How To Beat Stress With a MonitorStand Workstation S/5 S/6

May 14, 2021

 Make your desktop tidy and neat and work stress-free with  MonitorStand Worksta

We, most of the time, live in stressful situations. Most of us almost cannot cope with stress because they are too much to handle. Even at home, we find stress everywhere. The noise of the children causes stress or even forgetting your face mask at home is already a stressor. 

My friend lost her job recently and it’s a big problem because she’s a single mom with two young children. The good thing is she’s living with her mom so she does not have to pay for the rent. However, there are other basic needs that she has to meet like food, paying monthly utilities, phone bills, and others. So being unemployed caused her too much stress.

Medical research identified some of the environment's stressors or those things that trigger stress such as:

● Environmental stress - this is a kind of stress that forces us to adopt a certain environment or setting

● Psychological (emotional)- situations that arouse our feeling regarding a situation or experiences that come our way

● Biological - pertain to our body systems that are regulated by the psychological and environmental demands of our experiences and situations

Two Types of Stress

On the contrary, a medical journal relates that not all stress is bad for our body. When the body can cope with stress and it makes the individual act instead of being apathetic, then it is positive stress. 

However, the medical journal asserts that when our body’s coping mechanism cannot cope with a stressful situation, it makes us exhausted, and causes physical as well as behavioral problems, then it is bad stress or the so-called “distress.”

Based on this report, my friend has bad stress or distress because she cannot cope with her situation right now. She is emotionally exhausted and became an alcoholic. It seems that she cannot surmount her problems and she felt helpless. I advised her to seek help from the federal government so she could get some financial support while she is out of work.

Good News Coming!

After several weeks of waiting for her application for financial support to be processed and approved. She got a phone call that her claim is already approved and the check is ready for release. It was a sigh of relief for my friend. And even if it is just for a short period, the financial aid is already a big deal for her. She will be able to have some money for the basic needs of her family while she is looking for a job.

Stress for a long period of what is called chronic stress, based on a medical study could trigger different kinds of physical as well as psychological illnesses when we cannot cope with some situations, we face every day. Some may suffer from asthma, diabetes, hypertension among others. Psychiatric illnesses could also happen when stress is not reduced and our coping mechanism is weak. 

After several weeks of job hunting, my friend was able to land a job as a freelancer. She was so happy because it was her wish to work at home so she could attend to her children. Finally, it was positive stress that she got. She was ecstatic for having a new job, at last.

A Workstation in the Making

My friend was so excited to create and design her workstation at home. She had a corner of her bedroom as her “work sanctuary.” A light touch of green color painted the wall with a matching off-white curtain for the big window. Everybody in the house was excited including her mom.

When the workstation was set up, we found out that aside from the work table and ergonomic chair, she has to have something like an accessory for her table so that the desktop is tidy and neat. I advised her to check the internet out for some perfect furniture or accessory for her work table. It was at FlexiSpot that we found the perfect fit for the workstation.

We were excited about this work buddy. I thought we have got exactly what we are looking for. It was a MonitorStand Workstation S/5 S/6 that is a space saver and clutter buster.

Smart Features of the MonitorStand WorkStation S/5 S/6

As a good organizer, this product has a roomy partitioned drawer to provide sufficient space for office supplies, devices, pad paper, and other small things that have to be stored and organized, and kept inside it. As such, the desk is tidy and neat and work can be done efficiently.

Aside from the storage, this monitor stand has a USB charging port where you can charge devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Kindle, and other devices you got.

The sides of the monitor stand can accommodate hanging accessories where you can do something cute to accessorize it. It will add color and life to your workstation. It will increase your productivity.

Installation is worry-free because it is already assembled once you have it delivered to your home. The only thing that you have to do is attach the four (4) feet to the workstation. Voila! You’re all set to start the first day of work.

Another wonderful feature of this monitor stand is that it has an integrated UV Sterilization system that perfectly disinfects and sanitizes the keyboard of your computer or laptop. It also sanitizes the mouse, phone, pens, stationery, and other objects on the table that need to be sanitized, in just 10 minutes. Is it not awesome?

For other details such as warranty, shipping, and other details, you can visit the FlexiSpot website at any time. 

With this product, you cannot ask for more. It is more than what you wish for. My friend was really happy with this product. She believes that it will make her more efficient and productive working from home. Having a tidy desk will also enable her to have a clear mind and sound decision. And with a tidy desk, stress is reduced if not eliminated. Life is beautiful. 

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