Not A Cold Case

April 22, 2021

The Detectives
Detective Tallorin

Jack Holt is one of the best detectives that the New York Police Department has. He can solve cold cases just by carefully reading the files about it. If he finds something amiss about the case, Jack immediately gets on his feet to further investigate. Much to the chagrin of the 96th’s precinct Captain Richard Peralta. As a caring captain though, Richard makes sure that Jack’s overzealous approach to do his job would not get his subordinate suspended or worse, fired from his job. He has a lot of faith in Jack as a great detective-- Richard is just careful to not let his mortal enemy, Commissioner Caroline Wood, use Jack’s investigations against his beloved precinct.

One fine day on the precinct, Sergeant Jerry Roberts assigns Jack on a stakeout with none other than his best friend, Detective Chuck Hall. They are appointed to just watch one of the mafia leader’s drug mules close a deal with a big-time buyer. While the partners-in-crime-solving are usually out by the door the minute that their sergeant or captain dismisses them, they are slowed down by the pain on their back and strain on their neck. As one of the best detectives the NYPD has, they still went on to collect more evidence against the mafia leader, Timmy Figgins, and finish their stakeout

However, Detective Emmy Diaz, who is also Jack’s girlfriend, saw with her own eyes how both of her comrades are struggling with the pain. Naturally, she scoured the world wide web to look for what is causing their pain. She found some articles on FlexiSpot regarding her concerns and she got suspicious of their working desks and chairs. She now also blames Jack and Chuck’s terrible posture just for good measure. While the two detectives are still out and about, she has to do some workplace investigating on her own. 

Detective Emmy enlisted the help of her two friends, Detective Rosie Santiago and Assistant-to-the-Captain Jenny Linetta. She instructed them to keep the workplace investigation on the down low so as not to raise Captain Richard Peralta’s suspicion. The trio divided their work among themselves and off they went to try out all of the squad’s workstation.

Jenny found out that most of the squad’s desks are unorganized except for Captain Richard’s and all of the women’s workstations. Detective Rosie sat on all of the working chairs at the precinct and concluded that they needed new ones. Their desks are also one of the culprits for somehow slowing down the squad’s paperwork. Meanwhile, Detective Diaz observed the posture of everyone in the squad. Her boyfriend’s posture is the worst of them all while the captain’s and sergeant’s stance can really command the room. Once they are done with their low-key and impromptu precinct investigation, they decide to raise their concerns along with the evidence that their workstations need an overhaul. This made the Captain extremely thankful to the women for showing empathy to their co-workers. He also commended them for a job well done which made Jenny claim that the women of the squad are the best part of the 96th precinct. As much as detectives Emmy and Rosie want to agree, they want to maintain inclusiveness and gender equality at work.

Once detectives Jack and Chuck are done with their stakeout, Sergeant Roberts calls  the squad to the conference room for a quick rundown on the women found out during their investigation. Captain Peralta spearheaded the meeting by saying that he is delighted to inform everyone that their request to have new office desks, chairs, and organizers are approved. With confused looks on their faces, Jack and Chuck asked how is that related to a crime investigation to which the captain elaborated on as a matter of fact.

Detective Emmy then comforted her co-detective slash boyfriend that she was just worried about his spinal health, as well as the others' working conditions. This made Jack realize that Emmy is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

As usual Detective Hall is elated by the good news. He has always wanted an office chair that would also cater to his fitness goals. Sergeant Jerry said that he would be pretty content with a sturdy and ergonomic standing desk as his big build makes it hard for him to sit for extended periods of time. Detectives Sully and Fitch however, are just happy to have new office chairs, with which Jenny corrected them that what they would be getting are ergonomic chairs with lumbar support. She also secretly wishes that this would make the two detectives start doing their work faster. Detective Rosie wants more coverage on her desk, so Captain Richard naturally obliged since it is no secret that Detective Rosie does her job extremely well. For being the most dependable assistant, Jenny is granted a new three-paneled mirror with LED lights so she could always adore her own face. Excited by the new file organizers, Detective Emmy also offers to help Jack in tidying his desk. Bitten by the love bug, Jack naturally agrees-- whatever makes his girlfriend happy.

Captain Richard assigns both his assistant, Jenny, Detective Rosie as well as Detective Emmy to order whatever office equipment the squad needs as long as their budget can accommodate it. With her natural preference for anything expensive, Rosie realizes that Jenny will probably spend more than what they can cover. Using her amazing suggestion skills, Emmy suggested that they look at what FlexiSpot can offer their precinct.

While browsing FlexiSpot’s wide array of ergonomic office furniture, the duo decided that this is the right place to order their new equipment. They were amazed by the five-star reviews left by delighted customers on every product. This led them to the assumption that FlexiSpot has the best products along with the greatest customer service to boot. A few more browsing and their assumption was proven right by FlexiSpot’s guarantee that along with a free and fast shipping (this gives them extra funds), the company also has a 5-year warranty for their products, a 30-days free return, and eco-friendly materials to construct the much-needed office equipment. They were sold right there and then.

After a few days of waiting, they were more than happy that FlexiSpot’s office solution made their workload feel as light as a feather. They even caught Timmy Figgins, the most notorious mafia boss in New York.

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