The Adjustable Ergonomic Chair OC5G: The Best Work Buddy

April 28, 2021

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Computers have been part of the workplace for years since then and everybody in the workplace has to be trained to work with computers, it is inevitable.  Business organizations require computer literacy and skills in order to perform their tasks efficiently and productively.  Computer as a machine has to interact with humans to work for a common goal: to deliver goods and services as organizations so require.  With the advent of computerization, it is not only computer skill that is needed to carry out the tasks.  The office design has undergone innovations including the office furniture to suit the basic needs of a computerized office setting.  The computer desks and tables are wide enough with sufficient space for other machines or work-related equipment.  Ergonomic office chairs are also placed for workers to have a comfortable sitting experience as they perform their jobs.  

Ergonomics Defined

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word ergonomics as “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.”  The Longman dictionary also defines it simpler as “the way in which the careful design of equipment helps people to work better and more quickly.” Simply put, equipment including pieces of furniture are designed to enable the user or the worker perform tasks efficiently and comfortably.  In like manner, ergonomic chairs are created and designed so that sitters will be able to do the work correctly and productively.  Ergonomics is now a byword in the world of business and organizations to support the productive workforce thereby increasing revenues or profits and reducing injuries in the work area.

The Basic Rules of  Ergonomics

There are certain basic rules in Ergonomics by which ergonomic products are created and designed.

  • Doing work in proper posture. That is, when you sit, walk, stand, and lie, you are not causing any strain or force on your muscles that induce pain or discomfort.

  • Reduce too much weight or force. Applying too much weight on our body may cause injury

  • If possibly, keep things on your workstation within reach to avoid muscle strain

  • Maintain appropriate height with your tables and chairs. This will reduce pains in the neck, eye strain, and muscle stain

  • Try to reduce exhaustion and tiredness in the workstation. Tiredness may hamper efficiency and productivity at work.

  • Reduce pressure points. These pressure points are areas in the body that may trigger pains when used in a particular way such as behind your knees when you have to sit and your legs are swaying due to chair height.

  • Let other employees move freely with sufficient clearance on your workstation to avoid physical accidents such as bumping each other between tables.

  • Have the time to move, to do some physical exercises and stretching

  • Try to have a more comfortable work environment as much as possible. There must be proper lighting, ventilation, and sufficient personal space

Aside from the basic rules of ergonomics that designers of creative products consider, there are also some facets of ergonomics that are applied for creating and adapting innovations on ergonomic work equipment and furniture.  They are as follows:

  • Safety – ergonomic products must be designed as safe to use 

  • Comfort – pieces of furniture must be comfortable for a worker to use

  • Productivity - ergonomic furniture such as an office chair must enable the worker to do his tasks with more outputs produced each day

  • Easy to use - ergonomic accessories such as document holder, mouse pad, laptop stand  should enable the worker use them smoothly without any physical strain 

  • Aesthetics – ergonomic designs must also display pleasantness or beauty to inspire a worker to do more such as floral designs or different colors for some accessories. 

Ergonomics also provide many benefits for workers young and old alike. With the aging population in the workplace increasing, it seems that they are here to stay as long as they can still perform their jobs.  As a matter of fact, a statistical report revealed that workers aged 65 or over have increased by approximately 12% in the middle of the 90’s.  Some employers have positive comments about aging workers.  Business employers say that old workers are “more reliable, loyal, more satisfied, and dedicated to their job.”  

However, aging has also its setbacks.  Old people tend to be more prone to physical injuries and accidents even in the workplace. They have the tendency to get sick more often causing absences and tardiness that could affect their performance and productivity. Considering these scenarios, employers try to make their work environment as comfortable as it should be for them to be safer and more productive at work. As old people in an office experience sedentary behavior, sitting for long hours while they perform their jobs, employers realized that office furniture that are ergonomically designed should be provided for the aging workers.

Adjustable desks that could let them sit and stand while working is a great move for workers.  They are also provided with ergonomic office chairs that are comfortable and safe to sit on.  They are also adjustable to the height as required for them to be physically safe while working. Ergonomic accessories are also great for them to use such as document holders, ergonomic mouse pads, and others.  In this manner, old people may still be earning money because they can still work efficiently.

An ergonomic chair such as the Adjustable Ergonomic Chair OC5G from FlexiSpot is a good investment because it enables you to work with efficiency and productivity. This product is a perfect work buddy because aside from being height adjustable, it makes sitting as comfortable as possible and has backrest lumbar support to avoid lumbar pains and strain.  It is made of high-quality materials.  The seat is elastic that provides a cozier feeling and wonderful experience. When you want to move the chair, it won’t damage the floors and casters move smoothly without creating unwanted noise.  There is so much to love about the Adjustable Ergonomic Chair OC5GTake your buddy today!                  

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