Best Back-to-the-Office Standing Desks

May 24, 2021

Best Back-to-the-Office Standing Desks

With vaccinations rolling in every state, the slew of workers is getting ready to report back to their respective offices.

As everyone is preparing to head back, it is vital to invest in products that can provide relief and added health benefits as you go into full-time office mode.

At FlexiSpot, we only aim to provide you with ergonomic and top-of-the-line office solutions for the best working experience that you could have while being back in the office.

Here are two ergonomic standing desks that would elevate your back-to-the-office experience thanks to the added features that make FlexiSpot desks truly one of a kind.

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Would you go eco or pro? Either way, you would still get the highest quality for a lighter price tag with the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro).

FlexiSpot's team of professional designers crafted and perfected the Seiffen Standing Desk by listening to what the customer wants and needs. 

The team created this desk with the office worker's spinal health in mind. For the most convenient sit-stand transition, you can equip the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) with the right keypad to match your preference.

You can choose between the basic and advanced all-in-one keypad. However, if you want a no-fuss and straightforward keypad, stick with the basic keypad that can change your position easily with just a single touch of a button. On the contrary, the advanced all-in-one keypad is perfect for those who have specific tastes. The do-it-all keypad can save up to three of your favorite seated, standing, and under the desk cycling heights, courtesy of the programmable presets. The advanced keypad also features an energy-efficient LED display to show you the exact desk height that the table is on currently. In addition, this LED display automatically starts sleep mode to reduce power usage when the desk is idle. Not only will you have energy-efficient technology, but you would also have convenient activity alerts that would remind you to change your position from a sitting to a standing one and vice versa. You can set the activity alerts regularly or entirely turn them off if you want a distraction-free zone.

A wobbly desk is a thing of the past because the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk's stability is tested for a more extraordinary experience to satisfy even the most discerning clients. The eco 2-stage desk frame comes designed to fend off a sedentary lifestyle caused by a regular office desk job. This tabletop would never wobble or buckle even under the weight of your whole working setup. This choice provides a cost-effective option that would make you feel like you spent a million bucks.

The pro comes in both a 2-stage and 3-stage desk frame function that can provide optimal benefits for any user. For the pro-2-stage frame, the higher weight capacity, stability, and enhanced lifting speed is a heaven-sent addition. This frame is the best choice for users who utilize a heftier workstation. Hardcore gamers would love the pro-2-stage frame as it can accommodate even the bulkiest gaming setup.

Meanwhile, the pro-3-stage frame provides the ultimate standing desk experience. This frame boasts a broad adjustable height range with a faster lifting speed to match. The 3-stage frame is the perfect choice for users who need extra height versatility for their length. The structure also is an ideal choice for those who live stream, study and do arts and crafts. This makes the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) a top-notch choice for those who want a new office desk.

Customer Reviews:

"This desk is perfect—high quality, elegant and affordable. I have looked at standing desks all year but so glad to have found FlexiSpot. Working as a web designer, having this standing desk has been truly transformative. I work with a large screen clamped to the desk, can change standing/sitting easily, and can keep my desk organized in the large space without having to move everything every time I want to stand. Love it!" - Carrie H.

"Easy to assemble, instructions in plain English. When I want to stand, I stand. When I want to sit, I sit. Edema is gone! Best Price anywhere. I was about to purchase a desktop riser, then found this for just a few bucks more. So worth it. Highly recommended for anyone with health issues or healthy people with desk jobs who want to stay that way." - Teresia K. 

Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktop

Size does matter, and the Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktop proves it with all of its might.

The desk provides a larger space for the busiest of workers in an office as it can handle a heavy load of up to 275lbs without a hassle. Stability and lifting speed are also not a problem since this extra-large desk can lift at a speed of 1.4"/s without buckling over.

Can't decide what aesthetic to go for? You are in luck because the Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktop comes in a variety of finishes and colors to choose which is the desire of your heart. For the desktop, you can choose from bamboo, laminate, and solid wood desktop to fashion your standing desk. 

The bamboo desktop is great as it is harder than wood while still providing the warmth in a room that this finish provides. The all-natural surface has gone on a thorough process of designing and drying that would prevent mold and keep the bamboo desktop's natural beauty. Being one with nature is easy with the bamboo desktop.

For people who want more color and the look of more expensive materials without breaking the bank, the laminate desktop will surely put a smile on your face. Available in up to 10 colorways that include maple, black, white, custom graphite, mahogany, special walnut, marble grey, ebony, oak, and brown wood grain, finding the perfect one to fit your aesthetic and satiate you with high-quality cheap thrills.

If you are after a natural wood finish with rigid construction, the solid wood desktop is the way to go. This desktop is free from harmful chemicals that can affect your health in the long run. A greener mindset and environment are easily achieved with this affordable solid wood desktop.

Going back to the office may be a bummer, but with the right and high-quality standing desks, you will have a good time working your way to the top of the corporate ladder, courtesy of FlexiSpot.

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