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April 20, 2021

Ocean View

The Traditional Working Environment

Like most people, Cynthia Olivaria grew up being taught that the ideal life is working for a big company, inside a big office, being monitored by big people, hoping one day to be promoted to a big position. Everything big seemed to revolve around the notion of working in a traditional setup.

Growing up in Venezuela had its own challenges. People there, including her parents, thought that if you’re not part of an already established company, you wouldn’t make it in life. Well, that’s not exactly true. If you’re a young woman and you have the height, well, there’s another path: Miss Venezuela Pageant. But Cynthia knew it wasn’t for her, so very early in life, she focused on being an employee. During summer vacations, her parents would even send her to the next town to study with a retired secretary on how to type faster than expected.

Her image of life didn’t seem to go beyond getting inside a company. All she knew was that she would be happy once she got in.

She finally did. She was accepted as an assistant to the assistant of the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of a tech company which opened its doors in downtown Distrito Capital. Work was hard and challenging. Work hours, well, even worse. But she stuck to it. The first week felt like forever, but her small village celebrated when she got through it.

She celebrated with them. She thought it was what she really wanted. But, deep inside her, a gnawing thought ate her spirit.

Filmmaking has always been her first love. It wasn’t big in Venezuela, so pursuing it was out of the question. And she wasn’t going to disappoint or upset her parents, who gave it their all in order to give her the proper education.

She got promoted a year after being hired. Then she quit her job less than a year later to accept an offer in California. Her new employer was nice and paid for her English lessons. And soon, she was given her own department tasked to take care of customers.

The traditional working place suited her—at least that was what she told herself. The stability and security it provided made her fears and doubts go away. It was a competitive environment, but she made real friends and they for the most part treated each other like family. But there was something missing. She had always known. She ignored it for the longest time. She had a family back in Venezuela to support. 

Twenty-five years was to pass before she finally had the courage to ask herself real questions.

Time for a Change

When her last sibling graduated from college, she called home, congratulated her sister, and said goodbye. She told them it was time she focus on herself. Her dreams for herself. 

The four walls of their office weren’t enough anymore to keep her going. It has never been enough in the first place, she admitted. But for the first time since she started working, she couldn’t bear to go to work anymore. Time for a change. Time to pursue her love for filmmaking.

She quit her job just as her boss was contemplating on promoting her. It was difficult for him to let her go, but Cynthia explained why she had to go.

Setting up

She was able to save up and buy a house near the beach about two years ago. It was a small Spanish-style house at the end of a narrow street. A room overlooking the beach stood empty since she moved in. She knew what it was for. And at last she could start setting it up.

She called up a friend, and they began decorating it.

From the very beginning, she knew she wanted none of those office furniture at work. Those office chairs that gave her back pain, neck pain, and shoulder stiffness. She wanted work furniture that would allow her to work for extended periods of time without feeling tired and sore.

She heard about a company called Flexispot. A company dedicated to crafting and designing office furniture and equipments with people’s health in mind. Backed by science, its ergonomically designed furniture guarantee hours of comfort without distractions from physical pain associated with traditional office furniture.

In the kitchen with her MacBook, she ordered her first filmmaking investments. She ordered the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series. Designed to let you work in both seated and standing position. It was perfect for long hours of editing raw videos. She then ordered two huge Apple Display she was planning to put on top of the desk. Then she ordered an Apple Pro for its heavy computing capabilities. Filmmaking needs a beast of a computer in order to render all the 4K videos she was planning to produce.

She ordered rugs, standing lamps, paintings, and a few indoor plants. The last thing she ordered was the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. She hated her former office chair. She could still remember how she would stack a pile of pillows just so she could feel comfortable sitting on it. Not anymore.

Comfort is very important, Cynthia said. You’ll be working for hours on end, so it’s important that you won’t get any physical pain after working. You have to take care of yourself. Flexispot is doing that for you. You only need to focus on the work itself.

Happy Ending

Cynthia now works as a Youtube video editor and director. Her clients include popular YouTubers as well as those who are only starting up a channel. She spends most days at home, in her home office overlooking the ocean. It didn’t matter if the work hours are long. She was finally doing what she love. Plus, no more aches and pains from ill-designed office furniture.

I wish others the same happiness. Picture me in front of my computer working on projects that fill me with much joy. And whenever I feel like taking a break, I need not to go out. I only need to turn my head and the view of the Atlantic appears.

Invest in yourself. It’s worth it!

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