Ergonomic Advice

showing an office chair

Ergonomic Office Chair Must-Haves For Better Lumbar Support

Being stuck in front of a computer for an extended time can wreak havoc on your posture...

Productivity matters

Preventive Measures for You to Do to Stay Productive

To achieve your work goals and be an efficient employee, you have to practice good habits to stay on top of your game...

Chair Dips At Work

Chair Dips: A Simple to do Workout You Can Do While Working

Working a sedentary job should not hinder you from squeezing in a simple workout...

Work Technique

How the Pomodoro Technique can Help You Work from Home

A lot is going on in the world right now and staying focused and getting stuff done can be difficult...

Working in a standing desk

Factors That Help You to Buy the Best Standing Desk

Take action now and keep your work-from-home experience comfortable and efficient...

Remote workers

How to Focus When Remote Work is Stressful

It is hard to accomplish your to-do list when you have a lot of things going on and you cannot muster the strength you need to do so...

Moving At Home

Effective Ways You Should Know to Stay Active at Work

Staying active every day can be difficult for those who work in a sedentary setting...

Working from home

5 Bad Work From Home Habits You Need to Break

Let's face it, working from home is our new normal. Given this pandemic...

Children homeschooling

How to Set up an Ergonomic Study Desk for Your Children

For several reasons, virtual learning can be difficult for children, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult on their bodies as well...

home office

Furniture Design and Work Efficiency

There are several factors that contribute to an employee’s work efficiency...

Make working from home while parenting easier

Parenting 101: How to Master Working from Home with Kids?

While the world adjusts to the “new normal,” parents working from home juggle through conference calls and emails around noisy kids...

A Short Guide for an Ergonomic Desk Set-Up

A Short Guide for an Ergonomic Desk Set-Up

Now that you are working remotely, it is important to adhere to an ergonomic office to keep your physical and mental health in top shape...

Work From Home

5 Working-From-Home Tips to Keep You Healthy and Energized

Whether working from home has you sitting all day or just feeling more tired than normal, you need to reinvigorate your body to help you be the best you can be...

lower back

The Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B: Why It Should Be in Your Workstation

Low back pain is among the common occupational health-related risks among office workers...

Ergonomic Wobble Stool vs Ergonomic Office Chair: Which One Should You Get?

Ergonomic Wobble Stool vs Ergonomic Office Chair: Which One Should You Get?

These two seats may be worlds apart but both offer more benefits than a traditional chair. But which one should you get?

Stress and Anxiety

How Stress and Anxiety Can Wreak Havoc to Your Life When Left Unattended

The hustle never stops. Every day we are faced with numerous challenges and activities...


Hydration and How It Affects Mental Performance

It is common to hear people say hydrate, drink water for clear skin.


Proven Ways on How to Overcome Procrastination at Work

We often think of ourselves as superhumans...

A woman sleeping

4 Reasons Why You Are Falling Asleep at Work

A car’s alarm went off right outside your home at 3 am...

womans legs

The Dangers of Excessive Standing

Numerous articles have warned about the health risks of sitting all day, ranging from short-term neck and upper back pain to long-term cardiovascular issues...

stacking chairs

Would You Like to Own One of the Best Selling Chairs in the World?

Chairs are of different designs, color, functionality, and materials...

Treating Back Pain without Invasive Surgery

Non-Surgical Ways to Treat Back Pain

Back pain is an extremely difficult physical condition to deal with and we are certain you have been seeking solutions for yours...

Make Your Makeup Pop With these Tips

Make Your Makeup Pop With these Tips

These steps will surely make your makeup pop...

Fun Hobbies That Help With Your Child’s Mental Health Through This Pandemic

Fun Hobbies That Help With Your Child’s Mental Health Through This Pandemic

Go pack up the kids’ crayons and books because here are some fun hobbies that you and your children can do together to help curb the loneliness this pandemic brings...

anti-fatigue solutions

What You Should Consider When Buying Anti-Fatigue Mats

Without a doubt, working from home has paved the way for some health concerns to arise...

work meditation

Benefits of Meditation in Helping You Be the Best You

We cannot deny how this pandemic changed the way we think about the unpredictability of life, and how it can easily turn its back on us...


Who are to Benefit Most from Standing Desks?

More and more people are hopping on the good-for-you bandwagon of standing desk advantages...

Standing desk

6 Signs You Might Need a Standing Desk

Standing desks are all the rage nowadays...

desk cleaning

Tips on How to Properly Clean Your Work Desk

Everybody knows that it is better to work on a clean and organized desk rather than one that is poorly arranged...

corporate working

Working from Home vs Working from the Office: Which is Better?

You are working the same hours, still facing a computer screen, sitting for long hours, and doing the same job responsibilities. 

A Plastic Water Bottle

How to Stay Hydrated at Work

Let’s take a short anatomy lesson:

Coping with grief and the loss of a loved one during this pandemic

Coping with grief and the loss of a loved one during this pandemic

The loss of a loved one is a universal experience that many people share all around the world...

workplace and life at home balance

10 Tips to Maintain a Better Work-Life Balance at Home

Having a hard time finding that sweet spot that lets you have more control over your life and work responsibilities?

woman dumbbells

Muscle Science and Defying Gravity

We feel the presence of gravity all around us everyday...


Ergonomics: Common Benefits and Misconceptions

Ergonomics is the study of how to design for people...

remote working at home

A Guide to a Better Freelancing Work Experience

Achieving a good and efficient workflow is what all workers want to have...

flexiSpot story

Trusting a Caring Company Like FlexiSpot to Provide Your WFH Needs

Remember the good old days when you had to leave your house to go to your daily job...

Study Space for Homeschooler

How to Create a Functional Study Space for Homeschoolers

Parents all over the world face a similar challenge when their kids reach school-age – how to set up a study space that is not only functional but also encourages children to learn and grow...

Architect Essentials featuring the Height Adjustable Drafting Table By FlexiSpot

Architect Essentials featuring the Height Adjustable Drafting Table By FlexiSpot

Licensed architects bring beauty and science together by creating houses and buildings that embellish our surroundings...


Ways to be Productive as a WFH Worker

Before I retired from my previous job last year, the covid-19 pandemic was already at its peak with the first virus variant lurking around us...

Finesse Your Fitness At Work

Finesse Your Fitness At Work

Finessing your fitness goals at work may be hard but it is not entirely iimpossible with Flexispot...

exercise while working

Easy Exercises You Can Do With Your Standing Desk

The scientific evidence confirms what we already knew: sitting for extended periods is dangerous to one's well-being...


The Multipurpose Benefits of Using Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

Standing desks are all the rage nowadays...

less stress

How to Cope With Stress Without Really Trying

One day when I was on my way to a supermarket, I  overheard a woman telling her companion, "I am stressed out. I forgot to wear my face shield...

Health issues related to physical inactivity

7 Standing Desk Workout Routines to Stay Fit

Working an eight to nine-hour shift every day may have financial benefits in the long run as it ensures the provision of a stable income...

gaming keyboard

How an Optimal Ergonomic Gaming Setup Creates a Series of Wins

Being an avid gamer myself, I have found the importance of ergonomic chairs and the more recent adjustable desks the hard way...


Obesity: A Growing Public Health Concern

Kate, 30 years old has the most beautiful face in her company...

The Right Office Furniture For The Writer

The Right Office Furniture For The Writer

It is more fun to write if you have the right office furniture.

woman and laptop

10 Best Air Purifying Plants for Home Office in 2021

Sitting in a closed space for eight hours a day is no joke..

massage gun

The Worker and Wellness

The Covid 19 pandemic has affected a millions of workers around the world...

Go Hit Your Fitness Goals With The Perfect Exercise Products

Go Hit Your Fitness Goals With These Perfect Exercise Equipment

Having a hard time hitting your fitness goals? Then these are the equipment that can help you achieve it!

thumbs and desk

The Cons of Standing Desks

For all of the conveniences built into our modern lifestyle, getting in the regular exercise dose that the body needs to operate at its best can be challenging. 

desk bikes

How Flexispot Takes Care of Our WFH Workers

With millions of workers affected by the Corona virus pandemic

Keep fit at home

How to Keep Fit at Home During Coronavirus

The current pandemic of Coronavirus has radically changed everyone’s lives in the last year...


Should I buy a Used Ergonomic Chair?

Whether you should buy a used ergonomic chair or not is a tricky question...


10 Easter Gifts Ideas for Families

Easter is around the corner, and the Christians, alongside allies from other religions, are gearing up for the celebrations. The event is ever dotted with a flurry of activities that range from get-togethers, quick vacation trips, and gifting. In fact, where gifting is involved, Easter does give Christmas a run for its money. But why is gifting so important during Easter?


How To Beat the Monday Syndrome

If your workweek triggers feelings of overwhelming stress, anxiety, or sadness, then you may be a victim of Monday Syndrome. Although it's not a clinical term, Monday Syndrome refers to a noticeable lack of motivation or passion when returning to work after the weekend.

Other signs of Monday Syndrome may include feelings such as:

  • Dizziness
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Abdominal distension
  • Body aches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Inability to focus

If you've experienced any of the emotions mentioned above, along with the idea that work sucks but it's unavoidable, you've likely been a victim of Monday Syndrome at least once in your life.

If you're an employer, you may have felt that way yourself, and you've most likely seen it in your employees too!

That being said, it's well-known that Monday Syndrome isn't something that only harms the person experiencing it. Studies in neurology and psychology show that negative energy can have a harmful impact on everyone's psychology.

When that happens, everyone is more pessimistic, less motivated, and less creative. However, there's no need for it to be that way!


Ways To Beat The Monday Syndrome

The following strategies can help you out on Monday mornings when you're feeling tense, sluggish, or completely overwhelmed.

Get Ready for Monday on Friday

One of the ways to keep from having a feeling of overwhelm when Monday morning arrives is to ensure that any pressing tasks that stress you out are taken care of by the end of Friday. If there are tasks you loathe doing and you can finish them before the weekend, it's less likely that you'll have to do them when the new week begins.

Get Enough Sleep On Sunday

When going back to work on Mondays, a great way to feel refreshed with the

Why do Children Need Height-Adjustable Desks?

Being a kid and learning these days can be a bit rough. Currently, with the global pandemic of Coronavirus, most children are participating in their schooling at home. Children are doing so via Zoom or the aid of their parents. The current situation has also caused some concern between parents, as well as the current frustrations they have with the school boards. As the global pandemic continues, many people are continuing to adjust to make sure their children get the best education they can.

This unfortunate situation has made it where children are spending most of their time studying and doing classwork online for several more hours than they used to. Much like anyone who works in an office can tell you, this potentially can put a strain on your physically and mentally.

With this being the current norm of schooling, most kids are using their parent’s home office desks or even kitchen tables to do their school work. Sitting in a make-shift classroom for hours on end can be very uncomfortable. This can cause some issues when it comes to their growth and posture throughout the years. There are quite a few cons when it comes to your child sitting at your home office desk during class time. Certain problems could occur, such as:

  • Potential heart disease in later years
  • Diabetes
  • Prolonged sitting leading to childhood obesity
  • Liver disease
  • Metabolic syndrome

If you think about it, prolonged sitting could be potentially dangerous to your child. One of the best ways to rectify these potential threats is having your child us

6 Fun Standing Desk Activities to Entertain Kids During Quarantine

With almost a year of quarantining under our belts, it might seem like we should all be pros at keeping our kids from bouncing off the walls. But, as lockdown orders linger on, most parents are realizing there are only so many family Zoom calls, video games, and Netflix series we can handle. Sometimes, it helps to turn off the gadgets and use our hands to create or build something that requires a little imagination. This article illustrated some useful tips on how to spend quality fun time with kids at home using FlexiSpot standing desk Comhar, which is not just for work, but definitely more fun with this furniture piece. 

How to Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy During Autumn

Summer’s over and we are now heading to shorter days and longer nights. Know how to stay healthy during the fall.

How to Stay Healthy Even If You Have to Sit at Your Desk All Day

Do you sit all day at your desk? Well, a lot of people are guilty of this too. But simple tweaks can help improve your health and working habits.

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Exercising is needed to maintain a healthy body. Here are some ideas on how to make working out a part of your daily life.

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