Theodore Standing Desk-48" W


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Combine traditional beauty with cutting-edge technology. The Theodore has a classic, elegant, and unique look that fits perfectly into any bedroom, office, or study.

  • Under Desk Bike
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Vibration Plate Exercise Machine
  • MonitorStand Workstation
  • Standing Desk Mats
  • Desk Organizer
  • Casters
  • File Cabinet
  • Smart Bike Trainer Stand

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Under Desk Bike: select please

Help your body stay productive, balance your work and workout. 91% of our buyer prefer to purchase DESK BIKE together with standing desk.

Ergonomic Chairs: select please

The perfect pair for your standing desk, enables healthy active movement throughout the day.

Vibration Plate Exercise Machine: select please

Enjoy healthy workout.

MonitorStand Workstation: select please

A multifunctional intelligent workstation with thoughtful features to create a comfortable, tidy desk.

Standing Desk Mats: select please

Reduce fatigue on your joints and muscles while standing throughout the day.

Desk Organizer: select please

Casters: select please

Bring your workstation with you with easy-install easy-roll locking casters!

File Cabinet: select please

Organize your workspace

Smart Bike Trainer Stand: select please

Indoor smart trainer for cyclists, replicate the feel on road at home.


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Old Meets New in the FlexiSpot

Theodore channels timeless traditional American design elements and combines them with the cutting-edge in ergonomic technology.

Height Adjustable
Height Adjustable
Built-in USB Port
Built-in USB Port
Integrated Storage Drawer
Integrated Storage Drawer
3-Step Quick Install
3-Step Quick Install
Old Meets New in the FlexiSpot

Elegantly tie your home office together with this beautifully finished centerpiece



Blend rustic elements with elegant touches for the perfect look.


Create the perfect workspace to make working from home more comfortable.


Practical home office desk for small spaces