Clamp Power Strip With USB PS09B/PS09W


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Designed for the convenience of the user in mind, say goodbye to the hassle and risks of too many misplaced and mismatched chords! Equippend with multiple universal sockets and USB ports, charge and plug in your electronics and appliances without worrying about compatability.


Put your mind at ease with assured safety and easy access! Designed with multiple outlets and a USB port, you'll be able to plug in and charge your devices with ease! With a maximum capacity of up to 1875W, you can plug in multiple devices safely and securely.


With our innovative desk clamp design, easily place it on any edge and easily secure it without having to use any power tools. All tools needed to properly install this device are included, ensuring that you have everything you need to get started with ease!


No matter what kind of desk you've got, the desk clamp design allows you to place it on any edge, install it in your workspace, kitchen and more! Because it's so easy to install you can move it from one surface to another for your convenience!

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