Heavy Flooding and a Wobble Stool

May 14, 2021

 A Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH2 is all you need to be work productive and

A few months ago, Texas was hit by heavy flooding after torrential rains ravaged some of its key cities in Houston such as Victoria, Rockport, and Port Lavaca due to severe thunderstorms and tornadoes that struck the flood-prone areas in Texas. Thousands of residents were evacuated from life-threatening situations in many areas.

One of my bosom friends lives in Houston. She and her family decided to move to Texas because her father got a better job in that city. And they thought it is less expensive than living in New York. Everyone in the family agreed to move to this city hoping for a better life there.

After a few weeks, the family was able to settle down in a big and decent home in a sprawling land they can call their own. My friend called me and she said she’s happy to live in Hudson with her family. I was also glad for her.

A few months after their transfer to a new location, my friend was watching TV and a news report was broadcast giving warning to all residents of Houston for possible thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. She looked outside the window and saw the sky is clear and blue and clouds hovering around in cottony white color. She thought there was something wrong with that weather report and shrugged off her shoulders. She continued working on her laptop while sipping some coffee.

Hayley, my friend, was oblivious to what’s going on around her and was engrossed with her work. Little did she knew that it was getting dark and rain started to fall heavily. It was not an ordinary rain or a pitter-patter kind of thing. It was a sudden heavy fall. She was worried about her mom and her two brothers. Her father was working in a nearby factory as a truck driver. 

A thunderstorm with heavy rains pummeled the city. Hayley was frightened because it was the first time in her life to experience this kind of weather. Thank God her younger brother and sister came home with her mother just in time before thunder and a sudden heavy rain came. Her father came soaked and wet with rain. Hayley was nervous but still happy that her family members are intact and safe at home.

The heavy rain with thunder did not stop until midnight. The electric power was cut off when a fierce and howling wind struck a big tree and fell on a power cable. It was dark and dim. Amidst the storm, they were able to have their dinner with lighted candles. They did it hurriedly because they were preparing for a worst-case scenario. her father knew that Hudson is a flood-prone area in Texas. So, he knew that they should prepare and pack up things when heavy flooding happened.

 Houston’s heavy flooding may be traced to having one of those cities that is susceptible to natural disasters like big floods due to excessive rainfall. It is also exposed to man-made such as deforestation and intensive farming, and natural climate change. 

What Does Climate Change Do? 

Global warming is one of the factors of climate change. It is known to make the air temperature warmer or increase the average global temperatures. So, the warmer it gets, the more water is held by the atmosphere, and more rain is produced which means more flooding.

With global warming, more natural disasters may occur like floods, storms, and wildfires, among others.

Hayley and her family were sleepless. It was a harrowing experience as they see water coming inside their bungalow-type home. all their furniture was wet and water was already knee-deep and the water current was fast and treacherous. The main door was locked and it was dim inside the house. All the candles were already used up. They decided to make a human chain so that her father could get to the door to seek help.

Hayley’s father was able to reach the main door in neck-deep water. Soaked in water, the door was difficult to unlock. It was a tense situation as in a few minutes they will be all underwater. The floodwater was rising so fast in minutes. There is no way for them to survive but to seek help from anyone out there. Hayley’s brother and father tried their best to unlock the door but to no avail. They thought there should be something heavy that should strike the door or the lock to open it. 

It was Hayley’s younger brother who thought of using their old wobble chair to hit the door’s lock that might open it. The situation was intense and in suspense. After three attempts to unlock and open the door, the wobble stool was a great help. When the door was opened, more floodwater rushed in and they almost drowned. Luckily, a disaster team came just in time for them to be rescued. They were taken to safer ground with the help of the wobble stool.

Hayley's experience was unforgettable for her and everybody. After that experience, she learned that everything has a purpose and even little things should not be ignored and should be thought of as useless.

The wobble stool is a great posture keeper when you are working on your computer. You can tilt it at any angle or change your posture from sitting to standing so that you may not end up sedentary. It is durable too as it is long-lasting. I am sharing an experience with a FlexiSpowobble stool, particularly the Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH2.

As we all know, FlexiSpot is one of the most trusted brands around the world when it comes to manufacturing ergonomic home and office furniture, accessories, and fit and wellness products.

The Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH2 is height adjustable. So, you can adjust according to the height you need. It has different colors such as black, gray, and blue. When it comes to durability, it is out of the question because only the best materials were used to make it. 

It is 360 degrees swivel and could be tilted left and right at 15 inches. So, you can work in the upright posture, enjoy the work as you play, and tilt the stool. The comfy seat is padded and cushioned with a thick sponge for a pleasurable sitting experience.

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