Add-on Accessories For Your Office Cubicle

May 24, 2021

Add-on Accessories For Your Office Cubicle

An office worker on average spends one-third of their lifetime on a computer. Although the device itself is essential for productivity, the environment in which you work is paramount.

While FlexiSpot's ergonomic standing desks will help you increase your overall well-being, you must know that there are items that you need to utilize for better productivity at work. To have a better office experience now that your work-from-home opportunity is over, you must equip yourself with the most ergonomic office accessories on the market.

Are you undecided? Read this guide for help.

Under Desk Bike V9U -- Best Standing Desk Mate

You will be the talk of the office with the nifty Under Desk Bike V9U. Workout while you work your way up the corporate ladder with this stationary desk bike that you can use as you attend your meetings and sign deals. The Under Desk Bike V9U needs no installation as it comes delivered to you, fully assembled right out of the box. Unbox and use; it is that easy to do.

Moving this under desk bike is also easy as you can hide away from this bike when not in use, thanks to the easy-rolling casters. The compact design neatly tucks away below any of your standing desks, making it the ideal exercise companion at the office.

You do not need to worry about disturbing the quiet stillness in your office as you pedal your way to a healthier version of yourself. The whisper-quiet operation of the V9U allows you to melt the fat away and build endurance up with eight resistance levels to prevent a sedentary lifestyle. And lucky for you, the V9U can be swiftly adjusted with a gentle press, which needs no pins or knobs to adjust. Instead, press the user-friendly pneumatic adjustment level and stand up or sit down according to your preferred height.

Read these dazzling customer reviews to see that the Under Desk Bike V9U is the best under deskmate:

"So happy with this purchase. I didn't even know such a product existed, but it's excellent! Assembly was a breeze, and it also shipped quickly!" - Laura C.

"I made a mistake because I ordered two. But I sold one to my sister, who is always sitting (part of the job), and loved it. I love it too -- I think I already lost weight because of this." - Cynthia. 

"So much cheaper than other stationary bikes in the market, and it's ergonomic too! Lightweight (for a bike) and easy to move around." - Star P.

"Recently got a standing desk, and this seemed like the perfect addition to my fully ergonomic workspace! Truly an amazing product!" - Missy O.

"I got this so I could get some exercise while I'm doing college classes online. I'm a bit fidgety, so it helps me focus during my classes. Plus, I know that my muscles are happy with the exercise! It's sturdy enough to stay in place whether I'm using it on the floor (carpet)." - Jennica U.

Mouse Pad MP012/MP014

Although this mouse pad is aimed at gamers, the Mouse Pad MP012/MP014 is easily adaptable for professional usage.

The Mouse Pad MP012/MP014 perfectly suits the range of each FlexiSpot standing desk, ensuring that you never run out of room, hampering your movement. In addition, the enlarged mouse pad provides consistent accuracy and command, making it an excellent solution for any situation while also improving your work experience.

You also don't have to stress about the mess, as the Mouse Pad MP012/MP014 is coated in a 3mm thick waterproof rubber resistant to liquid spills and grime. Likewise, cleaning this mouse pad is a breeze! Quickly drop it in the washing machine, and it will come out spotless.

Furthermore, its anti-skid functionality is suitable for days when you are somewhat more uncoordinated than average. You can move your cursor around as much as you want, but the Mouse Pad MP012/MP014 will never shift!

Don't believe us? Here are some of the stellar customer reviews that claim the Mouse Pad MP012/MP014 the best thing that they have bought:

"It's amazing how I can launder the mouse pad without it breaking apart. Happy to know that I can have a clean gaming environment." - Howard P.

"The mouse pad is soft, but it's stronger than I thought. The stitching looks awesome as well. Kudos to Flexispot for this product." - Yara E.

"You would know that this mousepad is a good one because of its stitches. Not an expert or whatever, but my wife pointed that out, and it doesn't disappoint." - Eliezer F.

Mobile File Cabinet 213~216

Reduced clutter equates to increased mental focus, which is essential for better work efficiency. You can conveniently add an elegant storage room to your FlexiSpot standing desk with the Mobile File Cabinet 213~216. The Mobile File Cabinet 213~216 also prioritizes the security of your belongings. Equipped with a superior security lock, you have assured a sense of achievement and peace of mind, knowing that you will always find the items you need in their designated spots.

If you're looking for storage that will effortlessly enhance the appearance of your office, look no further than the Mobile File Cabinet 213~216. Thanks to its simple and minimalist design, the Mobile File Cabinet 213~216 will create the illusion of an extended workspace for your desk job.

Truly an organizer that is both efficient and eye-catching.

Customer Reviews:

"Cute little file cabinet - very sturdy - drawers slide nice - smooth rounded edges - key works great for locking the cabinet - I bought the white with orange inserts - nice pop of color - I opted not to put the wheels on and use the little feet that come on it as I am not moving it. Very nice!" - Lori A.

"These little cabinets are of outstanding quality and the sturdiest I have ever found (other than fireproofs). They're beautiful and come packaged so well they could be run over by a truck and stay intact! Also, each has a UNIQUELY-KEYED lock; don't mix up your keys!" - Linda T.

"Gorgeous, stylish filing cabinet. The drawers are smooth, the keys and lock work perfectly, and it was shipped in an incredibly protective way. Despite that, it did arrive with some dents and scratches. I contacted the company directly, and Dave was able to help me. He replied immediately and resolved this to my 100% absolute satisfaction. Thank you, Dave! I will be buying from this company again. It can be hard to find companies you trust, and this is one you can. Nice job, Laura Davidson." - J. Durant

The reviews are clear, and you must heed them lest you do not want a great office once you return.

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