The Desk Tour Series Gamer Edition

April 27, 2021

Gaming Table

It’s time for another desk tour! This is the third part of a series that showcases what working desks around the world look. The series is designed to give you an idea on how to organize your workplace and to give you inspiration. We will also hear from real people, their stories, and their secrets to success.

In this edition we are going to hear from Ansel. He’s a twenty-four-year-old gamer from New Jersey who started playing when he was only ten.

The Pro Gamer

My father still can’t believe I’m earning money from playing games. Online games. He, like most of his friends, was hooked on arcade games. So, I often had to remind him that it runs in the family. I hope I can say my parents were very supportive in the beginning, but they were not. In fact, they were not at all happy about my gaming habits.

It started when I was ten when I discovered a game on my uncle’s computer. The rest is history.

Gaming got me in trouble numerous times. But since I never let my academics falter, my parents were forced to tolerate it. When I was in high-school, someone recruited me and I joined a gaming team that I was told competes internationally. That led me to build my online gaming network, and soon someone from an elite gaming team recruited me. We won our first game, and I got a quarter of a million dollars. To tease my parents, I gave them the entire prize. Ever since, they allowed me to pursue my gaming career. My father even accompanies me to international competitions. So happy that I’m able to do what I love to do and earn money from doing it.

Standing Desk

A good desk is very important. The desk should work hand in hand with your computer. Even if you have the best computer, if you don’t have a good desk then you won’t be able to work—or in my case, play—well. Flexispot’s Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series is a great desk. It works as a traditional office desk with you seated on your preferred office chair. But it can also work as a standing desk when you opt to work or play standing up. With a simple click of a button, the traditional-looking desk transforms into a standing desk. It’s the perfect 2-in-1 desk! No need to buy a separate table for sitting down and standing up. The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series can do the job of two tables.

Although I love the wood finish of my standing desk, I decided to send it to a local shop and have my desktop covered in carbon fiber to match my computer. It now looks like a custom standing desk.

Ergonomic Chair

You wouldn’t be a gamer without an ergonomic chair. We all know that. Gamers are often seated comfortably for hours on end. Without an ergonomic chair, this would mean lower back pains, stiffness on the shoulders and neck, not to mention the arm aches that can last for days. Ergonomic chairs are made for sitting down for hours on end. It’s made to support the human body and make sure that the physical strains on the back are well distributed to prevent physical pain. When we were burying ergonomic chairs online, we got the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair for its simple and elegant style.

I was going for the minimalist and industrial style for my gaming room. And the ergonomic chair fits perfectly! It’s the most comfortable chair I have ever used. It’s fairly affordable and most of all, the build quality is second to none. It feels solid. It doesn’t feel plasticky and cheap.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting is very important. When you’re focused on the screen, it’s very important that you have good lighting around you. Glare is also something that might distract you when you’re constantly looking at your screen. I can’t have a super bright room, so I opted for ambient lighting, which bathes my gaming room with a soft light.

I got myself an ambient bar from an online seller. It’s a tall bar with ambient LED lighting system. I bought four and placed them on each corner of the room. When lit, they look like ordinary supporting pillars. The soft light they give creates a relaxing atmosphere so i don’t feel tired even after hours of gameplay.

I can’t give it justice by explaining the experience to you using words. Get yourself an ambient lighting system and experience it for yourself. It will change your mood for the better, and it will help you boost your productivity.

A Powerhouse Computer

With advance technology, it’s only natural for computer games to follow. Nowadays, great computer games demand more computing power than ever. It also requires a monster computer monitor with dedicated GPUs. I don’t want to bore you with specs so, let me just say that I got mine and sent it immediately to a local shop and had it covered in carbon fiber. My friend who had connections to a company who does custom lighting setups installed lighting inside the CPU. My computer now looks like a part of a spaceship from a science-fiction film. I call it “The Beast.”


My mother had to have a say in my gaming room. So, she got me a humidifier similar to the one my aunt gave her. It’s the cute little thing sitting on my standing desk beside my plant. I’m almost always inside an air-conditioned room, so my mother got me the humidifier so that my skin wouldn’t feel dry. She also told me that since I often get a dry throat, I needed it in my gaming room.

I didn’t give it any attention really, but after a week, I noticed that my dry cough was gone, so was the usual cracked lips. It’s a miracle.

So, that’s concludes my desk tour! I hope it inspires you to make your gaming space or working space the best possible space for creativity and relaxation.

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