Who are to Benefit Most from Standing Desks?

April 27, 2021


More and more people are hopping on the good-for-you bandwagon of standing desk advantages. The standing desk demand is exploding. By 2025, the global standing desk market is expected to hit $2.8 billion. The majority of this expansion is due to a change in the workplace model. People are becoming more cautious of their everyday activities during workdays, such as position, action levels, and nutrition. As a result, businesses are attempting to provide ergonomic furniture for health-conscious workers.

While standing desks are an excellent investment for everyone, these are types of people who will benefit the most from them:


Self-employed people do not seem to be the target market for standing desks. After all, they can work from anywhere: the kitchen, the bedroom, or a coffee shop. Working from a fixed location, on the other hand, will help employees accomplish tasks more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, standing desks would prevent self-employed people from working from a sofa, a kitchen table, or others.

Some of the most in-demand self-employed jobs available today are:

  • Writers: A freelance writer works for individuals or organizations, writing documents, promotional copy, scripts, books, and other materials. They may also conduct research and edit their work.

  • Social media specialists: Social media experts use marketing campaigns to create and manage a following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. They typically act on behalf of companies or public figures.

  • Transcriptionists: Transcriptionists take live or captured speech and convert it to text using proper grammar and syntax. They can work for businesses directly or via a transcription service.

  • Graphic designers: Graphic designers produce personalized graphics for blogs, commercials, and other digital and printed materials with software help. They may be able to assist businesses with the development of logos and other branding materials.

  • Virtual assistants: Virtual assistants work from a remote location, usually a home office, to provide administrative support to clients. A virtual assistant's typical responsibilities include scheduling meetings, making phone calls, arranging travel, and handling email accounts.

  • Software developers: Software developers are the brains behind all kinds of computer programs. They are imaginative, brainstorming masterminds. To design, install, test, and maintain software systems, websites, and applications, a developer employs coding languages.


Classroom furniture in most schools and colleges is one-size-fits-all. This is especially problematic in elementary and middle school, where students in the same grade can be at drastically different developmental stages. Ill-fitting desks and chairs can be a significant source of distraction for students, affecting their progress. 

The most common advantages of standing desks among students are:

  • Encourages better health impacting habits

  • Increases focus and concentration

  • Promotes better health habits

  • Enables collaboration

  • Increases student engagement


Customer support representatives spend their days at their desks taking calls. It's not easy dealing with irate clients, but customer service representatives must keep a positive attitude when taking calls. Standing over sitting has been shown to improve mood, which will help reps remain optimistic when on the phone assisting customers.


Software programmers spend the bulk of their workday at their desks because they only work on computers. Programmers are steadily troubleshooting and working problems with code, so they must keep their heads clear to think quickly.


Artists and designers are hard at work making innovative concept drawings and prototypes. Both will appreciate FlexiSpot's Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Deska flip tabletop and dry-erase board rolled into one! On the top, you can use dry-erase or wet-erase markers, allowing you to make simple doodles or a more permanent rendering of a current project. Artists and designers can enjoy the desk's ability to switch between sitting and standing modes, as well as the convenient whiteboard top. When working at their workstations, this allows artists and designers to avoid sore backs and shoulders.

Other features of the Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk from FlexiSpot include:

  • 0.7" thick whiteboard desktop, featuring PET high-gloss film, has a smooth and durable surface for jotting quick notes with a dry-erase marker. Simply wipe clean with a dry cloth or eraser. 

  • Use the adjustable handle to choose one of five versatile angles (0/60/70/80/90°) to transform the desktop into a more practical whiteboard. When you've found the right angle for writing, reading, or drawing, lock the desktop in place.

  • Tops flip back with a quick one-handed lever mechanism for fast transport and storage.

  • The anti-collision feature ensures protection by preventing the desktop from being damaged or other items and devices crushing when it is in motion.

  • You can conveniently save your favorite sitting, standing, and under-desk cycling heights with three programmable presets. Additionally, the energy-efficient LED monitor, which automatically enters sleep mode to minimize power consumption while the desk is stationary, allows you to see your exact desk height. 


The traditional office staff is the most popular user of standing desksStanding desks allow office workers to maintain a healthy balance, as various studies have shown the risks of sitting for prolonged periods. 


They spend their days at a desk overseeing the library catalog, making them vulnerable to the physical and mental effects of prolonged sitting. Their workdays would be more energetic, flexible, and comfortable if they used a standing desk.


A nine-month stint at a regular, non-adjustable desk can be excruciating. It becomes more challenging to sit at the desk as the expectant mother's belly grows larger, and this can cause her to hunch her back, neck, and shoulders, resulting in back, neck, and shoulder pain.

A height-adjustable desk can help anyone, regardless of age or occupation. The good news is that there are immediate advantages if you've never used a standing desk before.

Is your job not on the list, but you've been enjoying your standing desk for your tasks? If you would like to learn more about standing desksFlexiSpot, and other accessories that are ergonomically good for you, you may click here!

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