Produce Your Best Crafts with a Good Table

May 07, 2021


Whether you’re into paper crafts, leatherwork, sewing, jewelry making, or any other crafts, you’ll need a stable and large enough surface to make sure you can do your projects easily and effectively. While many might believe that you can just do these crafts on any surface that you have available, you won’t necessarily produce the best of your ideas with an unreliable table.

How true are the following?

You rub your neck and shoulders after a couple of hours (or sometimes minutes) doing your project. 

You feel tired in just a short while and you feel like it’s taking forever to finish.

You decide to push your project to finish the next day and just take a break because you can’t take the pain in your lower back anymore.

You finally finish your project but your celebration and appreciation of your final product are cut short by the idea of relief that you can rest, stretch your back, your leg, or just lay on your bed.

You constantly switch from a sitting to a standing position just to find the right angle that works for you.

Any of these familiar? You’d be lying if you say you’ve never experienced any of these. But don’t you constantly wish that you had a good table that can easily solve all your usual challenges when crafting? You know, the small things you always thought you’d just work around such as height adjustment, a good working surface that can accommodate all your materials and tools without worrying you’ll knock something over and end up picking things off the floor. And most of all, what about a table that can help prevent pain development?

Well, here’s the good news. Some tables can do just that—in fact, these are designed especially to help creatives just like you. Flexispot has several ergonomic tables such as the L-shaped standing desk and the height-adjustable sewing table.

Before we go further on the details of these tables that can help you with your projects, let’s first understand the benefits (and the beauty) of adjustable desks.

Ergonomics – This is the most important feature of them all. Ergonomics is specially designed to provide its users the maximum utilization while promoting good posture. Sure it sounds like no big deal, but maintaining proper posture while you go about your projects will prevent the development of pain all over your body. So you can say goodbye to rubbing your neck, lower back, and shoulders ever so often.

Automatic Height Adjustment – there are types of tables that will allow you to manually adjust the height according to your preference. But who has the time and energy to do that when the creative juices are overflowing, right? Why waste your time to break free from the task you’re doing. 

Sturdy Surface – a good table is a sturdy table even when it has a large surface. These tables are meant to hold a good number of items and should not be shaky when used. This is also where good table legs come in. 

Now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at these two tables and see why they’ll make excellent choices for you.

L-Shaped Standing Desk

This one in particular is versatile to use. It can be used for more than crafting, so you can easily switch it over from a crafting surface to a work surface with your computer or other paperwork. This comes with a large working surface and an automatic (electronic) height adjustment. This means you can simply move the table to a height you’re comfortable with. So switching between a sitting position to a standing one whenever you need. 

The L-shaped standing desk is perfect if you have a lot of tools that you need to have around to do your crafting. You can use one side of the surface to do your actual project and the other one to hold all your tools within arm’s reach. And if you’re right-handed and would rather have the other end of the table to be on your right than on your left, you can easily switch out the panels according to the orientation you want. Flexible, right?

Height Adjustable Sewing Table

Yes, it’s a sewing table, it’s specially designed to hold a sewing machine and still has a lot of surfaces left that you can utilize to hold your materials or tools. 

This table has a front partition that will fit a sewing machine, you can lower it in 5 different settings that are 1” apart. It also has an extended and detachable side table that you can use if you need extra space. 

And if that’s not enough, there’s also the built-in electronic automatic programmable height adjustment. It even comes with memory settings that you can set that will come in handy once you’ve figured out the heights you use. This way, you can easily switch over from a standing position as you measure, cut, and set your patterns, or install the necessary hardware on your projects to a sitting position when you need to get started on sewing.

And just because this is called a sewing table does it mean you can’t use it for any other purpose. You can switch this over to a good computer table that you can use for work and other purposes. 

If you think you’d rather have a different kind of table, go on ahead to Flexispot’s website to check out their other tables that you can choose from. You’ll be happy to find several options that vary from regular table surfaces to specifically designed tables. And while you’re at it, might as well check out other products that can help you further with your needs such as a good ergonomic chair, anti-fatigue mats, and other accessories that will make your working hours more comfortable so you have more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and not worry about stopping your creative juices from flowing.

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