Ergonomic Advice

Ergonomic Chair for Short People

What is the best Ergonomic chair for a short person?

Let’s face it, not everyone is built the same. People come in all shapes and sizes. They may be tall, thin, stout, or small in stature.  Most office chairs are built to accommodate the average person. If you are petite or short in stature (under 5’3” for women and under 5’8” for men), your ergonomic chair could be compounding your already existing aches and pains or could create new ones.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Getting the best standing desk bike with the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

When working in an office, the last thing on your mind is getting some exercise. You’re there to make a living and not doing something about your health. In fact, about 95% of office workers said they don’t have the time to do any exercise because of the workload.

Meditation for mental health, Reach out to mental health professionals

The Simple Guide for a Mentally Sound Mind and Heart amidst the Pandemic

The heart of the pandemic is the pandemic brewing inside our minds and hearts.

Sleek and stylish workstation

Elevating the Sleek Ambiance of your At-Home Workstation

It is time to douse your at-home workstation with a sleek aesthetic.

bamboo desk

Ways to Fuse Nature into your Workspace

Knowing that you have many things that you have to accomplish in a tight schedule, you turn to your home as your refuge.

Productivity Setup

How to Maximize WFH Comfort Using FlexiSpot Equipment

When it comes to working from home, you are exposed to different factors that may affect your productivity.

Coping Up With Post-Pandemic Anxiety

Coping Up With Post-Pandemic Anxiety

Anxiety and loss of hope are common emotions that everyone around the world feels...

workplace environment

Build a Productivity Culture for Your Teams Optimum Performance

Fostering a healthy workplace culture has become a top focus for companies worldwide...

Super foods for a Super Day Ahead You

Super Foods for a Super Day Ahead of You

The CEOs of the world follow a strict schedule to keep them in the loop of their business affairs. ..

Post-Pandemic Reentry Anxiety

Post-Pandemic Reentry Anxiety

We are a step closer to getting back on our regular pre-pandemic tracks...

 Office design tips

Top 7 Office Design Tips to Boost Team Productivity

Office design tips can help you take your team productivity to the next level...


The Best Way to Disinfect Your Office Workspace

While sanitization and cleanliness have always been important, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the process more frequent and methodical...

Standing desk comparison

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk vs. Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk: Which One Should You Buy?

There are so many different standing desks out there, each boasting different pros and cons, aesthetic appeal, and have its distinct style...

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Post-Pandemic Employees

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Post-Pandemic Employees

You probably have a beloved office chair once you get back to work at the office...

Home Office Décor

The Ultimate Colorology Guide for Home Offices

With the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions forcing a large number of people to work from home, home offices have become more popular than ever...

Best Back-to-the-Office Standing Desks

Best Back-to-the-Office Standing Desks

With vaccinations rolling in every state, the slew of workers is getting ready to report back to their respective offices...

What To Get For The Office: A Standing Desk or Ergonomic Office Chair

What To Get For The Office: A Standing Desk or Ergonomic Office Chair

Promotions encouraging occupational health development are growing in popularity, owing to the proliferation of social media and a general understanding and desire for health and fitness...

Add-on Accessories For Your Office Cubicle

Add-on Accessories For Your Office Cubicle

One-third of a lifetime is spent close to a computer for the average office worker...

Work Hard, Look Pretty

Work Hard, Look Pretty

While the world was on lockdown, people have let loose their image as they work from home...

Draw and Behold: Craft Works of Art with FlexiSpot

Draw and Behold: Craft Works of Art with FlexiSpot

The best ergonomic solutions for the best artist in yourself...

include office accessories at work

Spice Things Up At Work With These Accessories For Your Workstation

Nobody likes to work in a dull and uninteresting environment...

woman with back ache

Transform Your Office Environment Into a More Ergonomic Setup

Whether you are working in the office or at home, it is crucial to incorporate ergonomics into your work setup...

woman with back ache because of her office chair

Indications That Tell You Might Have to Upgrade Your Current Workstation Chair

You rely on your body for a variety of activities in your life, so you should think carefully about your life choices especially when it comes to adding physical activity into your daily routine...

woman desk

Fun Employee Wellness Initiatives

Given the benefits of a workplace's health and wellbeing and the amount of time we spend at work, it makes more sense to encourage workplace wellness initiatives...

keep distance

Post-Pandemic Workplace Changes

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our work lives by changing how and where we do our jobs...

 Employees can achieve job satisfaction through the right office furniture like

Are You Satisfied With Your Company?

Every worker deserves good company...

 You will definitely be the game winner with the Ergonomic Gaming Chair A39635M

Are You Gamer?

It is reported that as of last year, 2020, there are approximately 2.7 billion people who are into online games in the world...

man sanitizing hands

What to Expect on Post-COVID-19 Workspaces

How will the post-pandemic setting shape the places in which we work, and to what degree will we go back to the office? 

pet at work

Tips on Bringing Your Pet to Work

Pet-friendly offices have numerous advantages for both animals and humans, especially as the post-COVID-19 revert back to a working routine begins...

The Fun Team Building Activity

How could a Team Building Activity be Effective wit.h the Use of a Whiteboard Standing Desk

Team building activities are the ones needed in the company...

An Ergonomic Desk Bike To Get Rid of the Muffin Top

How to Lose the Muffin Top using the Desk Bike

Some call it a muffin top, some call it excess fat...

The Best Standing Desk Mate

Desk Bikes: A Yes or a No in the Office

In one of the recent articles that I have made, I have talked about noise pollution and how it affects every person's system...

A healthy work life makes a healthy life

Tips to Make Your Work Life Healthier and Happier

Given the unpredictability and uncertainty of life, we need to stay hopeful for a better tomorrow...

A man sitting at his home office desk

Sneaky Ways Home Office Chairs Can Harm Your Health

An average office worker spends at least seven hours every day in an office chair...

A height adjustable and  ergonomically designed  standing desk with a large desk

Pets in the Workplace

Are you a pet lover? I bet almost everyone has a pet or two...

 A dog and a man

Work from Home with Pets: How to Create a Cozy Corner for Your Furry Friends?

Back in the days when you worked from your office, you may have gotten used to mild interruptions such as colleagues knocking on your door...

worker with poor posture

Signs Show, You Need An Adjustable Standing Desk

Having a standing desk in your workstation can change your usual approach to work...

An adjustable  ergonomic chair that boosts good  posture at work

Your Posture At Work

One morning, I woke up from severe pain in my back. I thought it must be just cramps or the cold weather...

 An employee multitasking on a standing desk

Can a Standing Desk Enhance Your Brain?

Ever have the feeling that your brain is slowing down as the day wears on ahead...

Whiteboard Standing Desk for Online Classes

How to Maximize Online Lectures with the Use of a Whiteboard Standing Desk

Teaching EFL to non-native English speakers has never been easy as I have mentioned in my previous article...

Neck Pain

How can the EFL Tutors Keep an Active Lifestyle Using the Whiteboard Standing Desk and a Desk Bike

EFL tutors are some of the WFH individuals who are facing health problems due to the nature of their work...

office space

Make the Most Out of Your Small Office Space

It is no mystery that office organization has a significant impact on how workers work...

Aesthetics and  good posture complement each other in a scalloped accent chair 1

Color Coordination For Your Home Office Aesthetics

One of my favorite pastimes is going to Pinterest and looking through hundreds and hundreds of home design ideas...

 The Under Desk Bike V9U  improves your health and at the same time increase you

Bike Your Way to a Healthy You

Employees’ health is vital for any company or business organization...

The Soutien Ergonomic office Chair is perfectly designed for a hard worker like

The Perfect Office Chair

After more than a year of living with the covid-19 pandemic, some of the companies are now hiring applicants to work onsite and not from home anymore. 



There will come a point in one’s life when we find out what is truly important in our lives...

Leadership Speaker

The Desk Tour Series Leadership Speaker Edition

It’s time for another edition of “The Desk Tour Series.” In this article, we are going to talk to Mark Cheney...

Working from Home

Work from Home Like a Pro

WFH or work from home is not a new concept. For years, employees and freelancers are permitted to work at home...

Remote workers

How to Focus When Remote Work is Stressful

It is hard to accomplish your to-do list when you have a lot of things going on and you cannot muster the strength you need to do so...

drafting table

Drafting Tables: Benefits, Considerations, and the Height-Adjustable Type

If you work in architecture, engineering, or the creative arts, drafting tables is undoubtedly part of your workspace...


Standing Desks in History

Standing or stand-up desks have grown in popularity in recent years, as studies have raised the alarm about the dangers of prolonged sitting...

work from home

Myths (and Truths) About Working From Home

Since 2005, the number of employees working from home has increased by 140 percent...

Brighten your workplace

Brighten Up your Workplace With These Lighting Ideas

Lighting is a crucial aspect in any indoor space...

Keeping Your Motivation Up Throughout The Day

Keeping Your Motivation Up Throughout The Day

Once in a while, you will find yourself low on motivation that even getting out of bed seems too tedious...

work motivation

10 Motivating Ideas to Stimulate Your Morning

Starting the day with the right mindset increases the chances of you conquering your day with positive vibes...

Self care is necessary for your work health

8 Self-Care Tips When You’re Working from Home

Our work and personal lives have become more entwined than ever before...

The versatility of The Edge Riser Standing Desk Converter M8L 47”   is incompara

The Era of Vlogging and the Standing Desk Converter

The internet has made it easy for anyone to access all kinds of entertainment with a tap of the fingers...


Productivity Tips for Freelancers in Quarantine

Being a freelancer must take the skill and determination to strive hard and land clients...

Impact of technology

How Technology Has Changed for People Working from Home

Whether looking for a new skill to learn or searching for the information or guide you need online...

 The  Ergonomic Mesh Office  Chair 5405 is designed for employee’s  comfort

An Ergonomic Experience

We always associate the word “ergonomic” when we talk about office furniture since everyone starts using computers at work and home...

workong from home

Can Work from Home Be More Productive?

As the whole world shifted to a new normal, employers have pushed forward the work-from-home work setup...

 The  Home Office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation B9 is a perfect home bud

Reading Your Favorite Coffee Table Book on a Desk Bike

Last week, I went to a bookstore and I found only a few customers inside...

Healthy Living Now

Knowing the Importance of Being Healthy in your Early 20s

They say that you are to reap what you sow after a few years of aging. This is indeed true...

The Sweetest Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Being a mother is the most amazing miracle in the whole wide world...

Working from Home

The Advantages and disadvantages of Working from Home

The global pandemic forced companies and corporations around the world to send their employees home...


A List of the things you can do when you are burnt out by work

Everyone has had an encounter with the dreaded feeling of burnout.

A Shabby Chic Office

A Shabby Chic Office

Out with the new, in with the old...

A Psychologist’s Picks

There is no need to psychoanalyze these office solutions for the psychologist...

The Creative Left-Handed

The Benefits of Using a Drafting Table for Left Handed Children

In an article written online, it was mentioned that experts still could not understand why 10 percent of the population is left-handed...

Employees working on standing desks

How to Compare Warranties on Standing Desks

Ever bought a product that at first, you thought it is strong and durable but, in the end, began falling apart after a few days? 

Home Office

How to Stay Healthy Despite Your Busy Schedule

When we have a lot of things to do for work, we tend to pore over every task and spend hours and hours sitting and not thinking about anything else until we’re done with our goals...

Desk Space

Go Green with the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Are you considering switching over to a standing desk to replace the regular table that may have served you well but is no longer giving you the kind of benefits you need for long hours of work? Perhaps you’ve heard about ergonomic standing desks, yet you’re still thinking about a way to be a little more environmentally friendly.

Ergonomic Chair

The Benefits of An Ergonomic Chair for EFL Tutors

As mentioned in my previous article, the roles of an EFL tutor in facilitating learning and embodying perkiness in class are crucial...


Changing Lives with Ergonomic Workstation

The traditional workspace is changed forever. Thanks to the invention of standing desks, people around the world are discovering its many benefits...

Muscle Cramps

How to Overcome Muscle Cramps Using the Desk Bike

Do you still remember the last time you had twitching muscles on the calves? How did you feel about it? 

Sprained Ankle

How to Work Efficiently Even with Sprained Ankle through the help of an Under Desk Hammock

Imagine this, you just came back to work after a one-week vacation because of an injury...

Exercise Chairs

Fitness Chairs: How to Get Some Exercise without Leaving Your Table

Is this familiar to you: a thought suddenly pops into your head and you say, “I should start exercising.” 

Mental Health

How to Maintain Mental Health When Working at Home

A couple of decades ago, people would rarely utter anything that pertains to their mental health...

Child Mental Health

How to Care for Mental Health in Children

Adults often wish they were young like children again so they can be carefree and free from stress and adult obligations...

Working from Home

How to be Super Productive at Home

Let’s face it, most of us are stuck at home. However, thanks to the internet, we still have jobs...

Gaming Setup

Setting Up a Gaming Desk

Whether you’re a streamer, a beginner at gaming, or just a casual gamer who wants to enjoy some hours of good gaming screen time, your setup will make all the difference in your experience.

Standing Desk Pro-Series-    Extra-Large Desktop for Playing Table Games

Tabletop Gaming on a Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra-Large Desktop

Some people think that focusing too much at work makes us dull and bored...

Start prioritizing your mental health

Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Working From Home

Mental health is just as important as physical health. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic...

The Drafting Table

The Benefits of a Drafting Table for an EFL Tutor

Creativity is one of the characteristics of a good EFL tutor. In this industry, a teacher should do something unique and thought-provoking when teaching...

active sitting

Why Should You Consider Active Sitting Right Now?

It is common knowledge that sitting for a prolonged time can do more harm than good to your body...


Gaming Chair vs Ergonomic Office Chair

Are you in the market for the perfect workplace chair? Let’s join Kevin from Ohio and see how he decided on which chair to buy for his home office.

Sedentary job

How to Improve Your Sedentary Work Experience

So, you want to do something about your health now instead of waiting until the last minute to try and fix the problem...

Working parents

How to Balance Working at Home and Parenting

Being a parent and working from home might seem like a good idea because you have more time to watch your child grow and reach his or her milestones...

Ergonomic Chairs

An Ergonomic Guide for Sitting While Working from Home

Working to provide for ourselves and our family is in itself already a challenge...

Ergonomic office equipment

Is a Home Office Standing Desk Right for You?

Whether you have neck and back pains or have gained a few pounds...

Get Moving At Home

Sedentary Jobs: What Can They Do to Your Health?

Some jobs require you to be on your feet all day, but some hold you down on a chair for 10 hours or so...

Healing from the Trauma

The Touch of Understanding: Healing for Trauma Survivors With the Use of Drafting Table

Most of the time, we associate PTSD with soldiers who have fought in the war. However, in the article posted online, it was noted that PTSD occurs in a person who has experienced a traumatic or violent event in his life. It was also mentioned in this article that one experiences a traumatic incident in his life but does not develop into PTSD. Statistics were noted in the same article and it was mentioned that 70 percent of adults experience at least one traumatic event in their lives. 20 percent will likely develop PTSD. Around 8 million have PTSD in a given year. 1 in 13 people will develop PTSD at some point in their life. Further, it was mentioned that the prevalence of PTSD is around 3.5% of the US population or is equivalent to 8 million Americans in a given year. 

A person working on a sit-stand desk

How Sit-Stand Desks Help Maintain Health

Traditional desks have a reputation that lets the workers sit for an extended period...

woman and dog by desk

Good Habits for Brain Power Boost

The brain is active in everything we do, and it, like every other part of the body, needs care.

An antique secretary desk

Ergonomics for a Secretary Desk

A secretary desk, also known as an escritoire, is made of a base of wide drawers topped by a desk with a hinged desktop surface...

an image of proper height adjustments

Using the Standing Desk Height Chart for the Right Desk for You

People have been sitting in a traditional workspace for many years...

Two employees working on a minimalist standing desk

Could a minimalist standing desk setup change the way you work?

For most office employees, work is a never-ending task, making them multitask and keeping track of dozens of projects all at once...

A person taking a break on an ergonomic chair for home

Using ergonomic chairs for home office setup

Almost every office worker is working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic...

theodore standing desk

The Rustic Ergonomic Workstation

Every worker's dream is to have a work space that would satisfy his job goals...

Three Unconventional Office Chair Solutions to Reduce Back Pain

Three Unconventional Office Chair Solutions to Reduce Back Pain

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that back pain is one of the most frustrating types of injuries out there, and yet 80% of Americans are going to experience it at some point in time...

A worker using an electric sit-stand desk

Standing Desk Buyers Guide - What Standing Desk is Suited for You?

Sit- Standing desks are getting more noticed in the last few years but the wide selections of options make it difficult for buyers to decide which is best for them...

Picture of a minimalist gaming standing desk

Can Minimalist Gaming Standing Desk Setup Benefits Gamers?

While having a minimalist standing desk setup for the office is a great idea. But what about a minimalist gaming desk setup? What benefits can a gamer get by setting up a minimalist gaming desk setup?

wooden desk

Types of Desktop Surface Materials Used for Standing Desks

When looking for a standing desk online, you'll notice that each seller has their own carefully selected collection of desktops to complement their standing desk bases...

A person playing on an ergonomic chair gaming

Ergonomic Gaming chair health benefits for computer users

Sedentary lifestyles are widespread today. People seem to be spending the majority of their days sitting...


How to Clean and Sanitize your Computer and Mouse

It's something we've all been hearing a lot about lately...

Standing Desk

Recharge Your Physical & Mental Health With a Standing Desk

Sitting for 10 hours while working from home is not the best way to spend your day...

A woman in black

What Are Ergonomic Gaming Chairs (and Why You Need One)?

You’re here because of the hype around gaming chairs or because you're determining how to make your gaming experience better...

father and child

Simple and Fun Play-Learn Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

School isn't the only place where people can learn. You are your child's mentor while they are at home...

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