Break Down the Communication Barrier with an Extra-Large Desktop

April 26, 2021

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John has not been talking to his officemate, Paul, because of some misunderstanding or exchange of heated words during a sendoff party for the manager, Guthrie Davis.  One year has passed since this happened.  John has not forgiven Paul for some ‘” below the belt” words that Paul uttered during that heated argument.  Paul was trying to make amends with John, but to no avail.

Communication barrier is defined as something that hinders the message receiver to respond accordingly to the message sent by the message sender.  Communication barriers come in many forms such as physical, language, cultural among others.  These barriers sometimes produce misunderstanding and hostility just like what happened to Paul and John. If only Paul yielded to John’s request for a small talk regarding the incident and what he said, then John will fully understand why Paul acted that way and said some bad words to John.  Thus, communication barriers between them may be fixed.  

Communication barriers happen all the time when we deal with people such as when we interact with our family at any time , such as in the living room where family members gather to play some online games or watch a favorite TV show.  We also communicate or exchange words when we are having our meals together in the dining room.  Saying words or giving opinions may be misunderstood and hurt others. The bottom of this is that we have to think about the words to say before we utter them.  When we do this, we don’t produce communication barrier and understanding between people is forged.

Physical barrier refers to distance between two people involved in a communication process.  When the distance is great, for example, sending messages across miles or from one country to another, sometimes communication is not continuous or may be hampered. This is sometimes true with people in a relationship.  The distance sometimes creates problems in sending the messages between two people who are far apart from each other.  There may be some problems with the internet, or issues regarding smartphones or other devices that possibly may fail the exchange of conversations and messages.  Thus, the relationship between two people is unsuccessful.

The map is not the world.  Sometimes people tell us things that we literally understand as it is.  What I mean is, there are expressions that have   figurative meaning, not literal meaning.  But we understood them literally.  When somebody says, you are bright.  The literal meaning is that you seem to emit a shiny look like the sun.  When in fact, the meaning is “you are smart.”  There are many expressions that we encounter every day while socializing or interacting with people.  We have to be more sensitive and understanding when we hear these expressions that sometimes have another meaning in them.

Doing so creates more understanding, open-mindedness, and harmony between two or more people and improves relationships.  This should be the case when dealing with your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband and wife, too.  

In the workplace, especially in the office, we cannot avoid talking to our office mates whether it is personal or official.  When we go from one table or another to ask something or to invite our officemate for lunch.  This is just an ordinary scene in the workplace.  We have to communicate because of work and by nature we are human beings or social animals that need communication to socially exist.  Physical barriers such as distance from one table to another was not a big issue in the past, but when the pandemic hit us as it is today, physical distance became a part of our lifestyle.  This is a health protocol that we have to follow to avoid contracting the corona virus disease.  In terms of communication, we can possibly create ways and means to send or receive messages with our co-workers.

At home, where more people work nowadays, we have to have some home office furniture to keep us going with our work.   Desks and tables are a necessity.  We cannot effectively work if we don’t have the right pieces of furniture such as desks in a workspace.  The good thing is that we don’t have to confine ourselves to using our desks to work on until the end of the day.  They have other uses if you only apply your creativity.  

FlexiSpot offers a wide range of adjustable desks that are really fantastic in design and functionality. The Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktop will blow your mind away. Just imagine a bigger -than- ordinary desk on your workstation.  You can work efficiently because you can arrange and organize your work tools and office supplies the way you want them to be so that they are within your reach all the time.  This wonderful product from FlexiSpot is strong enough to accommodate up to 275 lbs. Isn’t it awesome?  The desktop size is 72'' × 30' which is big enough to flaunt your favorite books.  With its all-in-one keypad, it has  3 memory height presets and it has also a programmable sit/stand reminder system that allows you to change position while working, sit or stand for less hours of sitting,  We know excessive sitting poses a health risk.  The programmable sit and stand system will give you friendly alerts when you already need to stand in the middle of working.  Isn’t it great?

While you have all the features of a huge and smart desktop, there are other ways to use it. Because it is large, you may do table sharing with your siblings to talk about some things while playing card games, puzzles, etc.  This way you are breaking down any communication barrier that could keep you apart from them due to misunderstanding.  You can explain your side over this desktop.   Eventually, you may win their sympathy and your relationship with your siblings will be healthy and friendly as ever.  What a fun way to communicate with our family over this wonderful Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktop from FlexiSpot.

Communication whether it is written or verbal will not be hindered as long as we know how to send messages correctly and effectively.  Try it over the extra large desktop.

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