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April 26, 2021


Today, we are going to read the second article from our desk tour series. This series is designed to give you an idea about how people around the world are using their desks, hear about their unique stories on achieving the perfect working station, be inspired by their tireless commitment to staying true to themselves, and read about how they struggled just to follow their passions.

In this article, we will hear from Maria, a YouTuber from London.

Maria: The YouTuber

I’m Maria. I worked full time as a web developer for ten years. In the beginning I felt lucky and privileged for doing what I was doing, but then it became boring. My uncle who was friends with the owner of the company pushed me to work as a web developer. At that time, YouTubers weren’t a thing, so despite my dream of producing videos on traveling and exploration, I had to push it aside and earn a living.

With the dawning of the age of YouTubers, people who love filmmaking can now earn through uploaded videos. This is great news of course, so while working full time, I got myself a degree in filmmaking.

It’s very important to follow your heart. If what you’re doing is something you don’t necessarily love, then one day you’ll find yourself burned out. And that’s not a good feeling. I made the decision—the difficult decision—to quit my job as soon as I could.

On the side, I accepted editing jobs from people who are only starting up their YouTube channels. It was hard work, but I was having fun. And then, when I was earning enough to keep me afloat, I quit my job. It was the most important decision I made. Following your heart is never easy. If it was, people around the world would all be happy.

I now work for myself. I am my own boss. Yes, it sounds appealing and easy. But it has its own challenges. To start, I have to have the best working station. 

Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

My standing desk was given to me by my boyfriend. He had a similar one in the office and he swore it was the best desk ever from the company called Flexispot. The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series transforms from a traditional-looking desk to a standing desk you can use when it’s time to work standing up. I used to step away from work every few hours just so I’m not seated all day. But with this standing desk, I don’t have to lose precious time. I can work longer hours and stay fit and healthy.

2020 iPad Pro 12.9 inch

When the iPad was announced many years ago, I was blown away by its potential. I knew that soon, it will replace our personal computers and laptops. I was right. The new iPad Pro now allows its users to edit 4K videos. I’m using an app called Lumafusion which works very similar to Adobe Premier and Apple’s very own Final Cut Pro. Using only my Apple Pencil, I can work wonders! With the supreme portability of the iPad Pro, I can easily move around the house and bring work anywhere without worrying about straining my arm from carrying my heavy MacBook Pro which I sold last month when I realized the 2020 iPad Pro can do everything for me.

Tablet Stand

I bought an aluminum stand online, which transforms my iPad Pro into a mini iMac—not to be confused with the Mac Mini. The streamlined form of the stand complements the simplicity of the entire setup. With the iPad Pro stand, I didn’t have to strain my head constantly.

External Monitor

The best thing about Lumafusion is that I can connect an external monitor for reviewing my videos. The solution is perfect for seeing real-time my progress and which part I still need to work on. The huge screen real estate of the 12.9 iPad is already amazing. With the ability to easily connect an external monitor makes it the perfect solution.

Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse

With my iPad Pro sitting on it’s stand, the Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse become indispensable tools. I’m not going to explain how a keyboard and a mouse work because we all know that already, but what’s amazing about the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Mouse is that they’re wireless. No cable to manage at all. It makes the setup clean and clutter-free.

Indoor Plant and Antique Venetian Table Lamp

Apart from the four indoor plants inside my home office, I have a tiny potted plant on my desk, which I got from my father’s garden. Beside the plant, I have my grandmother’s antique Venetian lamp, which her own mother gave her when she turned eighteen. Both objects remind me of my childhood, which I realized often inspires me to push a little bit more, do better at work. I think it’s highly recommended to have something like that on your desk—something to help you achieve more, dream more. 

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Flexispot’s Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is one of my most important investments. A good ergonomic chair is very important. If your job requires you to stay seated for extended periods of time, you are bound to experience lower back aches, stiffness on the shoulders, and neck pains. With a good ergonomic chair, your entire back is supported. The experience is very difficult to explain, it’s one of those things in life you have to experience yourself to know.

Take Away

The most important thing is that your desk is not a source of distraction. It must be simple enough so that your focus will be directed to the job at hand. Some desks are too cluttered, some are too elaborate that it takes from work the focus needed to get the job done. Ergonomic office furniture and equipments are very important so you don’t physically strained while working for long hours. Companies like Flexispot can help. C


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