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April 26, 2021


We are going to start a new article series called “The Desk Tour Series” where we are going to look at the different ways people use their Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desks.

In today’s article, we are going to hear from Mark, an amateur filmmaker from Seattle who quit his job to pursue his love of travel and filmmaking.

Mark the Filmmaker

I used to work as an architect. My father owned one of the biggest architectural firms in America. Yes, he forced me to take up architecture, telling me that I need to take over him when the time comes. I was hoping to take up filmmaking in college, but he insisted that it would be unwise. He told me that I have a responsibility to continue his legacy. Young as I was back then, I agreed. I wish I can tell you I had a miserable time after that, but I didn’t. I ended up loving architecture. What’s not to love? I was studying to become like those who built the most memorable, groundbreaking, and historical buildings on earth.

I tried and failed many times to incorporate my love of filmmaking in what I was doing, but it never made me forget about my first love.

I graduated top of the class and started working for my father. We have several offices in mainland USA. And although my father almost always stayed in our Seattle office, he sent me to our New York headquarters. Almost all employees in the office didn’t know who I was and how I was connected to the owner. I was given the best vantage point. Working without a hint of special treatment enabled me to learn and experience more. Despite not being able to pursue my passion, I was happy at work. I was terrorized by my supervisor who earned my respect when he didn’t go soft on me, even if he discovered several years later who I was. He eventually became my most important mentor.

On my 6th year in the New York office, my father promoted me and transferred me to our Los Angeles headquarters to oversee a new scholarship program my father had launched a year before. For six months he sent me all over the world along with a handful of architectural students he granted scholarships to explore the most amazing architectural wonders of the world. It coincided with the rise of travel YouTubers online. For the first time, I was able to find a way to express my love in filmmaking.

The Turning Point

In Spain, I bought a cheep gimbal and started filming with my Nikon DSLR. I was able to collect several gigabytes of RAW footages, which I stored on my MacBook Pro. At home after the trip, I decided to take an online course on filmmaking. I wasn’t after a degree. I just wanted to learn how to effectively capture videos. For several weeks I worked on the footages I collected during the trip, frustrated that more than half of it was badly captured. The Rule of Thirds made me delete most of them.

One morning, after arriving in the office. Something hit me: I wasn’t happy anymore.

I was inside my office, which looked like a showroom for our elite customers. I was sitting on my Flexispot Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair with my elbows on my Adjustable Standing Desk Pro, staring ahead through the glass wall, watching our employees busy themselves with projects coming from all over the world.

For the first time since I started working, I felt miserable.

I raised my arm and was about to call my father to inform him I was quitting when the phone rang. It was my mother, calling to inform me that my father suffered a stroke and had died at home.

After the funeral, I spoke to my mother and told her about my dilemma. To my surprise, she was empathic towards me. To cut the story short, I appointed my New York supervisor to head the company.

My New Working Environment

I moved back to New York and bought an apartment near Central Park. The first thing I did was to create a working station where I can cultivate my creativity. I took another online filmmaking course while waiting for all the furniture I ordered online. I converted a room facing Central Park and made it my home office. Let me tell you about my working desk.

Standing Desk from Flexispot

Standing desks are gaining attention for its health benefits. Standing desks are traditional-looking desks that can be turned into standing desks by just a click of a button.

My Apple Watch alerts me several times a day for when it’s time to work standing up. Instead of stepping away from work, my standing desk allows me to continue working. It’s one of my most important investments. I had the same desk in the office. When I moved to New York, I made sure to have another one at home.

The New Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display from Apple

These are probably my most expensive pieces of technology. This computer is the most powerful computer you can bring home. With its massive ability to process 4K videos, it’s the perfect companion to any filmmaker. The massive Apple Pro Display is also the most advanced computer monitor you can ever own.

Apple is known for their minimalist design language. Combined with Flexispot’s distinct no-fuss design principles, my Apple devices look amazing on top of my standing desk.

Apple Magic Keyboard and Track Pad

On top of my carbon fiber table mat sat my Apple Magic Keyboard and Track Pad. With their wireless technology, my desk looks clutter-free.

Ergonomic Chair

My ergonomic office chair from Flexispot, the same one I was using in the office is the perfect chair. The scientifically proven design guarantees the lack of the usual lower back pains we all get from working for long periods of time.


My working table at home is clutter-free and distraction free. This enables me to focus more on the job rather than what’s on my table. My clients now include startup YouTube channels. Next month, I’m planning to launch my own. 





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