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FlexiSpot is one of the very few businesses

Why Flexispot is Looking to Bring Ergonomics Office Items to You

In the past few years, ergonomic desks and office chairs have been replacing the standard items we use in our day-to-day work lives.

 Flexispot proving the power

How flexispot showed everyone the true potential of ergonomics

We all want a perfect and relaxed workspace...


FlexiSpot vs the standard desk: The battle for ergonomics

Some people tend to dread Monday mornings. We just had a relaxing and comfortable weekend and now it is off to work...


Flexispot: Supporting you with a healthier tomorrow

Being healthier is a common goal we all have...

celebrate brand day

FlexiSpot Brand Day is Coming

FlexiSpot’s brand day is vastly approaching...



The Flexispot Day is coming! Savings and grand prizes await you when you come to our website

Testing Tables

The Test of the Best: How FlexiSpot Tests the Adjustable Standing Desk for Your Convenience

Not all standing desks are created equal. Some are even not up to the standards on what makes a standing desk perfect...

brand day

Flexispot Super Brand Day

Flexispot is set to indulge all its customers with a rewarding brand day campaign. Possibly the best news of the month, right?

Leadership Speaker

The Desk Tour Series Leadership Speaker Edition

It’s time for another edition of “The Desk Tour Series.” In this article, we are going to talk to Mark Cheney...

Children homeschooling

How to Set up an Ergonomic Study Desk for Your Children

For several reasons, virtual learning can be difficult for children, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult on their bodies as well...


The Desk Tour Series Flight Attendant Edition

It’s time for another desk tour!

corporate working

Working from Home vs Working from the Office: Which is Better?

You are working the same hours, still facing a computer screen, sitting for long hours, and doing the same job responsibilities. 

workplace and life at home balance

10 Tips to Maintain a Better Work-Life Balance at Home

Having a hard time finding that sweet spot that lets you have more control over your life and work responsibilities?

flexiSpot story

Trusting a Caring Company Like FlexiSpot to Provide Your WFH Needs

Remember the good old days when you had to leave your house to go to your daily job...


Extroverts During the Pandemic

An extrovert is someone who loves working in a dynamic, fast-paced workplace...

Look Alive, Sunshine: Build Your child’s Morning Habits For A Great Day Ahead

Look Alive, Sunshine: Build Your Child’s Morning Habits for a Great Day Ahead

Once you have children, your mornings would never be the same...

Stay Basic: The Four Basic Homeowner Skills Your Growing Child Must Learn

Stay Basic: The Four Basic Homeowner Skills Your Growing Child Must Learn

It is important to teach your growing children how to do some basic homeowner skills that will lighten your workload and help them be great adults in the future...

Global Pandemic

Introverts and Extroverts on Lockdown

When the global pandemic wreaked havoc on many countries, people find themselves working at home...

The Detectives

Not A Cold Case

Find out how Flexispot solved these squad's cold case of office problems...

woman desk

The Flexilab Testing Program: What is in Store for You

I have a friend whose job is quite unique in the sense that he is not really required to report for work but he is well-paid because the furniture company is a huge one and has many branches all over the world...


A Day in the Life of a Writer

Calvin has been a writer for ten years...


Ways to be Productive as a WFH Worker

Before I retired from my previous job last year, the covid-19 pandemic was already at its peak with the first virus variant lurking around us...

Ocean View

Filmmaking with Flexispot

Like most people, Cynthia Olivaria grew up being taught that the ideal life is working for a big company...


Table Activities with Young Children

When you have small children, it can become challenging to keep up with them and the kind of energy they have...

Dog Care

Double Life

Harvey’s father was one of California’s most famous lawyers...

Chiang Mai

Home Away from Home in Thailand

Andrea Battenberg worked as a digital artist for a well-known company in Thailand...

Study Buddies

Study Buddies

Design a child-friendly and conducive study room for your children.

The Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

The Best Fitness Chair

I worked in an office for more than twenty years...

desk bike

The Ergonomic Gift

When Bob and his family moved...


FlexiSpot: BIFMA Certified & Trusted

It’s important to always consider the quality of the products you’ll be purchasing...

Flexispot: Creating a Healthier Lifestyle for the Average Office Worker

Flexispot: Creating a Healthier Lifestyle for the Average Office Worker

These days staying healthy has skyrocketed to being more thought of than it was 20, even 30 years ago...

standing desk

Flexilab Testing Program: Sign up for free products!

Flexispot is a global brand known for its high-quality products that are used in domestic and commercial spaces...


10 Easter Gifts Ideas for Families

Easter is around the corner, and the Christians, alongside allies from other religions, are gearing up for the celebrations. The event is ever dotted with a flurry of activities that range from get-togethers, quick vacation trips, and gifting. In fact, where gifting is involved, Easter does give Christmas a run for its money. But why is gifting so important during Easter?

6 Fun Standing Desk Activities to Entertain Kids During Quarantine

With almost a year of quarantining under our belts, it might seem like we should all be pros at keeping our kids from bouncing off the walls. But, as lockdown orders linger on, most parents are realizing there are only so many family Zoom calls, video games, and Netflix series we can handle. Sometimes, it helps to turn off the gadgets and use our hands to create or build something that requires a little imagination. This article illustrated some useful tips on how to spend quality fun time with kids at home using FlexiSpot standing desk Comhar, which is not just for work, but definitely more fun with this furniture piece. 

The best office chairs under $250

Is money tight? No worries! There are great ergonomic chairs under $250 that are often as good as more expensive offerings. Nowadays, an ergonomic chair is more a need than a luxury. It’s important to have a properly aligned spine and a comfortable sitting position for those long working days if you want to avoid chronic pain, so a good ergonomic chair is worth the investment.


FlexiSpot is kicking off 2021 with a new all-in-one minimalist desk that will help work-from-home professionals streamline and organize the limited workspace they have at home.

FlexiSpot launches smart bike trainer stand

FlexiSpot’s smart bike trainer stand will help you to train anytime and anywhere! It is your top option for when you want the most out of their days at home.

How to Maintain Back Health

Does your back hurt? The reason might be that you are not sitting with the right posture or your chair does not have proper lumbar support. You might want to try out the latter to improve your posture and, in turn, your back’s health.

Footrest: The Low-Key Accessory That You Need in Your Home Office

Complete the ergonomic factor in your home office with a footrest. Your legs and feet will thank you!

Multitasking and Desk Bikes

Ever wondered if the hype about bicycle desks is real? Read along to find out more about this ergonomic office equipment.

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