

With my apt response to health-related issues, it is not surprising that I am an ergonomic workstation freak...

Coping Up With Post-Pandemic Anxiety

Coping Up With Post-Pandemic Anxiety

Anxiety and loss of hope are common emotions that everyone around the world feels...

Woman suffering from back pain while working with laptop at office

Got a Bruised Spine Feeling? 5 Potential Causes

Let’s face it, no matter what our age we all are going to have the occasional back pain. Back pain (little or large) can span from teenage years to a seasoned adult...

Here are FlexiSpot’s top gaming chairs for the serious gamer

Game On!

Gaming requires any serious player to have the best gaming rig for a fun time while at play...

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The shift I’m glad happened

Looking back, when I think of my adamance to board the standing desk bandwagon...

Workout While You Work Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

Workout While You Work Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

All-day work and sitting in front of a screen can be harmful to your health.

Work Hard, Look Pretty

Work Hard, Look Pretty

While the world was on lockdown, people have let loose their image as they work from home...

What To Get For The Office: A Standing Desk or Ergonomic Office Chair

What To Get For The Office: A Standing Desk or Ergonomic Office Chair

Promotions encouraging occupational health development are growing in popularity, owing to the proliferation of social media and a general understanding and desire for health and fitness...

 Office design tips

Top 7 Office Design Tips to Boost Team Productivity

Office design tips can help you take your team productivity to the next level...

Home Office Décor

The Ultimate Colorology Guide for Home Offices

With the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions forcing a large number of people to work from home, home offices have become more popular than ever...


The Best Way to Disinfect Your Office Workspace

While sanitization and cleanliness have always been important, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the process more frequent and methodical...

Super foods for a Super Day Ahead You

Super Foods for a Super Day Ahead of You

The CEOs of the world follow a strict schedule to keep them in the loop of their business affairs. ..

Post-Pandemic Reentry Anxiety

Post-Pandemic Reentry Anxiety

We are a step closer to getting back on our regular pre-pandemic tracks...

One with Nature as you Get Back to the Office

One with Nature as you Get Back to the Office

Nature will always be a relaxing aspect of our world...

A person using a mouse

Mouse Shoulder: A Common Desk Injury

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives and has a bunch of benefits...

Standing desk comparison

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk vs. Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk: Which One Should You Buy?

There are so many different standing desks out there, each boasting different pros and cons, aesthetic appeal, and have its distinct style...

Ergonomic and Budget Office Furniture  For The New Employee

Ergonomic and Budget Office Furniture For The New Employee

Graduating after college may seem full of promises.

Draw and Behold: Craft Works of Art with FlexiSpot

Draw and Behold: Craft Works of Art with FlexiSpot

The best ergonomic solutions for the best artist in yourself...

Dare to Prepare: A Guide on How to Cope with Going Back to the Office

Dare to Prepare: A Guide on How to Cope with Going Back to the Office

For a year of working from the comforts of your home, you have probably developed a deep love for this setup...

workplace environment

Build a Productivity Culture for Your Teams Optimum Performance

Fostering a healthy workplace culture has become a top focus for companies worldwide...

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Post-Pandemic Employees

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Post-Pandemic Employees

You probably have a beloved office chair once you get back to work at the office...


Flexispot Super Brand Day Deal

The long-anticipated brand day is here!

Best Back-to-the-Office Standing Desks

Best Back-to-the-Office Standing Desks

With vaccinations rolling in every state, the slew of workers is getting ready to report back to their respective offices...

Add-on Accessories For Your Office Cubicle

Add-on Accessories For Your Office Cubicle

One-third of a lifetime is spent close to a computer for the average office worker...

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Preview: Sitewide Discounts Up For Grabs!

Are you ready to get a great deal out of your purchase?


Flexispot Review: Budget-friendly Sit-stand desk.

An unhealthy remote workstation is like a ticking time bomb...

woman with back ache

Transform Your Office Environment Into a More Ergonomic Setup

Whether you are working in the office or at home, it is crucial to incorporate ergonomics into your work setup...

include office accessories at work

Spice Things Up At Work With These Accessories For Your Workstation

Nobody likes to work in a dull and uninteresting environment...

woman with back ache because of her office chair

Indications That Tell You Might Have to Upgrade Your Current Workstation Chair

You rely on your body for a variety of activities in your life, so you should think carefully about your life choices especially when it comes to adding physical activity into your daily routine...

showing an office chair

Ergonomic Office Chair Must-Haves For Better Lumbar Support

Being stuck in front of a computer for an extended time can wreak havoc on your posture...

woman and blocks

Employee Wellness: Posture

Raise your arms above your head and extend your upper back...

woman desk

Fun Employee Wellness Initiatives

Given the benefits of a workplace's health and wellbeing and the amount of time we spend at work, it makes more sense to encourage workplace wellness initiatives...

fun and comfy office

Back to the Basics: Maximizing Comfort For Your Office Environment

It has been a long time since you got stuck working at home, but as the COVID-19 cases decrease, some companies are returning to the office...

An adjustable  ergonomic chair that boosts good  posture at work

Your Posture At Work

One morning, I woke up from severe pain in my back. I thought it must be just cramps or the cold weather...

 A dog and a man

Work from Home with Pets: How to Create a Cozy Corner for Your Furry Friends?

Back in the days when you worked from your office, you may have gotten used to mild interruptions such as colleagues knocking on your door...

FlexiSpot is one of the very few businesses

Why Flexispot is Looking to Bring Ergonomics Office Items to You

In the past few years, ergonomic desks and office chairs have been replacing the standard items we use in our day-to-day work lives.

man sanitizing hands

What to Expect on Post-COVID-19 Workspaces

How will the post-pandemic setting shape the places in which we work, and to what degree will we go back to the office? 

pet at work

Tips on Bringing Your Pet to Work

Pet-friendly offices have numerous advantages for both animals and humans, especially as the post-COVID-19 revert back to a working routine begins...

The Sturdy Sit Stand Desk

The Sturdy Kids Desk for your Childs Favorite Books

Do you find your child's bookshelf wobbly or already filled with cracks and dust?

The Painful Frozen Shoulder

The Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Chair for People with Frozen Shoulders

Having a frozen shoulder is the worst thing that one might endure...

 An Adjustable dumbbell that has  extraordinary features to make your physical f

Strength Training as a Physical Exercise

I became interested in aerobic exercise when my husband told me, while I was undressing before him, “your tummy is bulging, why don’t you exercise?”

A man sitting at his home office desk

Sneaky Ways Home Office Chairs Can Harm Your Health

An average office worker spends at least seven hours every day in an office chair...

worker with poor posture

Signs Show, You Need An Adjustable Standing Desk

Having a standing desk in your workstation can change your usual approach to work...

woman working

Productivity and How to Do Good At It

Imagine ending each workday with a happy sigh, recognizing that you had been so productive that you had completed everything on your to-do list...

keep distance

Post-Pandemic Workplace Changes

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our work lives by changing how and where we do our jobs...

A height adjustable and  ergonomically designed  standing desk with a large desk

Pets in the Workplace

Are you a pet lover? I bet almost everyone has a pet or two...

office space

Make the Most Out of Your Small Office Space

It is no mystery that office organization has a significant impact on how workers work...

An Ergonomic Desk Bike To Get Rid of the Muffin Top

How to Lose the Muffin Top using the Desk Bike

Some call it a muffin top, some call it excess fat...

A laptop and a mug on a tabl

How to create a Zoom-friendly workspace?

Having a Zoom-friendly environment in your house has become a necessity in the wake of the global pandemic...

An all-in-one standing desk with glass top not only adds beauty to your workspac

How to Choose an Appropriate Desk (Home or Office Use)

Ever since the pandemic has started, many have been forced to work at home. 

The Total Physical Response Method

How to Achieve the Student's TPR with the Use of a Whiteboard Standing Desk

TPR or total physical response is a term coined for the whole body movement when a child is in class and participating actively...

 Flexispot proving the power

How flexispot showed everyone the true potential of ergonomics

We all want a perfect and relaxed workspace...

Vertigo in Children

How does a Matte Finished Table Reduce the Glare that Triggers Vertigo Among Children

Does your child sometimes find himself getting distracted with the light from the monitor when he is working on his desk?

The Fun Team Building Activity

How could a Team Building Activity be Effective wit.h the Use of a Whiteboard Standing Desk

Team building activities are the ones needed in the company...

Neck Pain

How can the EFL Tutors Keep an Active Lifestyle Using the Whiteboard Standing Desk and a Desk Bike

EFL tutors are some of the WFH individuals who are facing health problems due to the nature of their work...

The Best Standing Desk Mate

Desk Bikes: A Yes or a No in the Office

In one of the recent articles that I have made, I have talked about noise pollution and how it affects every person's system...

 Employees can achieve job satisfaction through the right office furniture like

Are You Satisfied With Your Company?

Every worker deserves good company...

 You will definitely be the game winner with the Ergonomic Gaming Chair A39635M

Are You Gamer?

It is reported that as of last year, 2020, there are approximately 2.7 billion people who are into online games in the world...


FlexiSpot vs the standard desk: The battle for ergonomics

Some people tend to dread Monday mornings. We just had a relaxing and comfortable weekend and now it is off to work...

 An employee multitasking on a standing desk

Can a Standing Desk Enhance Your Brain?

Ever have the feeling that your brain is slowing down as the day wears on ahead...

Home Office ideas

5 Practical Storage Tips for Small Home Offices (+ Product List You’d Want to Steal!)

Has clutter and files taken over your workspace?

 Home Office ideas

5 Best Home Office Storage Products You Must-Have

Get ready to design a home office you’ll love with products that follow these ideas to the T...

Whiteboard Standing Desk for Online Classes

How to Maximize Online Lectures with the Use of a Whiteboard Standing Desk

Teaching EFL to non-native English speakers has never been easy as I have mentioned in my previous article...

The Soutien Ergonomic office Chair is perfectly designed for a hard worker like

The Perfect Office Chair

After more than a year of living with the covid-19 pandemic, some of the companies are now hiring applicants to work onsite and not from home anymore. 

A curved desk at a reception

Rectangle Desk vs. Curved Desk: Which One Should You Choose?

Desks come in different shapes and sizes; each serving a different purpose and offering a different sort of utility.

The Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B fits right into your work area.  It supports goo

How to Choose an Appropriate Office Chair

A lot of people underestimate the value of a good office chair because of its cost...

Sleep Apnea

How Does an Under Desk Hammock Help a Person with Sleep Apnea

After a long day at work, we usually feel exhausted and our energy depletes rapidly...

Aesthetics and  good posture complement each other in a scalloped accent chair 1

Color Coordination For Your Home Office Aesthetics

One of my favorite pastimes is going to Pinterest and looking through hundreds and hundreds of home design ideas...

 The Under Desk Bike V9U  improves your health and at the same time increase you

Bike Your Way to a Healthy You

Employees’ health is vital for any company or business organization...


Flexispot: Supporting you with a healthier tomorrow

Being healthier is a common goal we all have...

An  person using dual monitors on an L-shaped standing desk

Can You Feng Shui An L- Shape Standing Desk?

At first, L-shaped standing desks look like two desks bolted together to make one big office space...

Things to consider before buying a standing desk converter

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Standing Desk Converter

Wondering about the necessary things to consider before buying a standing desk converter?

celebrate brand day

FlexiSpot Brand Day is Coming

FlexiSpot’s brand day is vastly approaching...

drafting table

Drafting Tables: Benefits, Considerations, and the Height-Adjustable Type

If you work in architecture, engineering, or the creative arts, drafting tables is undoubtedly part of your workspace...

work motivation

10 Motivating Ideas to Stimulate Your Morning

Starting the day with the right mindset increases the chances of you conquering your day with positive vibes...


Standing Desks in History

Standing or stand-up desks have grown in popularity in recent years, as studies have raised the alarm about the dangers of prolonged sitting...

Brighten your workplace

Brighten Up your Workplace With These Lighting Ideas

Lighting is a crucial aspect in any indoor space...


Types and Uses of Drafting Tables

A drafting table or a drawing table is a multi-purpose platform intended for architecture, engineering, creative drawing, drafting, and sketching...

organized desk

Tips on How to Organize Your Desk

Take a look around you if you're having trouble getting stuff done at work...

woman working

Make a Work From Home Schedule With These Tips

Ahh. Working from home. Such a dream. Working from home is a liberating experience...

Heel Spurs

The Benefits of using a Foot Hammock for People with Heel Spurs

Do you usually feel pain on your heels when you step on concrete or after you walk for an hour? 

 Work with good posture and eliminate back pain with a Seiffen Laminated Spliced

Spine Disorder or Back Pain: A Social Problem

Spine disorders are so prevalent in the world that it is now a social as well economic problem that needs more attention and medical care today...



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An adjustable standing desk that has all the features of a perfect work buddy at

Gifting: An Expression of Emotion

When I was a child, I was always excited when my birthday came because I am expecting gifts from my parents...

work from home

Myths (and Truths) About Working From Home

Since 2005, the number of employees working from home has increased by 140 percent...

 Different wood types

Laminated Wood vs. Real Wood: Choosing the Right Desk Top for Your Office

With so many different types and materials for desks out there, it is natural to be confused about how to choose the right desktop for your office...

woman working from home

How to Call It a Day When Working from Home

If you are already one of the millions of remote workers worldwide or find yourself working from home as a result of the ongoing COVID-19, one thing is sure...

flexible office space

How a Flexible Office Space Can Change the Way You Work

To be a productive and motivated employee, the dull and uninspiring office setup should be long gone...

Keeping Your Motivation Up Throughout The Day

Keeping Your Motivation Up Throughout The Day

Once in a while, you will find yourself low on motivation that even getting out of bed seems too tedious...

 The  Ergonomic Mesh Office  Chair 5405 is designed for employee’s  comfort

An Ergonomic Experience

We always associate the word “ergonomic” when we talk about office furniture since everyone starts using computers at work and home...


Productivity Tips for Freelancers in Quarantine

Being a freelancer must take the skill and determination to strive hard and land clients...

Impact of technology

How Technology Has Changed for People Working from Home

Whether looking for a new skill to learn or searching for the information or guide you need online...

The versatility of The Edge Riser Standing Desk Converter M8L 47”   is incompara

The Era of Vlogging and the Standing Desk Converter

The internet has made it easy for anyone to access all kinds of entertainment with a tap of the fingers...

 The  Home Office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation B9 is a perfect home bud

Reading Your Favorite Coffee Table Book on a Desk Bike

Last week, I went to a bookstore and I found only a few customers inside...

workong from home

Can Work from Home Be More Productive?

As the whole world shifted to a new normal, employers have pushed forward the work-from-home work setup...

 Thrones Fit For Royalty

Thrones Fit For Royalty

A royal's throne is a divine seat that has seen every glorious victory and destruction of a bloodline...

Self care is necessary for your work health

8 Self-Care Tips When You’re Working from Home

Our work and personal lives have become more entwined than ever before...

Stop Being A Pro At Procrastinating

It's a regular workday, and your shift is nearing its end...

The Smart Bike Trainer Stand BT01  for a smooth, worry-less bike training

Stationary Cycling: An All-Weather Physical Fitness Regimen

Commuting to work is a daily activity for millions of workers around the world...


No More Game Rage for The Gamer

While video games are less commonplace today than they were in the 1980s...

  Reduce  body fat  while sitting on  a Sit@Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Fighting Obesity with a Fitness Chair

One adult out of three is obese and that is 36% of the population as reported online...

Testing Tables

The Test of the Best: How FlexiSpot Tests the Adjustable Standing Desk for Your Convenience

Not all standing desks are created equal. Some are even not up to the standards on what makes a standing desk perfect...

 Make your desktop tidy and neat and work stress-free with  MonitorStand Worksta

How To Beat Stress With a MonitorStand Workstation S/5 S/6

We, most of the time, live in stressful situations...

 A Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH2 is all you need to be work productive and

Heavy Flooding and a Wobble Stool

A few months ago, Texas was hit by heavy flooding after torrential rains ravaged some of its key cities in Houston...

work desk with two computers

Workspace Organization Tips for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are generally known to have immaculate desks and workspaces.

The Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk can be a way to communicate and establish ra

Culture of Sharing Food and Eating Together

Sharing food and eating together is a social, cultural, and nourishing experience that transcends language barriers...


Flexilab Testing Program Review

Clients participate in the FlexiLab Testing Program, which allows them to test some of FlexiSpot's flagship products before they go live...

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